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What’s the Best Moisturizer for Barrier Repair?

What’s the Best Moisturizer for Barrier Repair?

What's the Best Moisturizer for Barrier Repair?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that moisturizers for barrier repair are trending all over the globe. In fact, they’ve been trending for almost a year and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. But what are these “barrier creams”, or barrier repair creams, and how can you use them? We’ll be digging up all our knowledge to help you understand this trend and find your perfect moisturizer for barrier repair.

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What is a moisturizer for barrier repair?

Barrier repair moisturizers are an evolution of the classic barrier creams. As you can guess from the name, barrier creams used to have textures that would form an actual barrier over the skin in order to protect it from external aggressions. They were very effective, and often used in situations where skin needed a shield. However, there was an issue: they were pasty white, left a lot of residue, stained almost all your clothes, and usually didn’t smell very good.

Enter the modern barrier repair creams: they protect your skin by repairing it and making sure it stays resilient.

Who can use a barrier cream?

Anyone can use a barrier cream; indeed, most have formulas that are compatible even with newborn baby skin. These creams can be used in lots of situations, namely:

  • Reducing skin irritation and friction;
  • Reducing water loss, thus improving hydration;
  • Softening dry skin;
  • Protecting from external aggressors;
  • Soothing burns and promoting wound healing.

All in all, modern-day barrier repair creams are multi-purpose moisturizers you can keep on hand for anything and everything that may happen to your skin.

What ingredients usually go into a barrier cream?

A moisturizer for barrier repair will usually contain both soothing and repairing ingredients. Some of these are ceramides, niacinamide, urea, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, oat complexes, and glycerin. All of these make sure the skin is hydrated, soothed, and able to defend itself.

How should you use a barrier cream?

You can apply your barrier repair cream whenever you feel that your skin barrier is compromised. Start by cleaning the skin; then, depending on the level of damage, apply your favorite serum. Wrap up your skincare routine with your favorite barrier cream. However, if your skin is very compromised, just use the moisturizer for barrier repair right after cleansing the skin. If you like, you can always use a cooling mist after.

The best moisturizers for barrier repair: 4 ways

Nowadays, almost every brand has its own version of a barrier repair cream. However, Korean and French Pharmacy brands are the ones who globally do it best. In this section, we’ll show you some of our favorite Korean and French barrier repair creams. Then, we’ll take a look at some classic barrier creams (those that form a “shield” over your skin). Finally, we’ll show you some barrier repair products that are not creams–we’ve got serums, oils, and more.

1. Korean barrier creams

These days, Korean brands are at the forefront of barrier repair. With dermatological procedures skyrocketing in Korea, there was a surge in the need for barrier repair products that could be safely used post-procedure:

2. French pharmacy moisturizers for barrier repair

French pharmacy brands have always been about barrier repair, with some formulas dating back to the 90s! But don’t let the grand old age of these products frighten you: they’ve been around for so long precisely because the formulas are constantly getting updated:

3. Classic barrier creams

If you still find yourself wanting to use a cream that fits like a protective glove over your skin, these classic barrier creams may be the answer to your needs:

4. Barrier repair beyond moisturizers

Even though moisturizers are the most popular form of barrier repair skincare, there are plenty of alterntives. If you’re looking for a few extra products that can help you repair a compromised or damaged skin barrier, look no further. Here are some extra options for you:

Even though we’ve shown you some options for your next moisturizer for barrier repair, there are plenty of other options. Make sure to check all our post-procedure skincare products for more.

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