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Roger & Gallet – beyond the fragrance

Roger & Gallet – beyond the fragrance

Roger & Gallet

The origins

It was the year 1806, when the first product marketed by Roger & Gallet was created. Jean Marie Farina (a descendent from the creator of the original “Eau de Cologne”) was the official supplier of the great European courts, including Napolean I. It was then that he created for such a remarkable customer a customized bottle of “Eau de Cologne”, which format made it possible for him to carry it everywhere inside his boot. This specific product was named by Jean Maria Farina as “Emperor’s roll”.


The founders

It was only in 1862 that Armand Roger, together with his brother-in-law Charles Gallet founded the brand Roger & Gallet in Paris, becoming known for the originality and quality of the products they created.

From this partnership came several innovative products such as soaps, tooth care, beauty care for the face, hair and even makeup but it was only in 1879 that one of the most iconic products of the brand was born, the round soap with its perfume in the center, which allows for a better adhesion leaving the soap perfumed until its last use.

The opening of the “Boutique du Bonheur” in Paris in the year 1932 attracted clients such as Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, Bernard Buffet, Maria Callas and more.


Roger & Gallet Today

Today Roger & Gallet offers its clients a global sensory experience, combining knowledge of perfumer and pharmacist. Their products offer the possibility to its customers of leaving a delicate traction during the day thanks to its development not only in the art of perfume but also in the art of hygiene and skin care.

The icon

Even today the iconic product, the Roger & Gallet round soap, maintains its “cauldron” manufacturing method, which is secured by 4 steps that take 80 hours of manufacture per piece. This method ensures an extra-soft texture to the soap. They are presented in their original format wrapped in pleated silk paper and sealed with the Roger & Gallet seal. Its secret recipe has a 100% vegetable base, it is an ecological and biodegradable soap. It is suitable for all kind of skins and with only 100g should last you for about 100 showers.


The variety of fragrances, the dedication to the art of perfume, hygiene and skin care, transforms every use of Roger & Gallet in moments of well-being and sensory experiences, making their products the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.

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