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Try a Glowy Blush for Naturally Radiant Cheeks

Try a Glowy Blush for Naturally Radiant Cheeks


To blush or not to blush is not even a question for most makeup lovers. It brings your cheeks back to life with color, enhancing any makeup look–you might even get away with using blush as eyeshadow! But what if more than the beautiful cheek color, it elevates the look to a radiant dream? That’s exactly what we’re suggesting you to go for with a glowy blush. We’ll help you to understand if this is the look for you, and how to go for it.

Why should you try a glowy blush?

The world is divided between matte and glowy blushes, and today we’re focusing on the glowy formulas. If more than lively color, your blush also manages to add some glow, then your look is set for success! A glowy blush revives your cheeks with a natural radiance that reads as luminous, healthy skin. With some extra glow, your blush also helps to create more dimension for your face. How come? By capturing and reflecting the light, your glowy blush helps to accentuate the highest point of the cheeks, so it brings further definition to your facial features. We can even say that it works almost as a highlighter! This writer would never encourage you to skip highlighter—never—but the truth is that if you’re short on time and want to simplify your makeup routine, a glowy blush is all you need to make your cheeks pop!

Glowy blushes are a great choice both for everyday and special events makeup! You can make it look as natural or as dramatic as you like, so you can always make it fit your look. This trend is only a pass for those hang-on full matte face looks (which we also love). Our only note with this type of product is that it may accentuate texture, such as enlarged pores or fine lines. If that’s a concern for you, you can try a matte formula or give a try to a glowy one with very fine shimmery particles.

How to choose your glowy blush

A glowy blush may embellish your skin in countless shade and finish options. To better choose the right one for you, you need to start by picking a shade: would you rather go for a peachy or for a rosy blush? or would you choose between a berry tone or a fiery coral? After setting the shade direction, is time to decide the glowy level. You may like a creamy formula that looks luminous thanks to its texture, regardless of having shimmery particles. Or, alternatively, you may prefer a powdery blush with shimmery particles. All of these are beautiful options that are a great way of adding a colorful glow to your skin. Check the different types of formulas and explore the shade options of each! More often than not, there are a lot of shades to choose from in each formula.

A liquid blush for radiant cheecks

For inexperienced users, it may be scary to apply a liquid blush. You can trust us, once you try it you won’t look back! Using a blush brush, like Flormar Flared Cut Blush Brush for example, you’ll see how easy it is how to apply and blend. If brushes are not your jam, you may use your multitasking fingers to apply and blend them to perfection. The result is smooth, hydrated-looking skin!

A fine shimmer for a subtle glow

If you’re all about powder, don’t worry! There are plenty of glowy solutions using your preferred texture. Using blushes with subtle shimmery particles, you’ll have the best assistance to create a lively and glowy makeup look. With shimmer particles so fine that you can even see them, Flormar Baked Blush-On is a suggestion of a product that finishes your look with a flattering touch of radiance.

A blushlighter for illuminated cheecks

Hibrid products are always interesting to try. That’s the case with products that come as half blush half highlighter! With pretty blush tones and radiant highlighter glow, these formulas illuminate your face with each application, while lending your cheeks lively color. The shine is intense, so this is only for those who are interested in a full-on illuminated look. If you don’t know where to find such a unicorn, we suggest that you take a look at essence makeup! The essence Bloomin’ Bright Blushlighter 01 Bloom With Me! is a very good example of what we’re talking about.

A palette with shimmer and color for blush junkies

Choosing the perfect color can be quite an exercise. If you want to get rid of the anxiety of having to choose the one, then a palette with many colors and finishes to choose from sounds quite the dream. You’ll find palettes containing exclusively glowy blushes, while others contain some mattes combined with shimmers. The secret to a good fit for you is to buy the one that has the colors you like, even if some look matte. You can always mix them up and combine shimmery with matte formulas to transform the finish and potentially transform any dull blush into the most beautiful glowy blush.

As we’ve previously stated, this might not be the best blush finish for mature or textured skin. You may find further makeup tips for mature skin on our post dedicated entirely to it!

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