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Best SVR Skincare Products: Our 10 Favorites

Best SVR Skincare Products: Our 10 Favorites

Best SVR Skincare Products

If you’re into French pharmacy–or active in the Reddit skincare community–, then SVR skincare products are no strangers to you. Previously, the brand only manufactured extremely medicalized products for skin issues. However, a few years ago the brand shifted and started making a lot of new and interesting stuff. Nowadays you can’t go through a “best of” list of European sunscreens without coming across one or two SVR options. Besides, the products for skin conditions are still very much relevant and useful for those who need them. All in all, SVR is a true French pharmacy skincare brand: suitable for those with skin conditions while at the same time being super modern.

Stick with us to find out the best SVR skincare products!

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SVR: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin France
Year Founded 1962
Brand Type French Pharmacy
Our Best Selling Product SVR Sun Secure Blur Optical Mousse Cream SPF50
Author’s Favorite SVR Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox Radiance Concentrate
3 Reasons To Buy – Effective skincare products created by pharmacists and prescribed by doctors
– Formulas that target skin common skin concerns like rosacea or eczema
– The new-ish SVR ampoule range, with ultra-concentrated anti-aging serums

Top 10 SVR Products

Whether you’re looking for a serum for adult acne, or an eye cream suitable for eczema-prone skin, we’ve got something for you.

SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Repairing Protective Anti-Mark Care SPF50+

Best sunscreen overall

This is the perfect sunscreen if you either suffer from sensitive skin or are using potent actives. This particular sunscreen is part of the Cicavit range which has, you guessed it, Centella asiatica. This means that this formula is ultra repairing and soothing, thus making it ideal for those in need of skin repair. If you’ve seen one SVR sunscreen on Reddit, this is probably it, as people are going crazy over it.

SVR Spirial Deodorant Cream

Best anti-perspirant for the family

A good product doesn’t have to be sexy, it just really needs to work. Besides actually working, this creamy deodorant can be used by the family as long as it’s recommended by a doctor. If you’re struggling to find your kid’s first deodorant, this may just be the answer – it controls both odor and perspiration. In fact, it can be used on the face, hands, underarms, and feet. It’s the perfect solution for young smelly feet, an adult sweaty forehead, or just normal sweat control.

SVR Sun Secure Blur Optical Mousse Cream SPF50

Best skin-perfecting sunscreen

Sun Secure Blur has been doing the Reddit rounds for a couple of years now. This is because of its unique mousse texture, which offers a blurring effect that can minimize imperfections. The formula is also rich in niacinamide, for added anti-aging benefits. If you’re looking for a daily sunscreen product that will help you toward your anti-aging goals, all the while behaving perfecting under everyday makeup, this is an easy choice for you!

SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream

Best for keratosis pilaris

Also known as “chicken skin”, keratosis pilaris is typically just rough and bumpy skin. Although this may be no concern for some people, others find that they would be better off without it. You can use a lot of different exfoliating creams to target this issue, but this must be one of our favorite ones. With 30% urea, it both deeply nourishes and improves the texture of the skin. Also, it’s very affordable, so it’s easier on the pocket and you don’t have to use it sparingly.

SVR Sebiaclear Serum Anti-Marks Anti-Blemish Global Corrector

Best SVR skincare for adult acne

Adult acne is very stressful, as people are worried that while targeting acne, they are not addressing other skin issues. As such, using a serum for adult acne is the best way to go. This one not only addresses acne but also improves the skin texture and has anti-aging properties. It’s an all-in-one serum that can actually take care of adult skin with acne. Besides, it doesn’t contain harsh actives, so even people will sensitive skin can tolerate it.

SVR Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox Radiance Concentrate

Best vitamin C serum from SVR

Searching for a highly concentrated and stable vitamin C serum? Search no more. Since it was launched a couple of years ago, this ampoule has reached stardom status. The super-light formula is compatible even with very oily skin, which is usually hard to find. Besides the usual radiance-boosting qualities, it hydrates the skin and helps to fade minor dark spots.

SVR Topialyse Palpebral Eyelid Cream

Best eye cream

Eczema sufferers will understand the pain of finding a suitable cream for the eyelids and eye contour. This area is often affected by eczema, and there are not many lotions that won’t make it worse. Let’s not even mention how many can actually help to improve the condition. This SVR cream was the first in the French Pharmacy category to be able to improve eyelid eczema. It still sits at its throne as one of the best, now that a few companies have gone and copied it.

SVR Densitium Bi-Serum Anti-Gravity

Best Affordable, nourishing and anti-aging serum

Looking for a deeply nourishing and luscious serum for aged skin? This bi-serum is just the right answer. The dual-phase formula is just ideal for post-menopause skin. Not only it contains a super nourishing texture but also targets loss of firmness. These two issues are incredibly common after menopause, so this makes it an instant hit with those suffering from the collateral effects of hormonal changes.

SVR Ampoule [B3] Hydra Repairing Concentrate

Best hyaluronic acid serum for dry skin

If you have dry skin, those very water-like hydrating serums may not be enough for you. Hence comes the Ampoule [B3], a serum with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. The thick consistency provides instant relief for dry skin and helps to deeply hydrate the skin. The pipette also allows you to easily measure the amount you need without any waste, even in a thick formula.

SVR Clairial Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate Ampoule

Best SVR skincare product for dark spots

Clairial has been a best seller for many years at SVR. This vitamin C-based formula also contains a depigmenting complex for maximum efficacy. The formula offers a highly effective antioxidant action that targets dark spots. Featuring a triple-action approach, the serum delivers anti-spot, anti-pollution, and anti-recurrence properties to brighten dark spots from any origin.

These are just a small sample of the SVR skincare range. If you wish to find out more, just head to our SVR brand page where you can browse all of them.

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