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Why You Need to Try Brown Mascara

Why You Need to Try Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is having a hot moment and it’s easy to see why! It looks softer than the classic black mascara and it’s the perfect wrap-up for any clean, no-makeup makeup look. Having that said, we’re guessing that you may have a few questions on your mind already! We’re here to discuss all of your questions. Get ready for a chocolaty twist on your eye makeup!

Brown mascara questions, answered

We get it! You’re used to your trustworthy black mascara, and you may be reluctant to try something different. If you’re still unsure on why it’s worth trying brown mascara, learn all about it and you’ll see how it’s impossible not to give it a go.

Is brown mascara better than black?

If brown mascara is better than black, only you can tell! They provide your lashes with a different result, and whether it’s better or not depends on your preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the differences! Black mascara accentuates the lashes in an obvious way, creating a look that hardly goes unnoticed. If you feel that black mascara creates a contrast greater than you’d like, then brown mascara should be better for you. Fans of nude, no-makeup makeup looks should find brown mascara better than black too! The chocolaty shade blends better with the natural shades of your face, especially if you have brown eyes or hair. If you’re blond, you’ll see that brown mascara creates a softer look too, minimizing the disagreement between the color of your natural lash and mascara.

Who should wear brown mascara?

Brown mascara is a good option for anyone who likes it! It works beautifully on dark lashes, as it creates an almost black result with hints of brown that are more noticeable when the light hits your lashes, and it also flatters blonde lashes, which, with a lighter starting point, opens the color. The word on the street is that brown mascara looks better on blondes. We understand why they say that, considering that on blonde lashes, you can see clearly that brown mascara is, in fact, brown. However, we’d argue that it looks beautiful on dark lashes too!

What is brown mascara best for?

Brown mascara is perfect for everyday looks and clean, soft makeup. If you’re wearing no makeup yet you’re in the mood for mascara, you may find that black mascara is too much; brown mascara is the best for basic makeup looks! In addition, brown mascara is great for those who’d like to try colored mascaras but are afraid of trying blue or purple mascara. Brown is a natural color that you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

Check our favorite brown mascaras

Brown mascaras are subtle, flattering, and lovely on everyone—that’s a given. Now you need to put your hands on your favorite formula and put it to the test. We have a few favorites that we thought we’d share with you:

essence Lash Without Limits Extreme Lengthening & Volume Mascara 02 Brown

Lovely color, length & volume

Bronw mascara doesn’t mean a quiet lash! This formula grants all the volume and length you’re looking for, in a lovely brown shade that’ll beautifully complete your look. Featuring a precision brush, this mascara separates your lashes for a fanned-out effect. The formula not only embellishes but also cares for your lashes thanks to moisturizing ingredients that improve your lashes in the long run.

L.A. Girl Volumatic Mascara Black Brown

Tubing color

Water-resistant and smudge-proof, this almost black mascara enhances your lashes with volume and lift. This shade, halfway to black and brown, is ideal to coat your lashes with intensity and color simultaneously. Easy to apply and remove, this tubing mascara applies without clumping the lashes, creating the separation result that you love.

Flormar Color Your Life Mascara Brown

Color mascara family

Member of a family of colored mascaras, this brown version is what you need to highlight your eyes. The formula separates, lengthens, and volumizes, adding a welcome pop of subtle color to your look. The brush has fine bristles that allow an even application, granting a balanced lash style. Now is easier than ever to finish your favorite eye looks!

Avène Couvrance Mascara High Tolerance Brown

Perfect for sensitive eyes

Here’s the solution that sensitive eyes asked for! This hypoallergenic mascara is suitable for everyone, even for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ideal to boost volume and separate the lashes at the same time, this mascara is about to elevate your daily makeup. The curved wand with short brustles allows for an easy application, so everyone can master the brown lash style!

Clarins SOS Lashes Serum Mascara Caramel

Charming result & caring ingredients

Mascara meets caring ingredients, and so you have this prodigious lash-enhancing mascara. It nourishes and strengthens your lashes, all the while providing length, volume, and definition. The commitment is impressive: you should have revitalized lashes within 28 days of use. Apply it for a natural and defined look, in a delicious caramel shade!

Keeping it on a brown note, we thought you may like to check our suggestions for makeup on brown eyes.

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