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Makeup For Video Calls: 5 Steps In 5 Minutes

Makeup For Video Calls: 5 Steps In 5 Minutes

Makeup For Video Calls: 5 Steps In 5 Minutes

As there are many institutions that can advise you on how to stay safe and protect your loved ones during the isolation time, we are here to talk about a different yet related matter: how to create a fresh and easy makeup for video calls on your countless meetings and friendly hangouts. Luckily for us, web cameras are forgiving: it’s like it knows you don’t have a professional makeup artist doing your glam as television hosts do. So, the “rules” – that can hardly be called that – on doing makeup for the camera are a little bit different than real life. Even though it may seem a little difficult, it is way simpler than it sounds! To break it down for you, we created a 5-step routine for 5 minutes. Looking great was never so easy!

1. Depuff the face and eyes

depuffing eye cream lierac hydragenist smoothing eye gelLierac Hydragenist Hydra-Smoothing Eye Gel


Nothing weights more your looks than a tired face and puffy eyes. In order to have an energized and depuffed face in the morning, your day should start with a refreshing splash of cold water and a quick massage as you lather up your facial cleanser. Then, apply a depuffing eye cream and find your overall appearance energized for the day. Finish with a moisturizer, and you’re ready to go!

2. Conceal the shadows on the face

Maybelline Intant age rewind eraser dark circles concealerMaybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer


Now that your face looks lively and ready to work, let’s conceal the shadows that still can make you look tired on camera – even if you’re not. And to conceal, we are surprisingly using a… concealer! We know it was unexpected, but we promise it works. The trick is to apply the concealer on your undereye circles, on the smile lines and around the nose. You can also apply it to an unwanted visitor like a blemish or also onto dark spots if that’s the case. Even without foundation, your complexion looks flawless. That’s how easy it is to work your complexion makeup for video calls! Tip: use a lightweight and luminous concealer that is both easy to apply and radiant.

3. Enhance the definition of the eyes

L'oreal paradise extatic mascara intense volumeL’Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara


It is no surprise for you that the eyes communicate as much as the words we speak! Of course, we don’t want them to inform everyone that you are out of energy. After concealing the dark circles, you can also apply a bold liner – using an eye pencil or a liquid liner. knowing that video calls often have low-resolution images, makeup for video calls doesn’t have to be high definition either! You were never so safe to experiment with liners – even with a bump or two, pixelization got your back! Last but not least, you can and should go heavy-handed with mascara to create a talkative gaze.

4. Go bold with the blush

skinerie vibrant powder blush flush pinkSkinerie Face Blush Powder Flush Pink


The cameras usually used for video calls are nowhere near 4K resolutions. If you apply the same amount and color that you usually do, you’ll look as washed out as you did before applying it! Now is the time to use that brighter blush you’ve been afraid of, or just load it up with your everyday blush. You can use a powder or a cream blush, or even a bright lipstick will do the job.

5. Don’t forget your lips

We don’t want to define a star color on makeup for video calls, because it is up to your preferences! Just don’t forget the lips: that’s the precious tip here. Even though you should choose the color as you like, we would suggest staying away from brownish colors, particularly if you don’t have good lighting. The web cameras tend to wash out the face, and brown lipstick won’t do much for your overall look. If we were to give a suggestion, let’s say that a clear gloss or a tinted lip balm would be a flattering solution for every skin color!

Extra tip: If you want to go one step further, take care of your nails! Your hands move casually as you speak and an impeccable manicure just pops up… it really keeps the look together. As it happens with makeup, you have to play it boldly. Bright colors are your best ally! This way, no one will ever suspect you’re still wearing those comfy pajamas bottoms.

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