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Our Top 6 Full-Coverage Under-Eye Concealers For Dark Circles

Our Top 6 Full-Coverage Under-Eye Concealers For Dark Circles

Usually associated with fatigue or a bad night’s sleep, the truth is that dark circles may be a result of your lifestyle but they may as well be genetic. In either case, a full-coverage under-eye concealer is a quick makeup fix that instantly reduces (or even eliminates!) dark circles for the day! You may even like to use a dark circle’s corrector beforehand to neutralize its undertone and further improve the camouflaging potential of the concealer. Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s explore the best concealer for dark circles and only then do we get to the correctors!

Do I need a full coverage concealer if I use eye cream for dark circles?

If you want to completely erase the dark circles, we’re afraid that your eye cream for dark circles is not going to be enough. And that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. You can count on your targeted skincare for the eye area to minimize the appearance of signs of fatigue, including under-eye circles, over time. But you shouldn’t expect it to erase dark circles—that’s a job for a full-coverage under-eye concealer for dark circles!

Can full coverage concealer get rid of dark circles?

Yes, a full-coverage concealer can most certainly get rid of dark circles. These formulas contain a high percentage of pigment, which works to hide the color of your dark circles. You need to master the application technique—tap, tap, tap, instead of buff, buff, buff—as well as to find a good full coverage formula for your needs. To say your dark circles goodbye for the day, you can count on the full-coverage concealers for dark circles that we’ve listed for you!

Camouflage dark circles with the best full coverage under-eye concealers

Even though hiding dark circles is a tough job, our favorite full-coverage under-eye concealers for dark circles can master it! Rich in pigment and strong will, they’ll cover up your dark circles as if their life depended on it. Check these out and try them for yourself.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Concealer

Full coverage concealer with a matte finish

Highly pigmented and long-lasting, this concealer is an essential product to finish out your matte looks and fully conceal your dark circles. Easy to apply as well as to blend, this infallible formula reveals a smooth matte finish with waterproof resistance. In addition to dark circle concealing, you may also use it to camouflage imperfections on the skin!

Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer

Concealing and illuminating with a natural finish

Get full coverage and a natural result at the same time with this concealer! Thanks to a hydrating and “self-refreshing” formula, each application allows for perfect under-eye concealing with a natural finish that never looks heavy or overdone. It is not only easy to apply and use, but also long-wearing. It stays put all day—24 hours of coverage!—for lasting radiance with dark circles working undercover!

Dermacol Cover Xtreme Corrector SPF30

Best concealer with SPF

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to stay in the way of a good makeup day. If you’re determined to get rid of dark circles for the day, you should try this full-coverage under-eye concealer that not only is gentle enough for sensitive and acne-prone skin but also conceals dark circles while providing a shield of SPF30. Use this long-lasting formula to finish your makeup looks and give your dark circles a day off!

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer

Best concealer for mature skin

Successfully hiding dark circles on mature skin may be particularly challenging. You’ll need a high-coverage formula that is not only hydrating but also lightweight enough to conceal without creasing or accentuating lines or texture. Luckily enough, Maybelline has this unique formula that features Haloxyl™, a complex that besides improving circulation also offers anti-inflammatory properties while improving skin elasticity. Bye-bye dark circles!

L.A. Colors Ultimate Cover Concealer

Best drugstore concealer

If your way with makeup is on-the-go application, this one is for you. Compact as they come, this concealer with a doe-foot applicator allows for flawless concealing with a touch of brightness. You may use it to retouch your concealer throughout the day or as a product for everyday conceal application and blending. It perfectly camouflages dark circles as well as imperfections.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

Best concealer & contour formula

This formula offers up to 16 hours of full coverage that looks flawless on all skin types. Featuring a vegan formulation, this award-winning formula is ideal to conceal dark circles with a natural and lasting result! If you’re into makeup, you may like to know that this formula works beautifully for contouring and sculpting your face— all you need to do is get yourself a darker color. It feels comfortable throughout the day and blends seamlessly with your makeup. You may now have a break from under-eye circles, and make room for a revived eye look.

Correcting before concealing

If your dark circles are not making your life easy even using full coverage concealers, it may now be the time to pair it with a color-correcting cream. The main difference between these correctors and the concealers is their function: with shades that counteract the undertones of your dark circles, they make life easier for concealers. Alone, they’re of no use, but before concealer, they are the ultimate dark circle’s camouflaging ally.

The tricky part lies in color choices. The secret is to choose the right tone to neutralize the undertone of your dark circles:
– If your dark circles are more on the bluish side, go for an orange corrector;
– For purply tones, choose a yellow corrector;
– If you find more brownish tones, choose a yellow or peachy-based shade.
A good tip to keep in mind is to use it only over dark circles, without applying too much product – that would make the concealing more difficult. Pat the product gently with your finger and follow with your concealer, applying it gently to prevent moving the previous correcting work. As a result, you should expect a bright under-eye area that looks fresh and radiant!

If you’d like more of a lasting fix for your dark circles, you should take a look at the best eye creams for dark circles. It only gets better if you combine it with eye patches to tackle dark circles too!

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