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Sparse Eyebrows: Treatments & Makeup Tips

Sparse Eyebrows: Treatments & Makeup Tips

For full brows lovers, assisting brows getting sparse and thinning may be a concern. The good news is that you have more than one way of fighting it, and you may even combine efforts to get the best results both in the short and long term. From cosmetic treatments that require a strong commitment to the process, to makeup, there’s a lot you can do. Once you combine the power of eyebrow serums with the immediate results of makeup, sparse brows are no longer an issue!

Why are your eyebrows sparse?

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing brow thinning. Maybe you’ve joined the thin eyebrow trend back in the day, and the overplucking had its consequences. Time may also be a culprit! Even if your brows had a peaceful life, time may decide to dump them progressively without notice. Other causes can be stress, nutrition deficiency, hormonal imbalance, or skin conditions. Once you understand the cause, you may be able to act on it and minimize brow thinning with a treatment (to the extent that cosmetics allow). In any case, you can always count on makeup to make your eyebrows look fuller!

If you think that overplucking or age are the cause of your sparse brows, then you may give a chance to eyebrow serums! These concentrated products may be of great assistance in improving the appearance of your brows over time, as long as you commit to a consistent application. But it doesn’t have to stop here! If you’d like to improve the look of your brows as we speak, then eyebrow makeup is key. In fact, eyebrow makeup is the quickest, easiest way to take thin to full brows.

Treatments for sparse lashes

Once you rule out nutrition deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, or other reasons that would require medical solutions, you can start thinking about cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of sparse brows. Take a look at brow serums and trust them to improve your brows!

What is an eyebrow serum?

An eyebrow serum is a liquid-concentrated formula that combines brow-strengthening ingredients to promote growth and overall brow health. Often featuring ingredients such as peptides, biotin, omega 3, and panthenol, these formulas contain what your brows need to grow stronger. However, these cosmetic champions have a non-negotiable condition: they’re ready to provide you with visible results, as long as you’re available for a diligent application for a few months. 

How to apply eyebrow serum?

Even though directions may change depending on the product and brand, there’s a standard when it comes to application directions. You’ll need to apply the brow serum directly on your brows and massage it gently to make sure it finds the brow roots. For most formulas, you’ll need to apply it both morning and evening. Make sure to read the brand’s directions carefully to get the best results!

Makeup for sparse lashes

Regardless of the reason that’s leading to brow thinning, makeup won’t ever let you down in achieving a fuller brow. You’ll just need to make sure that you pick the product regarding your desired result and expertise. We’re navigating the options from easier to work with, while progressively entering the expert-level products. There are a few different makeup solutions that will do the job, the secret is to find the right one for you!

Pencils for sparse eyebrows

Let’s start with the most intuitive one: the eyebrow pencil. Available in multiple shapes and shades—as you’ll see below—eyebrow pencils are easy to work with and allow you to get a fuller brow in a couple of minutes. It is ideal both for those looking for a natural brow as well as for those who wish to revamp their eyebrows! The result depends both on the thickness of the pencil tip and the shape! For a natural look, you should go for a thin pencil tip; whereas for an intense result, you’d rather go in with a thicker-shaped pencil. 

Eyebrow shadow for naturally fuller brows

Another easy-to-use brow makeup product is eyeshadow! You’ll see that it does more than just improve your eye makeup: it beautifully enhances your eyebrows too. With a light powder texture, powder shadows look very natural, making it a great starting point for those who want a quick and easy way to get fuller brows. You may use your matte neutral eyeshadow palette, or you may want to find a palette with shades specifically created to use on the brows. The secret is to build the look hair by hair, and you’ll get natural-looking full brows in a heartbeat. 

Eyebrow pen for thinning brows

Here we’re entering the eyeliner equivalent for brows. It requires a steady hand, precision, and a detailed idea of where to shape and when to stop. What’s the difference between eyebrow pencil and pens? It’s the same as in the writing tools you know: pencils are softer and easier to erase, while pens create more of a sharp and lasting line. It works beautifully for thinning brows, as it instantly creates a visible transformation! Make sure to draw little hairs, one by one, to create a fuller brow with no bald spots or sparse hair. 

Eyebrow gels for fuller brows

In order to create a statement brow, you’ll need a product with a high concentration of pigment. If a strong, full brow is the result you’re looking for, then consider an eyebrow gel! Similarly to gel eyeliner, it allows you to create sharp, strong lines that will make thinning brows a problem from the past. All you need is a precise brush like the Flormar Brow Brush & Groomer to create hair-looking lines. That’s why we’d recommend this type of product to experienced makeup users.

In short, we can say that eyebrow serums are potent eyebrow treatments that help you fight back brow thinning; makeup, in turn, is a rinse-off solution that delivers immediate results and allows you to fill in sparse brows. Check our guide about brow makeup to learn all about this type of product!

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