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Hair sunscreen – Why should I use it?

Hair sunscreen – Why should I use it?

Hair sunscreen protect the hair fibers from the UV rays.

It’s hair sunscreen really something you need to add to your daily beauty routine? The answer to this question is as simple as a sunny day: yes. Protecting hair fibers from the UV rays is a must-do if you desire soft, shiny and healthy tresses, especially after those amazing (and well deserved) days lying on the beach or next to the swimming pool.

Much like the skin, hair can be burned and become damaged due to the action of the sun. Although the health consequences are not as severe as in the case of a sunburn on the skin, the hair-shaft becomes lighter and dull, the ends start to split and breakage is inevitable. We understand you may like that surfer look with long blond locks that make your tanned skin shine even more, but, if not properly treated, that hair lightening happens for a short period of time, after which the hair becomes straw-like… and that is something you definitely do not want.

Excessive sun exposure is the most damaging factor on the structure of your hair, fading the color and leading to breakage. After sun exposure, comes the chlorinated water (from swimming pools) and the salty seawater that also cause hair damage.

We are talking more about the summertime and the holidays but protecting the hair from the damaging UVA and UVB rays that penetrate the hair-shaft asking no permission is something to do all year round, at the beach and at the city, during hot summer days and also under the winter sun.

Surfer-look hair can be very beautiful but only if the hair is healthy.

Hair sunscreen – Do you really have to use it?

If we think that the sun’s rays act on hair much like bleach, we quickly come to the conclusion that applying hair sunscreen is a great idea. On the short term, the hair becomes lighter in the sun because UVB rays oxidize the hair’s pigment cells – melanin. On the long term, UVA rays damage the integrity of your hair by degrading the protein structure and by weakening its disulfide bonds – the ‘glue’ that hold strands together. As a consequence, the hair gets brittle, easily broken, dry and overly porous.

Summer by the pool.

Hair sunscreen – How can you find the right one for you?

Normally, the sunscreen you apply on the skin isn’t the one you should apply to the hair. With the exception of some dry oils that can be applied on both skin and hair, the texture of the body/face sunscreens is often more creamy and milky, what makes them super comfortable for the skin but less adequate for the hair that need something lighter and that leaves no residue.

Cosmetic brands are concerned with the protection of the hair and shelves are full of good and easy-to-apply solutions you can use.  With different sun protection formulas and textures, such as oils, spritzes and creams, depending on your hair type and needs.

Care to Beauty’s catalog is loaded with products you can choose from. Let’s look at three ranges, in particular, that have everything you need to protect your hair from the moment you leave home until the moment you are back, and after:


A line of products suitable for all hair types preserving and protecting the hair when exposed to sun, sea, and swimming pool, sand, and salt. Enriched with Bamboo Marrow, Kukui Oil, Capuacu and Shea Butters, Olive Wax, and Castor Oil, with nourishing properties, Calendula Oil, and White Lotus Extract, which ensures optimal levels of hydration.

Phytoplage range

René Furterer Solaire

Exposure to sun, salt, and chlorine can damage the hair in depth. For that reason, protect hair strands, and repair them, are mandatory. René Furterer Solaire products contain Sesame Oil, with repairing properties, associated with UV filters to protect hair from sun radiation

René Furterer Solaire range.

Klorane Sun Radiance with Ylang Ylang

The protective properties of Ylang-Ylang flowers make this an essential range to protect hair that is exposed to the sun, especially during summer. Rich in fatty acids with highly nutritious and filmogenic properties, this range guarantees a double internal and external protection of the hair.

Klorane Sun Protection range.

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