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We’ve Evolved: The Same Care to Beauty, But Better

We’ve Evolved: The Same Care to Beauty, But Better

If you’ve visited the Care to Beauty website in the last few days, you might have noticed that we’re looking a little different. We have a new logo, new colors, and a whole new website—more user-friendly and much, much more eye-catching. To ensure you don’t miss out on any details of our glow-up, we want to explain what motivated us to make this transformation—and what will motivate us to stay by your side for many more years.

Our identity: Who is Care to Beauty?

Although we have gone through a bit of a makeover, we haven’t changed: we’re still the same Care to Beauty, that tireless online store that will send you your favorite beauty, health, and wellbeing products wherever you are in the world. We still remember our first ever customer, and the shampoo she bought from us all the way back in 2015. Time flies when you’re having fun!

We’ve grown a lot since: we moved from our first tiny office (barely a cubicle!) to our second office, and then to the third, and then to the building we now call home. Nowadays, we ship close to half a million products a year, reaching people across the globe.

The beauty of our community lies in its global reach and diversity. We proudly serve individuals from across the globe, embracing different skin types and tones, providing support for common skin conditions, offering solutions for all ages and genders, and catering to every budget.

We don’t want to be larger-than-life, aspirational trendsetters: we want to be right by your side, every step of the way. Where you are in the world, we’re just a few clicks away—and, thanks to our speedy shipping, so are your favorite skincare products.

Our new logo: Uniquely ours, like a fingerprint

Think about your fingertips for a second. Think about the gesture of dispensing your favorite cream onto your fingertips before tap-tap-tapping it onto your face. Think about those relaxing facial massages you’ve learned online, which so often make use of your fingertips.

Your fingertips are the unsung heroes of your beauty routine. You use your fingertips to apply your products, of course—but also to click around the internet when you shop for the best that the skincare world has to offer. Think about the device you’re using right now. You’re probably using your fingertips to scroll through this post!

When we look at your fingertips, we see all of this—but we see your individuality, too, symbolized by the unique qualities of your fingerprint.

Our new fingerprint-inspired logo encapsulates our mission: we want to help you find the skincare routines that work for you and, at the same time, help you navigate the overwhelming online world of skincare. We’re here to help you find the best skincare and beauty products that work for you—and you alone.

It’s all in our motto: All Cosmetics at Your Fingertips

Our new colors: Skin, skin, & yet more skin

Aside from our fingerprint-inspired logo, we’re also debuting a whole new color palette that speaks to our one true passion. You guessed it: skin.

At Care to Beauty, we don’t believe in conforming to beauty standards. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness, individuality, and diversity of every single person in our community. In our world of beauty, there’s a place for everyone—no matter your shape or size, age or gender, skin type or skin tone. Beauty can be found anywhere in the world. It knows no boundaries, so why should we?

Our new color palette, with its many shades of beiges and browns, creams and taupes, draws inspiration from the diversity of our international community. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, you’ll find products that work for your skin type and skin tone among our many, many offerings. We want to celebrate your skin, and help you find new ways to celebrate it too.

No two people are the same, and that extends to your skin too—your needs, your concerns, and your favorite products.

Our promise: All Cosmetics at Your Fingertips™

We may have changed our logo, our colors, and even our website, but our promise to you hasn’t changed. Our mission is still the same: to provide you with personalized guidance and easy access to skincare and beauty products, wherever you are in the world.

Every member of our Care to Beauty team is united in this mission. From our dedicated purchasing team, who work tirelessly to stock our shelves with the best new brands, to our superstar logistics team, who guarantee lightning-fast order processing and shipping, we’re all in sync.

Throughout your buying journey, you may get to meet some of our team members—perhaps our exceptional customer support professionals, or our well-informed cosmetic advice specialists? We’re all here to support you every step of the way.

We may offer an endless variety of products, but that’s not because you need to buy them all—it’s because you deserve a world of options. We want to make sure you can always find what you need.

Now that you know what led us to change our online image, we want to hear your feedback—head on over to the Care to Beauty website, where you can see our new look in action, and let us know what you think!

All cosmetics at your fingertips.
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