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How the Best Propolis Skincare Benefits Your Skin

How the Best Propolis Skincare Benefits Your Skin

You’ve heard of skincare with honey and royal jelly, but have you heard about propolis and how it can benefit your skin? Brands have increased the use of this ingredient in the last few years and with good reason. We’re telling you all about why you should use propolis in your skincare routine, as well as the best skincare with propolis.

What is propolis?

Propolis is also known as bee glue and is produced by honeybees. For them, it’s used as both a repairing material and a protection against microbial infections. They can repair cracks in the beehive by using propolis, but they also use it for its antimicrobial properties to protect other bees. Given that bees use resins from plants to produce it, the composition is extremely rich and varied. Indeed, it contains several different compounds with properties ranging from antioxidant to wound healing and antimicrobial. Keep in mind, however, that not all skincare with propolis will have all of these benefits.

How propolis benefits your skin

Propolis is an ingredient produced by honeybees that has been used in healing practices since ancient times. As we know, just because it has been used for millennia, it doesn’t mean it actually works. However, this is one of those that actually do. Many scientific papers have been published on the use of propolis in apitherapy and cosmetics, with more brands including this ingredient in their formulas. Although there are several uses of propolis in skincare, these are the most researched ones:

  • Wound healing: propolis is an incredible ingredient, particularly in burn treatment. It helps the skin to regenerate quickly and improves the cicatrization process;
  • Acne improvement: as it makes microbial growth harder, propolis is commonly used in acne cases to help reduce crisis;
  • Sunscreen booster: although it is not a sunscreen filter, propolis boosts the efficacy of formula filters. It’s a perfect partner for sunscreen formulas to improve SPF ratings;
  • Antioxidant: fighting free radicals is a common goal of many skincare routines, and propolis is great for that. Thus, it helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce sun damage;
  • Dandruff: when it comes to seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp, propolis is a great example of ingredients that help soothe the scalp and minimize fungal growth. This makes it a perfect ingredient for those suffering from flaking and irritation due to fungus.

All of these benefits are due to the many compounds that you can find in propolis. These range from phenolic compounds (such as caffeic and ferulic acids) to antioxidant flavonoids and soothing ingredients like bisabolol.

The best skincare products with propolis

We’ve selected our favorite cosmetics containing propolis, and we’ve cheated a little to include one that isn’t for the skin–but that we still think is great. From Korean to European products with propolis, we have it all:

Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum Propolis + Niacinamide

Best Korean serum with propolis

Thir viral serum is nothing short of a must-have. The honey-like texture provides comfort, while the active ingredients work to replenish your skin. It’s ideal for acne-prone skin, as it contains niacinamide and salicylic acid. This fragrance-free formula helps to reduce enlarged pores and to prevent blemishes.

Dr. Ceuracle Royal Vita Propolis 33 Ampoule

Best propolis ampoule

The base of this product is 33% propolis extract, in which a myriad of other ingredients were mixed in. This blend contains vitamins to boost radiance, as well as royal jelly to soothe the skin. Moreover, it also helps to fight premature wrinkles and dehydration signs, thus contributing to smoother skin.

Esthederm Intensive Propolis+ Salicylic Acid Concentrate Serum

Best propolis skincare for acne

This luxurious targeted treatment has an extra fluid texture and is ideal for those fighting acne in their adult life. Salicylic acid and propolis reduce blemishes and help to soothe redness. It’s perfect to apply on the affected areas without making them extra oily.

Lazartigue Purify Purifying Shampoo

Best propolis shampoo for dandruff

In need of a deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair that also has dandruff? This Lazartigue shampoo is a great way to care for the scalp, due to the propolis extract. It’s also an amazing add-on for those who use a lot of styling products and need a monthly deep cleanse on their scalp, such as those with curly and coily hair.

APIVITA Bee Sun Safe Dry Touch Invisible Face Fluid SPF50

Best sunscreen with propolis

This invisible fluid has a dry-touch finish and is great for those who need an on-the-go protection option. The practical bottle is perfect for those who want to carry it in their bag, and the insivible and dry-touch feeling allow for smooth reapplication throughout the day.

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner

Best toner with propolis

This is a deeply hydrating toner that provides glowing and supple skin. In fact, it’s a perfect toner for the 7-Skins Method, if you love that method for deep hydration. Due to the black bee propolis, it helps to soothe the skin while keeping it moisturized and improves the skin texture.

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence

Best essence with propolis

Popular in both South Korea and the USA, SKINFOOD is one of those Korean brands that know how to continue to be relevant throughout the years. This nourishing essence contains royal jelly, propolis and black honey, in order to deeply nourish the skin. It’s ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin, as it boosts hydration and nourishes.

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

Best for sensitive skin

This classic moisturizer is now viral and people are loving it. It deeply hydrates without leaving a greasy residue, making it perfect for all skin types. This lightweight gel can even be used on sensitive skin to reduce redness and soothe the skin.

Some By Mi Propolis B5 Glow Barrier Calming Serum

Best serum for glowing skin

This is the true HG of luminous skin. Not only it helps to restore the skin barrier, but also leaves the skin radiant. Great for sensitive and acne-prone skin, this formula is one of the few that helps handling acne while still working on providing glowing skin.

Dr. Hauschka MED Mint Refreshing Toothpaste

Best toothpaste with propolis

This is the one product that isn’t for the skin, but still deserves its own spot here. Propolis has been shown to decrease cavities, so it’s a great add-on to your toothpaste. This one from Dr. Hauschka leaves you feeling refreshed and helps to reduce the number of cavities you may experience.

Propolis is one of the ultimate ingredients if you suffer from redness or sensitive skin, including acne-prone skin. Discover all the products we have for sensitive skin, in order to help you manage any issues you may have.

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