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The Best Estée Lauder Skin & Makeup Products

The Best Estée Lauder Skin & Makeup Products

Best Estée Lauder Skin & Makeup Products

Estée Lauder is a brand with a history that is inseparable from glamour, quality and elegance. However, not all of us are in the habit of treating ourselves to the best Estée Lauder products; if you’re ready to try this brand and find out what it has to offer, both in skincare and make-up, then keep reading, as we’re about to dive into this world of established elegance.

Estée Lauder Products to Try at Least Once

From skincare to makeup, there’s a lot to explore with Estée Lauder. Shall we get to know some of our favorite products?

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix

The revitalizing eye serum

Because the eye area is so sensitive, it’s usually the first place to show signs of fatigue. These often manifest as dark circles, puffiness, dryness, and even fine lines. The good news? The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix helps you fight these concerns through the powerful action of the 360° Mesh Matrix “Shock Absorber”.

With each application, this silky eye serum helps you reduce the look of signs of aging and fatigue, with visible results. After just one week, 93% of women notice that their eye area felt softer and smoother; after 3 weeks, the skin felt firmer, with fewer noticeable lines and wrinkles.

Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Creme Normal Skin SPF15

The everyday moisturizer for urban lifestyles

If you lead a busy lifestyle and worry about the effect it may have on your skin, this is the cream for you. The formula is rich in hyaluronic acid, but it also features a rich blend of antioxidants–think vitamin C and vitamin E, of course, but also caffeine and natural extracts of Polygonum Cuspidatum, Rosmarinus officinalis, and Vitis vinifera.

Completing the formula are broad-spectrum sun filters, providing you with a layer of everyday protection against sun damage. Use this cream daily, and you will notice an improvement in the appearance of signs of premature aging, such as dullness, dryness, and fine lines.

Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion

The exfoliating toner for sensitive skin

This exfoliating toner is the perfect product to wrap up your cleansing routine. With lactobionic acid to provide a gentle exfoliating action, zinc PCA to normalize sebum production, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and replump the skin, this toner is the ultimate complexion refiner.

Apply it after your cleanser using a gentle cotton pad, and unveil a bright and smooth complexion. You don’t even have to worry about your sensitivity, as this toner is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

Estée Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting Firming Serum

The line-smoothing concentrate

Using breakthrough CPR-75 Technology, Esteé Lauder has designed this serum to minimize fine lines with wrinkles and refirm your skin, giving you a lifted, contoured appearance. It’s all there in the name of the product: Correct, Prevent, and Repair.

This advanced serum is powered by CPR-75 Technology, a breakthrough that has been shown–through in vitro testing–to double the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen in just one week. As the production of collagen increases, the skin regains structure and tone, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10

The 24-hour long-wear foundation

Available in a multitude of shades, this best-selling foundation needs no introduction. Even so, we’ll try. The Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation is Estée Lauder‘s best foundation for long-term wear. It stays put for 24 hours, without crumbling or migrating all over your face and, most importantly, it stays true to its original color.

With an oil-free formula that helps you keep shine in check, this foundation is also sweat and humidity-resistant. If you’re thinking this sounds like the perfect foundation for combination to oily skin, you’re completely right–it’s even got a natural matte finish and medium to full coverage, to help you minimize any blemishes or imperfections.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

The fiber mascara for a “fake lash” effect

There are many mascaras out there, but this one is a real game-changer. True to its name, the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara creates, lift, curve, and volume, giving you the look of fake lashes without any of the hassle.

The formula combines three high-volume fibers in a lightweight base that won’t weigh down your lashes. You can also count on the expertly designed brush to magnify the volumizing effect, all the while creating definition and separation.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Night Restorative Creme

The lifting and firming night cream

With a rich and nourishing texture, this multi-action night cream is the secret to waking up with a revitalized look and firmer, more lifted skin. The star ingredient in the formula is concentrated Moringa extract, which naturally boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen. At the same time, sea lavender flower extract offers a renewing effect, while hyaluronic acid prevents overnight moisture loss and ensures 24-hour hydration.

As this expert cocktail works to replenish the skin after each application, you may find that your fine lines are reduced and your skin feels noticeable firmer–just like 94% of women who tried it.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm

The color-changing lip balm

Everybody needs a lip balm, and the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm is as luxurious as they come. With a beautifully hydrating formula that glides over the lips, this balm is all you need to envelop your lips in long-lasting moisture and softness.

The lightly tinted formula responds to the unique chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is a perfect fit for your natural complexion. Keep it in your bag at all times, and enjoy this customized lip balm as often as you’d like throughout the day.

We’ve already seen some of the best Estée Lauder products you can try, but don’t think we’ve seen it all! To better understand the essence of this luxury brand, there’s nothing better than exploring our full selection of Estée Lauder products in the shop.

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