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How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

Ever wished you could establish a more eco-friendly beauty routine? Here at Care to Beauty, we’re always looking for simple switches and strategies we can adopt to make our lives a little bit kinder on the environment. Keep reading for our best tips on how to “greenify” your beauty routine without shopping for new items!

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Use fewer products, and finish them!

We know… with so many tempting skincare products available on our website, it’s easy to believe you need dozens of products to keep your skin glowing with health. However, this isn’t necessarily true; you could, instead, keep with a minimalist selection of your favorites.

If you happen to try a product you don’t like, simply follow our lead and pass it on to a friend or family member, instead of letting it disintegrate on your shelf. Your friends will thank you, and so will your new waste-free lifestyle.

And speaking of waste, have you noticed how certain containers make it so much easier for you to use the entirety of the product inside? We are big fans of glass pots for this reason, but we’re also not opposed to plastic tubes: we’ll just cut them in half to scoop out the final drops of product!

Recycle (or repurpose) your containers

More and more beauty brands are making the effort to produce recyclable packaging (NUXE BIO, for example, is all about using recycled and recyclable materials), but it’s ultimately our responsibility as consumers to dispose of these items in the correct bin. There’s no point in creating a new eco-friendly beauty routine if you just let your discarded containers accumulated in a landfill!

So, if you’re not sure of how to recycle your beauty and skincare containers, simply follow the recycling instructions on the packaging or contact your local authorities. If you’d like, you can also repurpose them: glass pots can be used to store small jewelry items, for example, and serum droppers can serve a lot of purposes around the house. Just be creative, and you’ll figure it out!

Decant full size products before travelling

The excitment of a new travel doesn’t need to be followed by travel size cosmetics shopping. You can very well get your beloved full-size products and decant them to previously loved travel-sized bottles. You can do that for shower products, such as shampoo and body wash, but for body and skincare as well!

Even your products that are under 100ml capacity can be decanted. Keep in mind that space is precious, especially when travelling. You can use compact packaging and waterless versions of your everyday products to avoid walking hidden water between countries or cities. Space and fuel are limited resources to be wasted. Equally important, your luggage will be a lot lighter and easier to carry.

Replace your luffa for a DIY version with towel fabric

Can’t go on with your shower without a proper cleansing accessory? The good news is that short-lived products are not the only option. Instead of your regular luffa sponge, made of plastic, you can use a towel glove. With this change, you’ll go from buying luffas every month to re-using your new glove, month after month. Your DIY towel-glove, made from some old towels fabric, is the way to a new eco-friendly beauty routine.

The design projet is quite simple! You just need to cut to pieces of fabric, with the right size to fit your hand, and sew it! If you’re next level with needlework, you may add an elastic to the cuff of the glove. Will you give it a try?

Save water

Whether you’re brushing your teeth or cleansing your face, take care to always turn off the tap when you’re not using running water. And if you’re really, really committed to reducing your water consumption as part of your eco-friendly beauty routine, consider bringing some steps of your skincare ritual into the shower; if you’re already using running water, why not use the opportunity to cleanse your face with a rinse-off product? You’ll save both time and water!

If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can repurpose that cold water that runs before the warm water arrives for your shower. You can use it to water the plants, to clean the floor or to make soup. Use it for anything that you’d be needing to open the tap for!

Reconsider your cleansing routine

If you’re anything like most members of our team, your preferred method of cleansing includes cotton pads. However, cotton pads create a great volume of waste over the long term; why not exchange them for washable and reusable cloth pads? Just pop them into the washing machine after use and they’ll be good to go whenever you need them again.

We’re feeling creative today, so here’s a suggestion. Instead of buying your new reusable cotton rounds, you may use some leftover fabric that you have around and create your own new cotton rounds. How does this sound?

Use less toothpaste

Have you noticed how, on TV commercials, people always squeeze out a perfect little swirl of toothpaste onto their toothbrushes? Actually, that amount is far more than you need to effectively clean your teeth.

Dental experts suggest using only a small pea-size bit of toothpaste; if you follow their advice, you will be effectively cutting down on product waste.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do without any shopping involved. However, if you’re in need to purchase some new sustainable skincare items, we can help with a few recommendations.

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