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The Best JOWAÉ Products for Dewy Skin

The Best JOWAÉ Products for Dewy Skin

Best JOWAÉ Products for Dewy Skin

JOWAÉ is a radiant skincare brand that combines French beauty expertise with the ancestral secrets of South Korean skincare. The star ingredients in JOWAÉ are antioxidant Lumiphenols derived from the succulent-type plant Sempervivum tectorum. These are included in all of the best JOWAÉ products, along with traditional Asian ingredients, to help your skin achieve a naturally dewy and radiant appearance.

As if this weren’t enough, it’s also important to know that JOWAÉ products are formulated with 0% parabens, mineral oils, and silicones. Formulas contain up to 99% natural ingredients and are also cruelty-free, in accordance with European regulations that forbid animal testing. As for whether JOWAÉ products are vegan, the short answer is yes–apart from a few exceptions that contain beehive products (like lip balms and hand creams).

Now, let’s discover 10 of the best JOWAÉ products to restore harmony to your skincare routine!

JOWAÉ Moisturizing Light Cream

The uncomplicated moisturizer

Some people love a powerful serum, while some people love a reliable everyday cream. JOWAÉ knows this, and so it offers a tidy little collection of face creams formulated with radiance-boosting Lumiphenols and refreshing sakura blossom water.

The JOWAÉ Moisturizing Light Cream for normal to combination skin is our best-seller, but make sure to look into the rich version, with added shea butter, if you have dry skin.

JOWAÉ Purifying Clay Mask

The best mask for oily skin

JOWAÉ is all about multimasking, so there are plenty of masks to choose from. For combination to oily skin, our customers love the JOWAÉ Purifying Clay Mask.

With extracts of pure clay, sacred lotus, and papaya enzyme, this mask is a true do-it-all for oily skin: it absorbs excess oil, clears the pores, and mattifies the complexion for a velvety and smooth finish.

JOWAÉ Nourishing Lip Balm

The everyday lip balm

It’s not every day that a lip balm gets onto a shopping guide, but this JOWAÉ Nourishing Lip Balm is worth it.

Made from 99% natural ingredients, this protective balm is ideal to care for dry, damaged, and sensitive lips throughout the day. Light but soft, you won’t even know it’s there–but you will feel the difference on the comfort of your lips!

JOWAÉ Purifying Cleansing Gel

The refining cleanser for oily skin

This JOWAÉ Purifying Cleansing Gel is a Korean-inspired cleansing gel that purifies and refines the texture of the skin. The formula features sacred lotus extract, which offers an astringent action and is, therefore, able to tighten the appearance of dilated pores.

With its refreshing gel texture, this cleanser is perfect to bring a feeling of balance and purity to oilier skin types.

JOWAÉ Vitamin-Rich Moisturizing Revitalizing Eye Gel

The anti-fatigue eye cream

Modern life can take its toll on your delicate eye contour area, but this gel can help you make a swift recovery. The energizing and invigorating formula contains both vitamin-rich kumquat extract and decongestant ruscus extract.

This invigorating blend hydrates the skin immediately upon application, smooths the texture of the eye contour area, and minimizes the appearance of signs of fatigue such as dark circles and eye bags.

JOWAÉ Balancing Mattifying Fluid

The perfecting care for oily skin

Specially formulated for combination to oily skin types, this fluid day cream helps to hydrate, mattify, and fight blemishes. The formula contains several ingredients that re-balance and refine the appearance of the oiliest skins.

While sacred lotus extract provides an astringent effect, AHAs refine the skin surface and reduce blemishes. After each use, the complexion is smoothed, pores are tightened, and the skin looks both brighter and more even.

JOWAÉ Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream

The treat for dry and damaged hands

This JOWAÉ Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream is a deeply moisturizing cream for hands and cuticles, made from 96% natural ingredients. The nourishing formula is enriched with camellia, coconut, and sunflower oils, as well as shea butter and vegetable glycerin.

Not only will this nourishing cocktail keep your hands safe and protected throughout the day, but it will also help repair any existing damage, such as dry and rough patches.

JOWAÉ Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream

The ginseng-powered anti-aging cream

The JOWAÉ approach to anti-aging skincare relies on ginseng, a stimulating as well as revitalizing ingredient. Because ginseng gives the skin a boost of radiance and vitality, it’s the perfect active to power this JOWAÉ Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream (which is also available in a light version).

To top things off, hyaluronic acid and Lumiphenols are also present in the formula to correct wrinkles and boost radiance, respectively.

JOWAÉ Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting

The anti-dark spot serum

If you’re looking for the best JOWAÉ product for dark spots, you’ve found it. The JOWAÉ Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting is an anti-dark spot corrector that is chock-full of antioxidants, in the form of both Lumiphenols and white tea extract.

The formula is able to not only boost the radiance of the skin, but also protect the complexion against day-to-day hazards like pollution, stress, and fatigue.

JOWAÉ Hydrating Water Mist

The moisture-boosting face mist

Everybody loves a refreshing face mist, and the JOWAÉ Hydrating Water Mist does the job with French-Korean panache. The formula contains antioxidant Lumiphenols, to protect the skin from free radicals, and sakura blossom water, to help you maintain a dewy appearance for up to 8 hours.

Perfect as a toner, a setting spray, or a quick boost of hydration, this fine mist is definitely one of the best JOWAÉ products to add to your routine.

We’ve guided you through 10 of the best JOWAÉ products, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what this innovative French-Korean brand has to offer. From skincare to body care, explore the full JOWAÉ range in the shop.

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