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The Fragrant World of Roger&Gallet Soaps

The Fragrant World of Roger&Gallet Soaps


Known for the fragrant body ranges and well-being waters that do so much more than deliver a fragrant trail, Roger&Gallet are a reference when it comes to fragrances and body care. With beautiful colors and packaging, the products are just as useful as they are charming—always a great idea as a gift for yourself as well as for others. We promise that you’ll even fancy it more once you get to know the brand’s history and when you try one of its most iconic products: Roger&Gallet soap. Start by meeting the brand and then you’ll learn all about the best-selling ranges. We hope you can find your favorite Roger&Gallet soap here!

Roger&Gallet history

The story of Roger&Gallet goes back to 1693. Giovanni Paolo Feminis invented a medicinal water featuring 18 plants, the Acqua Marabilis, known as an antidote to many ailments. It was the year 1806 when Jean Marie Farina inherited and patented the miracle recipe. From Cologne to Paris, Acqua Mirabilis went through borders to be transformed— or, we may even consider, upgraded—into nothing less than a perfume! Then, Roger&Gallet became the official supplier of the great European courts, including Napolean I and the empress Eugenie.

It was only in 1862 that Armand Roger, together with his brother-in-law Charles Gallet founded the brand Roger&Gallet in Paris, becoming known for the originality and quality of the products they created. From this partnership, came several innovative products such as soaps, tooth care, beauty care for the face, hair and even makeup. But it was only in 1879 that one of the most iconic products of the brand was born, the round soap with its perfume in the center, which allows for better adhesion, leaving the soap perfumed until its last use.

The opening of the “Boutique du Bonheur”—or “The Shop of Happiness”—in Paris, in the year 1932, attracted clients such as Marilyn Monroe and Maria Callas. An important reference for social gatherings, “The Shop of Happiness” was home for beauty products that left no one indifferent.

Roger&Gallet today

Today Roger&Gallet offers its clients a global sensory experience, combining knowledge of perfumer and pharmacist. Their products offer the possibility to their customers of leaving a delicate trail during the day thanks to their developments not only in the art of perfumery but also hygiene and skin care products.

The iconic fragrant soap bar

The iconic Roger&Gallet round soap maintains its “cauldron” manufacturing method until today. This process is secured by 4 steps, that take 80 hours of manufacture per piece: a method that ensures an extra-soft texture to the soap. They are presented in their original format wrapped in pleated silk paper and sealed with the Roger&Gallet seal. Its secret recipe has a 100% vegetable base, with a biodegradable formula. With only 100g, it should last for about 100 showers!

The variety of fragrances, the dedication to the art of perfume, hygiene and skin care, transform every use of Roger&Gallet in moments of well-being and sensory experiences, making their products the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. The products are divided into ranges by fragrance, with each range offering all kinds of solutions for your beauty routine. Let’s inspect the most noteworthy ranges closely!

Roger&Gallet Jean-Marie Farina

Deriving directly from the original 1806 creation, this is a fragrance that stood the test of time. With an unmistakable fragrant signature of petitgrain, rosemary and lavender, this is the scent that summarizes Roger&Gallet‘s essence. Made for everyone, you can find this scent in various beauty products. We’re highlighting the soap and the perfume, but you may as well love the Roger&Gallet Jean-Marie Farina Reviving Shower Gel or the Roger&Gallet Jean Marie Farina Long-Lasting Deodorant Spray.

Roger&Gallet Gingembre Rouge

Sparkling and gourmand, this is the scent for those who’d like an energizing booster. It feels fresh, it feels sweet—the scent feels amazing regardless of the product you decide to go for. Embark on this exotic trip that is sure to bring you all the power you need! Featuring a vegetable base, this fragrant Roger&Gallet soap grants a soft foam that promotes soft, lightly fragrant skin. The other products from the range are able to deliver the same experience. Combine them for perfect harmony!

Roger&Gallet Fleur de Figuier

For all fig lovers, this is a scent you shouldn’t skip. Take a break and slow down with the freshness and sweet juiciness of ripe figs. Combining with this irresistible fig soul are the green notes of mandarin leaves and musk, for a warm and relaxing mood. Powdery and comfortable, this should be all you need to relax. Finally, a scent that feels like a real hug!

Roger&Gallet Bois d’Orange

This range brings you the revitalizing energy that only orange can sparkle! With the unmistakable touch of bitter orange, petitgrain and patchouli, this scent combines the best of fresh citrus and woody vibes. Stimulate the mind and the body with a scent that’s pretty much a smile in a bottle! Vibrant and happy notes blend with the enveloping character of the woodsy notes for the best fragrant experience.

Roger&Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus

Last but not least, we think you should meet this lovely floral signature. Featuring Italian mandarin, osmanthus and benzoin, this scent is able to translate joy and luck into an olfactory experience, a universal language that you’ll find yourself effortlessly fluent in! Sweet and fresh notes coexist and create contagious joyfulness that is sure to touch you and everyone around.

Curious on how and why layering all of these amazing fragrant products? You can use not only Roger&Gallet soaps but also any other body products or perfumes! Read our post on how to apply perfume to be convinced!

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