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The Best Skincare Products With Prebiotics and Probiotics

The Best Skincare Products With Prebiotics and Probiotics

You’ve probably already heard that lately there is a constant buzz regarding beauty products with prebiotics and probiotics. However, there are a ton of questions that immediately pop up. What are prebiotics and probiotics? What’s the difference between them? Are prebiotics and probiotics actually good for the skin? If so, what is the best one? And who can benefit from using cosmetics with them? It’s a lot, we know, but we’re here to help clear any doubts!

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

First of all, let’s talk about how this discussion came to be. Our skin is actually home to a myriad of bacteria and fungus that, usually, coexist happily and even improve our skin. However, some skin conditions are associated with an imbalance of the good/pathogenic bacteria ratio. That is to say that, if we have some way of helping the good bacteria get back to normal percentages on the skin, it could actually help to heal the skin.

Probiotics are actually friendly living microorganisms that can help your microbiome. However, the current European laws limit the number of microorganisms that a formula can have. This is to say that, even though they might be beneficial, they are not allowed in the formula as of now. Therefore,  they are currently being replaced by postbiotics, which are lysates or extracts of those same probiotics. This means that those bacteria are either broken down or inactivated, so they are no longer living microorganisms.

Prebiotics are, essentially, food for our good bacteria. They are molecules that the good bacteria on our skin can use to grow and thrive.

Are prebiotics and probiotics good for the skin?

The use of these ingredients is still very new, as they are more popular regarding gut flora. On the other hand, some studies indicate that at least regarding acne and eczema, there is sufficient evidence to say that they can improve the skin. Whether be it reducing acne lesions or repairing the skin barrier faster, these two situations seem to be the ones right now that clearly benefit from prebiotics and probiotics.

What are the best skincare products with prebiotics and probiotics?

Gallinée Prebiotic Cleansing Bar

Gallinée is a brand totally focused on skincare with both of these ingredients, so we really wanted to start with them.

This cleansing bar is formulated with a pH of 5.8 in order to respect your skin’s natural pH levels. It also features a patented, scientifically-formulated complex of prebiotics and lactic acid which not only nourishes and protects your skin’s “good bacteria”, but actively work to remove the bad.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+M

La Roche-Posay as a brand has long been working with their unique probiotics Aqua Posae Filliformis and its postbbiotics.
As well as their spring thermal water, these postbiotics help to soothe the skin, making them ideal for damaged skin. In this case, this body lotion for eczema can be used from birth and helps to repair the skin.

Martiderm Acniover Serum Anti Imperfections Acne-Prone Skin

As we’ve seen, acne-prone skin can benefit from using these ingredients. This serum for oily skin that tends to have comedones does not target the lesions per se.

However, the main goal here is to keep the skin as healthy as possible in order to reduce the frequency of those lesions. Essentially, it helps to prevent them.

Uriage Bariéderm-CICA Daily Serum

This serum is ideal for those who suffer from extremely dry skin or skin with eczema on the face. Moreover, people who face harsh weather or are constantly in rooms with air conditioning can also benefit from this product.

All in all, the idea of this serum is to reinforce the skin barrier. This means that, if you’ve overdone your retinol or acids, it’s also a perfect fit to repair the skin barrier.

Evolve Daily Defense Moisture Mist

If you’re looking to hydrate your skin on the go with added benefits, look no further. This mist includes both hyaluronic acid and a prebiotic. This enables your skin to be healthy and takes care of your good bacteria.

SVR [Pepti] Biotic Regenerating Smoothing Matt Gel

You can also find these ingredients in anti-aging, such as the Biotic range from SVR.

This product is probably one of our favorites from the range: a deeply hydrating gel for oily skin, infused with both peptides and prebiotics.

Pre and probiotics (and postbiotics) are on their way to maintaining a status of must-have products for some skins. Keep an eye on interesting brands that are exploring this, such as Gallinée, Evolve and La Roche-Posay.

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