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Introducing Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions

Introducing Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions

Introducing Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions

The iconic Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Booster booster needs no introduction. Launched in 2017, this was the first product to combine an 89% concentration of Vichy thermal water with hyaluronic acid of natural origin. The result was a daily booster that reinforced the barrier function and increased the skin’s resistance against daily aggressions, such as stress, pollution, and fatigue. Over time, this daily booster has become not only a skincare icon, but also one of the best-selling Vichy products. Now, the Vichy Minéral 89 family is welcoming a new member: Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions, which promises to do even more for our skin barrier. Let’s get to know it!

What is Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions?

Let’s start from the beginning. The new Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions is a regenerating and repairing serum, formulated with fractions of probiotics. It also contains niacinamide and vitamin E to regenerate the skin’s antioxidant defenses. In short, this is the ultimate Vichy solution to repair the visible effects of stress on the skin–whether that stress comes from a busy lifestyle, pollution, or even just poor sleep.

According to Dr. Marion Nielsen, pharmacist and scientific director of Vichy Laboratoires, “when skin is stressed, its ability to defend itself is affected, and its regenerating process is altered. Skin immunity is weakened and visible signs of skin health fade: it looks dull, uneven and fine lines appear.” In short, stressed skin suffers on the inside and well as the outside: it isn’t as resistant to external aggressions, and it doesn’t look as luminous as healthy skin.

Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions is specifically designed to target these concerns: it repairs the skin’s barrier function, accelerates skin recovery, and strengthens the skin’s antioxidant and immunological defenses. Day after day, the skin regains luminosity and elasticity, while fine lines are reduced.

Vichy Minéral 89 vs Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions

If you’re a fan of the original Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Booster, fear not; Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions is not here to replace it, but to complement it. Whereas the Minéral 89 Daily Booster provides a preventive action by fortifying the skin and promoting a healthy skin barrier, Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions provides a corrective action, repairing the skin’s defenses and providing a powerful antioxidant boost.

In short, Minéral 89 Daily Booster is the perfect everyday skincare booster, but Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions is the one to reach out for when your skin needs a little extra help.

Vichy Minéral 89 vs Vichy Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions Comparison

If you’re not sure you know which Minéral 89 is right for you, we’ve put together this handy table to answer all your questions:

Minerál 89 Daily Booster Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions
Ingredients 89% Vichy thermal water
0.4% hyaluronic acid
79.8% Vichy thermal water
0.4% hyaluronic acid
5% probiotics
4% niacinamide
0.2% vitamin E
Skin concerns Dehydration Fragile or sensitized skin
Visible effects of stress on the skin
Action Fortifies, hydrates, and re-plumps the skin Repairs and regenerates the skin
Minimizes the first signs of aging.
Time of application Morning Morning and/or evening
Order of application Before serum As a serum
Skin Types All skin types
(oil-free texture suits oily skin the best)
Dry to combination skin types
(rich texture suits drier skin types the best)
Age Groups All ages 25-40 years old
(This age range will benefit the most from the antioxidant boost)
Suitable for post-procedure Yes Yes

How to use Minéral 89 (& Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions)

The original Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Booster is a pre-serum booster; you should apply it before your serum in order to fortify and hydrate your skin and prepare it for the following skincare. The booster is recommended for morning use, but you can definitely use it in the evening if that’s your preference. (Pro tip: that’s for those who ask us “can I use Vichy Minéral 89 at night?” Yes, you can! The product will work just as well in the evening as it does in the morning.)

On the other hand, Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions is a traditional face serum. Apply it to previously cleansed skin, then follow with your day or night moisturizer. During clinical studies, women who used Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions twice a day for four weeks reported significant improvements on the feel and look of their skin. 76% reported their skin seemed more youthful, 84% confirmed their skin looked better overall, 92% noticed an improvement in luminosity, and 78% felt their skin was better protected against external aggressions.

The complete Vichy Minéral 89 range

With this new addition, the Minéral 89 range now features three products: the original daily booster, a refreshing eye serum, and, of course, the new Minéral 89 Probiotic Fractions. Which ones have you tried?

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