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How to Use Nourkrin to Boost Hair Growth

How to Use Nourkrin to Boost Hair Growth

How to Use Nourkrin to Boost Hair Growth

Nourkrin is an award-winning supplement that fights hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. Powered by Marilex, a proteoglycan-rich fish extract, Nourkrin is one of the most interesting hair supplements on the market. Join us as we dive deep into the specs of this unique product, and learn how to use Nourkrin to achieve stronger, healthier hair.

What does Nourkrin do?

Nourkrin is a food supplement formulated to stop hair loss, promote hair growth and maintain a normal, healthy hair growth cycle in women and men. In order to achieve this, Nourkrin uses proteoglycans (proteins that are heavily involved in the behavior of the hair follicles throughout the hair growth cycle) to boost hair growth.

Specifically, Nourkrin offers a 6-month Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy program that encourages the hair follicles into the Anagen phase, and therefore, into a new hair growth cycle.

In case you need a little recap, the hair growth cycle consists of three phases: the Anagen (growth) phase, the Catagen (transition) phase, and the Telogen (resting) phase. Once a hair growth cycle has finished, the follicle returns to the Anagen phase, therefore starting a new cycle. However, it’s possible for this hair growth cycle to be disrupted, resulting in shorter Anagen phases (where growth happens) and prolonged Telogen phases (where the follicle is essentially inactive). This, in turn, delays the entry of the follicles into a new cycle, which manifests as slower hair growth–or no growth at all.

With this in mind, the goal of Nourkrin is to normalize the hair growth cycle to make sure the follicle wastes no time coming out of the Telogen phase and into the Anagen phase, so that new hair growth may occur.

What is Nourkrin used for?

As Nourkrin aims to normalize the hair growth cycle, it can be used for all sorts of different types of hair loss: think male-pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss, but also alopecia areata, which manifests as a “patchy” type of hair loss, or even post-pregnancy hair loss, the excessive hair shedding which women often experience after pregnancy.

Keep in mind that, because Nourkrin works by restoring the hair cycle in order to promote hair growth in existing and viable hair follicles, it won’t immediately halt your hair loss; if you are experiencing acute hair loss, it’s likely you will continue to experience it for a short period, until your growth cycle normalizes. Likewise, if you have large areas of the scalp where you haven’t experienced hair growth in a while, it’s likely that Nourkrin won’t be able to help–simply because you don’t have any viable hair follicles left in that area.

If that sounds a little confusing, here’s a little summary: each hair follicle is born with a number of “pre-programmed” hair growth cycles. If these cycles happen to be short–say, one to two years–, the follicle will go through them quickly, and therefore become unable to produce new hair. In short, the follicle will no longer be “viable”, as it has completed its pre-programmed number of hair growth cycles.

This is why it’s so vital to tackle hair loss by normalizing and prolonging each person’s existing hair growth cycles. The longer a follicle stays in the Anagen phase–where growth actually happens–the longer it will remain viable. The result? Your hair stays put for longer periods of time (and it grows longer, too!)

What is Nourkrin made of?

Nourkrin boasts a unique key ingredient, Marilex. And what is Marilex, you ask? Marilex is a fractionated fish extract that is rich in proteoglycans. It is extracted through exclusive enzymatic extraction technology, resulting in a proprietary ingredient that is unique to Nourkrin. Keep in mind that Marilex is a natural ingredient of marine origin, so it’s not vegan.

As we’ve seen, proteoglycans contribute to the maintenance of a healthy growth cycle, and Marilex is remarkably rich in proteoglycans, making it ideal to normalize the hair growth cycle and promote healthy, sustainable hair growth.

How does Nourkrin work?

Simply put, Nourkrin harnesses the power of proteoglycans, a type of protein, to normalize the hair growth cycle and promote healthy, sustainable hair growth. Although there are many different types of hair loss, and many possible causes of hair loss, there is one thing that many cases of hair loss have in common: a disrupted hair growth cycle. Knowing this, Nourkrin works to restore the hair growth cycle to its natural, healthy state. As such, Nourkrin is useful not only to help minimize acute hair loss, but also to maintain healthy hair over time.

How long does Nourkrin take to work?

Improvements in hair growth and hair loss are subject to the duration of the hair growth cycle, so overnight results are obviously not to be expected. Knowing this, it’s recommended that you use Nourkrin for 4 to 6 months of treatment, in order to ensure your hair has the best possible conditions for growth.

On average, however, you may begin to notice improvement after 3 months of using Nourkrin.

That’s that on the minimum duration of your treatment; regarding the maximum duration, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no maximum duration. You’ll be able to take Nourkrin for as long as you want, as the supplement will help you maintain your results for longer.

Can you take Nourkrin when pregnant? Can you take Nourkrin when breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and motherhood are rather sensitive periods when it comes to hair loss, as many women will experience hair loss (in the form of excessive hair shedding) soon after giving birth. In order to help with post-pregnancy hair loss, it is recommended that you begin using Nourkrin in the first four months after giving birth. Then, you may continue to use the product until shedding has reduced, or until you’re happy with the results you have achieved.

In short: you can take Nourkrin soon after giving birth, but the product is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

If you are breastfeeding, however, consult your doctor or healthcare professional before using Nourkrin. This is a standard recommendation when taking suplplements, and a well-informed healthcare professional will be able to inform you on whether Nourkrin is right for this phase of your life.

Is Nourkrin vegan? Is Nourkrin gluten free?

The key ingredient in Nourkrin, Marilex, is a natural fish extract, so it’s not vegan. The brand states it’s also “not suitable for those with allergies to fish”. You can rest assured regarding the gluten content, though, as Nourkrin is gluten-free.

How to use Nourkrin

The Nourkrin supplement is available in two versions: one for women and one for men. Although they use the same technology and scientific basis, the two products are different. While the Nourkrin Woman Hair Growth Tablets contain 600mg of Marilex, the Nourkrin Man Hair Growth & Preservation Tablets contain 720mg of Marilex-M. Both supplements contain biotin.

In order to use Nourkrin correctly, take 2 tablets a day for a minimum of 4 to 6 months. Take one tablet in the morning, and one in the evening, accompanied with water after a meal.

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