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The Best Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

The Best Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022


The beginning of a new season brings the perfect excuse to update your nail polish collection. It is time to get rid of those lacquers that won’t spark your joy and explore new favorites. Moreover, we understand that you might like to update yourself regarding trends for summer 2022. Knowing that a beautiful manicure is an indispensable accessory to complete your fresh summery looks, we are now finally prepared to reveal the best nail polish colors for summer. We have some vibrant colors as well as some sparkle. Are you ready to rock some summer colors on your nails?

Meet trendy nail polish colors for summer 2022

essie Enamel Nail Polish 67 Meet Me At Sunset

A vibrant orange for the beach

Bright tones look incredibly flattering on tanned skin. They contrast with the skin all the while creating a statement look! For this category, we chose a vivid orange that not only coats your nail with rich color but also with long-lasting high shine. Isn’t this the color both of summer and a perfect sunset?

Catrice More Than Nude Translucent Effect Nail Polish 03

Summer weddings with some sparkle

We’ll let brides and grooms have all eyes on them, but there’s room for our nails to shine too! In order to avoid the classic pastel-beigy-nude, we’d like to propose a nude with a twist. Be elegant with some extra fine sparkle with this unique nude-pinky shade. Understated, but never uninteresting, as expected from Catrice nail polishes!

MAVALA Mini Bio-Color Nail Polish 711 Shannon

Summer party spirit

For a summer party or for another event of that kind, you would probably prefer something that is vibrant, full of energy and life at the same time. Regardless of your outfit, a spirited pink nail will always look on point. Whether you like short or long nails, a strong color such as this one always keeps them looking sharp. A trend for the summer and a winner choice for summer parties!

Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 04 Secret Adoration

Beach sand and sparkle

Let’s try some lighter (but never boring) nail polish colors to highlight our short nails, as it may help to elongate their appearance. A good help would also be some vertical artwork of your choice. This formulation works like a shield to embellish and protect your nails at the same time, contributing to healthy nails.

essie Gel Couture Long Wear Nail Polish 470 Sizzling Hot

A bright coral for toes

Chances are that you’re going to switch the shade on your toes less often than on the hands. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely! One of the best nail polish colors for summer pedicure is definitely a warm tone of coral-red. It matches every possible outfit and it also is a proper pick for any event. This formulation is particularly glossy and also incredibly long-lasting; from the time you apply it, you only need to worry about the manicure!

essence Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish 58 Endless Summer

Budget summer shade

There’s no need to compromise on style in order to keep it on budget. This range of nail polishes grants not only intense colors but also long-lasting performance – essential to keep the nails looking sharp for days. This shade is all it takes to live an endless (as well as memorable) summer!

essie Enamel Nail Polish 106 Go Overboard

This Writer’s Favorite Color

With an inexplicable passion for hot days as well as exotic beaches, this writer couldn’t possibly be more excited about this sea-resembling tone. Featuring a unique shade of blue, this hue manages to be elegant and fun at the same time and is ideal to accentuate the cinnamon tan that she fights for so hardly (and responsibly, of course!).

You might also like to browse our entire catalog of nail polishes before committing to a new color and creating your own 2022 summer trend. It might take a while scrolling, but it’s definitely worth it!

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