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7 Best Tanning Oils With SPF For A Bronzy Glow

7 Best Tanning Oils With SPF For A Bronzy Glow


The beach and the pool are incredibly relaxing places for those who appreciate feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on the skin. Sunbathing may feel like battery charging, but unfortunately, our skin won’t agree with that. If you’re all about tanned skin, we advise you to be all about sun protection too! The sun may feel like a blessing, but it’s actually attacking your skin in a not-at-all-innocent way. Of course, avoiding direct sun exposure is the best way to protect your skin. The next best is to avoid the hours of more intense sun. The solution is to get the most from the time that you expose your skin to the sun using a tanning oil with SPF. Get sun protection and a tanning boost at the same time with the best products carefully handpicked by this writer, a fellow sun & tan lover!

Sunscreen protection & tan enhancing action

Boost your tan without compromising on sunscreen protection! A tanning oil with SPF is an obvious ally, but also well exfoliated and hydrated skin. To keep your skin as healthy as sun-kissed, don’t forget to apply a repairing and moisturizing after-sun. Your skin will not only feel more comfortable but your tan will also look more radiant and last longer!

Piz Buin Tan & Protect Accelerating Oil Spray SPF30

Fast absorbing formula for a beautiful tan

Accelerate the natural tanning process with the best care and formula! This non-sticky oil instantly illuminates the skin, while providing efficient protection. Thanks to Illumitone™, the skin increases the production of natural tanning pigments while vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and moisturizes the skin. Featuring a respectable SPF30, this fast-absorbing oil protects your skin and helps you to get a safe and luminous tan.

NUXE Sun Tanning Oil High Protection for Face and Body SPF30

Face & body fragrant sunscreen protection

With notes of orange, tiaré and vanilla, this fragrant dry oil is the best company for a pleasant sunny day! The formula does all in one: it promotes a cinnamon tan and prevents premature photoaging at the same time! Suitable for all skin types and tones, this luxurious tanning oil with SPF protects against harmful UVA/UVB radiation. Equally important, it soothes and moisturizes the skin thanks to Kau Pe Flowers and Water Hyacinth. This is the one for those who appreciate a good floral scent!

ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil SPF30

A lightweight biphasic oil

Get a healthy summer glow with a lightweight and refreshing formula that comes in practical spray packaging. It feels comfortable and fresh, ideal for those who prefer an almost-water texture. With chemical filters and hydrating ingredients, this sunscreen leaves a silky finish on the skin while providing lasting UVA and UVB protection. Protect your skin and boost your tan with Pro-Melanin Technology in a sea-safe formulation.

Filorga UV-Bronze Tan Activating Anti-Ageing Sun Oil SPF30

Anti-aging & tan activating protection

Shield your skin with broad-spectrum protection featuring UVA/UVB, HEV and IR filters to protect your skin from premature aging. Thanks to Tan-Stimulator Complex together with olive, argan oil and hyaluronic acid, this sunscreen not only protects but also deeply nourishes the skin. Leaving a flattering satin finish, the formula promotes a radiant tan without letting harmful sun radiation affect the skin. The best part is that it is waterproof and suitable for the body and hair!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Ideal Bronze Protective Oil SPF30

A nourishing formula on a recycled packaging

Spray your way to a tan complexion with this water-resistant, tan-enhancing oil. Featuring broad-spectrum sun filters that protect from UVA and UVB radiation as well as nourishing ingredients like shea butter, it keeps the skin moisturized and protected, all in a beautiful satin finish that further highlights your tan. With a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic, this is the sunscreen you need to provide your skin with high protection!

Lancaster Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer Satin Dry Oil SPF30

Waterproof full-spectrum high protection & tan

Your skin has now the perfect care to get all the protection from UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared protection with a bronze boosting result. Starring a pleasant and fragrant dry oil texture, it is incredibly resistant to water and perspiration. Thanks to the combination of Tan Activator Complex with Sun Repair System, this non-greasy formula protects the skin with SPF30 while intensifying the natural tanning process for a lasting tan.

YOUTH LAB Wet Skin Dry Touch Tanning Oil SPF50

A vegan dry touch oil for face & body

Getting a healthy-looking tan never felt so easy! This vegan, non-comedogenic YOUTH LAB formula shields your skin and promotes a healthy bronze thanks to broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters and beta-carotene. Equally important, Wet Skin Application Technology makes this product suitable to be applied on previously wet skin, a very convenient feature when you’re sunbathing on the beach or by the pool. Get all comfortable and protected with a beautifying all-in-one formula.

Your skin is about to get pretty and bronzed. If you want to keep that look for as long as possible, then apply one of the best after-sun for dazzling skin after sun exposure! Your skin will thank the repairing action and your bronze will last!

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