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10 Beauty Influencers You Should Follow Now

10 Beauty Influencers You Should Follow Now

As true skincare lovers, we at Care to Beauty love to follow the people who inspire us to know more. Also, they make us splurge big time on awesome skincare. And given that we can’t keep the secret of the truly best ones around Instagram, we bring you our top 10 beauty experts. This list combines both those who have been around for years and a few newcomers that are shaking up things a bit. So, without further delay, here are our top 10 beauty influencers who we love to show some love.

Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons)

By now, she doesn’t need to be introduced. The Queen of Skincare and of Cosmetic Freaks has been our inspiration for several years. Caroline has worked in retail for decades and now serves as a consultant for brands. However, what we really love about her is that she is not here to take anything the world wants us to believe in. She will be there, standing for you and your rights as a consumer and as a person. Oh, and also, we’re totally here for Hello with Hirons, let’s just grab our tea mugs and we’re ready!

Andy Millward (@andymillward_)

Amazing facialist and full-time skincare geek, Andy Millard has been someone to follow for years now. First on Twitter and now on Instagram, he is here to stay and make your skin look amazing.  Long before it was trendy to be a science geek, he was there for you, explaining why certain treatments work and some don’t. This amazing facialist is all about treatments that work and will not take any less.

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‘You’re everywhere at the moment’ is something I’ve heard a lot of late. 🙈🙈🙈… Today I’m in @telegraphstella talking all things hair – which includes a bit of nostalgia about my old school hair inspos – Salt N Pepa, @tonibraxton and @janetjackson 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 Thank you @kate_bussmann @carolinebarrettuk @annabeljonesbeauty and naomigreenaway for being so wonderfully supportive!) And thank you @berniciaboateng for giving me an epic beat 😘 #makeupqueen I was interviewed by the lovely @featuresjourno in the @metro.co.uk earlier in the week about my new book Palette and today I also have my regular weekly column in the @obsmagazine. Apologies to anyone fed up of seeing me! Normal service will resume very soon. 🤣 : : : : : : #hair #sundaypapers #beauty #print #palette #afrohair #afro #inclusivity #naturalhair #book #bookstagram #magazine #newspaper #womenempoweringwomen

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Funmi Fetto (@funmifetto)

Amazing editor and author of “Palette – The Beauty Bible for Women of Colour”, Funmi is all about beauty that works for everyone. She delivers a bit of everything, from the affordable to the luxurious, while simultaneously giving us fashion looks that leave us drooling all over our cellphones. Oh, and also, check out her kickass book recommendations!

Michelle Wong (@labmuffinbeautyscience)

If you’re looking for laid-off science explanations, Lab Muffin is the right one for you. From myth debunking to real “I read all the papers” science, you have a bit of everything. However, there is one thing that you will definitely not find there: anything that doesn’t abide by proven and tested science. Michelle loves a bit of myth debunking and we’ve learned a lot with her over the past years.

Stephen Alain Ko (@kindofstephen)

We’re not sure what we love the most: if all the work that Stephen goes into to keep us updated on the world of cosmetics or watching him develop his own product range. On the other hand, we do know why we truly love him: he is there for science and ingredients that work. If you’re looking to staying updated on what goes on on the cosmetics world, check out his stories with the highlights for the day.

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A supplement to two previous texts on Vitamin C. — Among all forms of Vitamin C L-ascorbic acid is the most well studied, most probably due to the fact that it is the most biologically available form of the molecule. Known for its remarkable photoprotection properties – see a previous post – it is also notably unstable to light and air, presenting a major challenge for formulators due to its hydrophilic and ionically charged profile, which makes it very poorly permeable if not formulated under pH 3.5 and with concentrations ranging 10-20%. In order for a water based L-AA serum to be optimally functional it should be at a pH equal or below 3.5, this alone removes to the ionic charge of the molecule which has been shown in a study by Pinnel et al to be necessary for percutaneous absorption up to a maximum concentration of 20%, and ultimately reduce the time until oxidation occurs. The use of vitamin E and ferulic acid have been shown to provide further antioxidant and photopreotection as well as added stability to the formula. From an internal physiological point of view DHAA can be converted back to Ascorbic Acid, when taken orally, in the presence of dehydro ascorbic acid reductase and glutathione, however, it seems to be unlike to happen the same reaction on the skin (Pinnell SR et al). While relatively inert DHAA and other oxidised forms of Ascorbic Acid, these molecules are not stable and may cause skin allergic reactions, skin staining with a yellow-orange tone and hair hypopigmentation may happen. For these reasons any product which colour has gone deeper than a medium-light yellow should be used with that in mind. The product effectiveness may become compromised once DHAA further oxidises to oxalic acid which does not convert back to L-AA. — PMID: 26808119 PMID: 16185284

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André Duarte (@wearebats)

André presents himself as a proud cosmetic formulator in the making, but he is already delivering great scientific intel. His posts regarding ingredients are truly amazing and well rounded and he also talks about some specific products he loves. Just what we wanted from someone who really knows what he’s talking about. Additionally, he’s Portuguese, so we love him a little bit more for that.

Dr. Sam Bunting (@drsambunting)

Dr. Sam is another one that needs no introduction, and we are well aware that many who belong to her Facebook group are part of our loyal customers. Even so, it’s always a pleasure to introduce her to those who haven’t heard about her yet. Dr. Sam is all about great skincare for sensitive skin, especially those with acne-prone skin. This comes from her own experience in fighting acne herself, so she’s a great resource for those who need to take extra care of their skin.

Dr. Anke Ginzburg (@dr.ginza)

Dr. Anke Ginzburg is a doctor in pharmaceutical sciences and a cosmetic formulator for many years now. She has taken to her heart to spread scientific advice where needed and it’s amazing to watch. If there is one thing she hates, is selling through fear, or fearmongering, and we couldn’t agree more. Moreover, she’s part of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Jordan Samuel (@jordansamuelskin)

Jordan is not only a facialist but also the proud owner of Jordan Samuel Skin (Jordan, we’re ready for you when you are, just e-mail us). However, it is Jordan’s Youtube channel that gives us life, makes us want to make a Martini and just enjoy the conversation. This is because even though it is a previously recorded video, it feels like a Skype call with an old friend who happens to know a lot about skincare.

Dr. Anjali Mahto (@anjalimahto)

This is the author of “The Skincare Bible” that everyone has been reading for the past two years. Dr. Anjali Mahto is a consultant dermatologist that became known for focusing on acne and hyperpigmentation (the fancy name for dark spots). Check her Instagram account for advice on several skin conditions and overall product recommendations.


In conclusion, we’re all about good and evidence-based science. We take this seriously, even when choosing what brands to sell or how to sell them. So here is also our contribution to keep you informed and empowered!

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