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How To Use Sesderma Azelac RU & Other FAQ

How To Use Sesderma Azelac RU & Other FAQ

How To Use Sesderma Azelac RU & Other FAQ

Sesderma Azelac RU Serum is undoubtfully one of our best sellers of all time. In fact, it’s so famous in Spain (where Sesderma is from) that one unit is sold every 30 seconds. Consequently, as soon as the brand officially hit the UK, this serum instantly sold out. So, what is this serum and what does it do in order to make it so famous?

What is Azelac RU used for?

Azelac RU is one of the anti-dark spots ranges from Sesderma. It contains a terrific blend of depigmenting actives such as azelaic acid and tranexamic acid. As all of them target different ways in which pigmentation appears, this means that pigmentation is less prone to show up on the skin. As the star ingredient is azelaic acid, this serum is particularly effective in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. All in all, it’s amazing for those pesky post-acne dark spots and other spots that appear after inflammation has faded. Lastly, it’s also perfect for those who suffer from melasma and other UV-light-induced hyperpigmentation. One study showed it was able to reduce hyperpigmentation in vitro up to 70%.

How do you use Sesderma Azelac RU?

Here are some tips in order to help you use this product:

  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • You can use it twice a day, in the morning and evening;
  • Always use this serum as the first product after cleansing and toning and before the moisturizer and/or sunscreen;
  • You can use it all year round, as long as you use SPF50+ in the morning;
  • Avoid if pregnant, as it contains both retinol and retinal.

What can I use with this serum?

You can combine several different products with it. In fact, depending on the rest of your needs, Sesderma offers a huge combination of products. We’ll suggest products for three different Azelac RU routines: the first for acne-prone skin, the second for melasma-prone skin, and the third for aging skin.

Routine for acne-prone skin

Routine for melasma-prone skin

Routine for aging skin

If you wish to have a more personalized recommendation, make sure to get in touch with our beauty experts! We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect combination of products for your needs.

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