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Bye Bye Shine: The Best Oil Control Skincare

Bye Bye Shine: The Best Oil Control Skincare

The Best Oil Control Skincare

Did you know that around 66% of people deal with oily skin? That’s around two-thirds of people worldwide! One of the concerns that most affects people with oily skin is excess sebum, which translates into excess shine; together, these two concerns can make you feel a little uncomfortable, but there are solutions. Today, we are going to talk about the best oil control skincare that you can use to solve this situation. Keep reading to learn more about this type of product, and what to look for to find your best match.

Oil Control Skincare: 7 Products for Shine-Free Skin

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone in the fight against excess oil and shine. Excess oil may range from “my forehead is shiny by the end of the day” to “I feel like I could fry an egg on my forehead and it’s only been 2 hours since I’ve last washed my face” (our range is extremely sciencey, we know). Not all people suffering from oily skin deal with the same degree of sebum, so you may need to look for different things depending on your needs.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite oil control skincare products to help you achieve shine-free skin. We’ve got both creams and serums, so you’ll have plenty of options to explore when looking for the best option for your skin.

SVR Ampoule [A] Lift Smoothing Concentrate

The retinol serum for oily skin

By now it’s no secret that retinol is a do-it-all. When it comes to oily skin, it’s also one of the best actives to target excess sebum. Using a good retinol is not always easy for those with oily skin, as the ingredient commonly comes in an oily base. Therefore, we’ve selected our favorite retinol for oily skin, with a high concentration and a super liquid texture.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar MAT Moisturizer Oily Skin

The best mattifying cream for daily use

We couldn’t really continue this list without mentioning this cream, now could we? The La Roche-Posay Effaclar MAT Moisturizer is a best seller for a very good reason, as it’s both great and affordable. Additionally, it’s also impeccable for sensitive skin. So, if you’re trying to find something that helps you on a day-to-day basis, this mattifying cream may be the one for you.

Frezyderm Matte Effect Cream Shineless Skin Look

The anti-shine champion for extremely oily skin

In case your skin is extremely oily and you keep feeling like “nothing works”, this cream be a game changer for you. It’s the most matte-effect cream we’ve ever tried. It goes on superfluid and dries to a shine-free finish without any residue. It may be a little uncomfortable for those who have moderately oily combination skin, but for those with oily skin, it’s a must-try.

Embryolisse Mattifying Moisturizer

The best oil control option for combination skin

We’ve shown you a product that may not be ideal for combination skin, now we’re making it up to you. This is our best recommendation for those who need both hydration and shine-free skin. Even though Embryolisse is best known for the iconic Lait-Crème Concentré, this emulsion is just as exciting. It’s the brand’s offering for those who need a mattifying effect. Enjoy the combo of quenching hydration and shine-absorbing powders; it will keep your skin balanced throughout the day.

Esthederm Pure System Pore Refiner Concentrate

The ideal product for dilated pores

If you deal with both oily skin and dilated pores, here’s a product that’s been specially crafted for you. Even though the label only mentions pores, trust us on this one. After using this product, the skin instantly becomes super matte. Just be careful if you have a tendency for blemishes and pimples, as products that target dilated pores can worsen this condition. On the other hand, if you’re really just dealing with excess oil? This is the perfect option for you.

Erborian Matte Crème Mattifying Face Cream Blur Effect

The shine-free cream that doubles as makeup

If your ultimate goal is makeup that won’t melt throughout the day, here’s a mattifying cream that doubles as primer. It leaves the skin super matte, velvety, and ready to grab onto all the products you’re going to be putting on top of it. It also helps to conceal dilated pores, so your skin is even when you’re applying your foundation.

SkinCeuticals Moisturize Daily Moisture

The premium oil control option

If you’re one to appreciate the fine things is life, you’ll love this cream. The texture is ultra-smooth and glides on like a dream. However, make no mistake, it will leave your skin feeling matte and shine-free in no time. Besides that, it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day, thus ensuring a fine balance.

As you can see, there are some great options out there. Choose the best oil control skincare product that fits your needs and shine on (or, you know, don’t!). If you want to check out other products fit for oily skin, make sure to stop by the shop, where we’ve got plenty of great skincare options for oily skin.

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