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Sensitive Skin? Try the Best Sensilis Products

Sensitive Skin? Try the Best Sensilis Products

Sensilis is the brand to keep in mind when looking for makeup and skincare formulas for sensitive skin. Born in 1979, Sensilis presents itself as a pro-aging and sensitive skin specialist—and we couldn’t agree more. The formulas are dermatologist-tested on sensitive skin, and most products are vegan and tested on 5 heavy metals. Luckily for all of us, Sensilis loves pleasant textures and fragrances as much as we do. You can have it all! Find the care your sensitive skin needs holding hands with lovely textures, sensitive skin-approved added fragrance, and anti-aging care with the best Sensilis products.

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Sensilis: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin Spain
Year Founded 1979
Brand Type Pharmacy
Our Best Selling Product Sensilis Upgrade [AR] Firming Soothing Sorbet Cream
Author’s Favorite Sensilis Skin Rescue [Serum S.O.S.] Soothing Restorative Serum
Best New Launch Sensilis Skin Glow [Juicy Cream] Instant Glow Moisturizing Cream
3 Reasons To Buy – Elegant textures and pleasant fragrances that pamper your skin and your senses
– Formulas developed with sensitive skin in mind, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
– Most formulas are vegan and tested on 5 heavy metals

Best Sensilis Skincare Products

Expert in creating the best formulas for sensitive skin, Sensilis has the best cleansing, replenishing, and pro-aging solutions for your skin. Prepare yourself to leave this post with multiple skincare favorites.

Sensilis Skin Rescue [Serum S.O.S.] Soothing Restorative Serum

Boost the skin barrier

Soothe the skin in as quick as 30 minutes with this sensitive skin savior! Tested on sensitive skin, rosacea, and even after Jessner peeling, you can trust it with your life—or at least, with your skin. Thanks to a cocktail of calming and repairing actives, the serum restores the skin’s barrier function in periods of unusual sensitivity from circumstances such as esthetical procedures, retinoid usage, depilation, or sunburns. The best part is the application experience—a soft, melting serum with fragrant vanilla and floral notes.

Sensilis Origin Pro EGF-5 Eyes Global Rejuvenating Treatment

Fights signs of aging and fatigue

Awake the undereye skin with this global anti-aging formula and its unique cryoapplicator. Invigorating your skin with a refreshing and anti-fatigue formula—featuring beige illuminating pigments—this product grants visible results in 28 days; in fact, it was tested on hyperpigmented dark circles. Containing five growth factors and peptides, this rejuvenating formula fights dark circles and eye bags at the same time, while promoting firmness and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a real-life magic wand to improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes!

Sensilis The Cool Rescue Hydra-Soothing Mist

Revives and sooths sensitive skin

Is it a toner or is it a mist? The truth is that it can be whatever you need it to be! Each spray soothes your sensitive skin while the delightful yet light fragrance fills you with a sense of well-being. Combining powerful actives in a lighter-than-air texture, the formula delivers hydration and soothing action that combines with any skincare regimen. You may not only use it before and after your serum and moisturizer but also after makeup. By including it in your routine, you should see an improvement in redness as well as immediate and lasting comfort.

Sensilis Upgrade [AR] Firming Soothing Sorbet Cream

Targeting rosacea & signs of aging at the same time

This one is a best-seller for a reason! Its dreamy texture conquers anyone who gets to try it. This cream sorbet feels like the pampering your skin deserves. It delivers immediate comfort while reducing skin temperature in as short as 60 seconds—and those with redness know that this feels just as good as it sounds. It provides a soothing action for redness and irritations, being a pilar product in routines for sensitive skin prone to redness. As it calms the skin, this formula also delivers an anti-aging ingredient combination that visibly reduces the appearance of signs of aging over time.

Sensilis Skin Glow [Juicy Cream] Instant Glow Moisturizing Cream

Revive dull skin with radiance

Designed to bestow immediate luminosity and replace dullness with a lovely glow, this face moisturizer illuminates and revitalizes the complexion in one go. Containing vitamin F, niacinamide, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid working together with soft-focus pearly pigments, this cream makes dull skin a problem of the past. More than boosting your complexion with glow, these soft-focus particles help to reduce the appearance of imperfections. Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and hello to a fresh complexion.

Sensilis Resurfacing Black Peel

Let’s continue with the glow boosters! This revitalizing peeling eliminates dead skin cells in order to boost skin radiance. Combining vitamin C and vegetable carbon, this exfoliant reveals the radiant skin that’s hidden behind dullness. It not only feels good on the skin but it also looks fun to use! Each application visibly improves the overall appearance of the skin, stimulating cell turnover and improving skin radiance. Include it in your routine once a week to see the skin transforming!

Best Sensilis Makeup Products

Sensilis may be a reference in skincare, but wait until you put your hands on this pro makeup. Each makeup formula from Sensilis delivers professional results while keeping it easy to follow. Regardless of your makeup skills, you’ll find makeup products accessible to work with, easy to blend, and long-lasting!

Sensilis Upgrade [Make-Up] Lift Effect Cream

Coverage & anti-aging results

This anti-aging foundation is makeup perfection. It offers adjustable coverage, concealing imperfections while looking like skin. The formula throughout the day, leaving the skin perfected for as long as you need it to. It feels comfortable and weightless, and blends like a dream. Suitable for all skin types—without excluding sensitive skin, of course—this foundation instantly perfects, while working on lasting results thanks to skincare-like ingredients. This is the foundation for those who never get tired of looking good!

Sensilis Endless Mascara 01 Black

Limitless lash lengthening

Coating the lashes with mascara is that special makeup moment that ties up your whole look. With this formula, you’ll be able to notice a dramatic transformation in the length of your lashes! Equally important, the formula is enriched with lash care that makes sure to help your lashes keep healthy and strong, application after application. Suitable for sensitive eyes, this mascara is as gentle as any other Sensilis skincare product!

Sensilis Ritual Care Bi-Phasic Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

Makeup removal with ease

Another Sensilis favorite of this writer is this eye and lip makeup remover. With a formula that blends lipo and water phases, this makeup remover is ready to get rid of all your lovely looks in seconds. Powerful yet gentle at the same time, it removes even waterproof mascara and eyeliner with minimal effort. You just need to make sure that you shake the bottle well before using it! Removing eye makeup doesn’t have to equal pulling out lashes.

To keep exploring vegan skincare for sensitive skin, take a look at our post! You may find the solutions you need here.

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