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Top 10 Eye Creams For Bags And Puffiness

Top 10 Eye Creams For Bags And Puffiness

If you’ve been suffering from eye puffiness and undereye bags, this is definitely the ultimate curated collection of eye creams for bags in Europe. Eye bags have several causes, such as hereditary, seasonal allergies, lifestyle, water retention, and lack of sleep. However, if they are not presented with other symptoms like redness, pain, or itching, it should mean they are harmless. All in all, it usually comes down to an aesthetic issue that some do not like at all and wish to diminish. Most people end up looking for the best eye cream for bags and puffiness, and here’s where we are able to help you. Moreover, don’t forget to try and get at least 8 hours of sleep, reduce salt intake, cut smoking and bet on cooling the eye area, as well as performing a draining massage. These will all help you reduce the swelling, but keep in mind they will not totally erase eye bags.

Lierac Dioptipoche Puffiness Correction Smoothing Gel

Best gel for puffiness

If you’re looking for that perfect decongesting gel, this is it. The minimalist formula targets exclusively eye bags and is great at doing so. This gel contains a cocktail of decongesting ingredients that help both to refresh and depuff the eye contour. Thus, it is the perfect ally if you’re only targeting this issue.

Frezyderm Eye Balm Puffiness & Dark Circles

A balm for puffiness and dark circles

If your eye contour combines issues such as eye puffiness and dark circles, then this is what you’re looking for. This science-driven eye cream has a balmy texture that is super easy to spread. However, it instantly boosts comfort and targets dark circles and eye bags.

SVR Ampoule Refresh Eye Concentrate

The awakening serum

If you’ve got your eyes on an eye serum, this is it. This super lightweight formula is instantly absorbed, leaving no trace of its existence behind–it may be a good choice if you tend to develop milia! Ideal to wear under makeup, it has a flash effect. All in all, this means that it works as soon as you put it on. For extra benefits, use it for a draining massage just before applying your eye cream.

NUXE Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream Anti-Puffinesss & Dark Circles

Best eye cream for bags for men

It’s not that men can’t use any of the other products. However, we know that some still prefer to choose their products from ranges made specifically for men. That being said, here’s our pick for you. This NUXE eye cream offers multiple benefits. Being able to provide anti-aging and depuffing actions, it’s ideal if you wish to have just one product for the eye contour.

Erborian Ginseng Infusion Eye Patch

The perfect decongesting eye patches

Getting married, having an important meeting, a fancy date with your chosen one? This one is our choice if you have anything big coming. These super easy-to-use patches come impregnated with an anti-fatigue serum that works wonders. Just ask anyone who has used it before any big event, it’s life-changing. In fact, this author and her husband may have used these patches on the day before their wedding – at least that’s what rumours say.

FOREO IRIS™ Illuminating Eye Massager Mint

The one-of-a-kind eye massager

In case you’re into draining eye massage, but unsure how to perform it, let this device handle it for you. This quirky-looking massager gets its inspiration from lymphatic massage. Thus, it will be able to decongest the eye contour while letting you have a spa-like moment in the comfort of your home. Gemma Chan has even pulled one out of her handbag in a video interview for InStyle magazine.

SkinCeuticals Prevent AOX+ Eye Gel

The anti-aging one

This product has long become an icon, and here’s why: it does it all. This science-driven serum combines both antioxidants and decongesting ingredients. Hence, it is able to combine everything you want in an eye product in one single bottle. The luxurious texture will never let you go back again to joyless products. Target wrinkles, puffiness and hydration in one single gesture.

Evolve Hyaluronic Eye Complex

The eye cream for bags that cares for the planet

Evolve has a myriad of ways to compensate for the emissions and waste of their business. They are even carbon negative (not just neutral, negative). So, if you’re looking for solutions that fully take the planet into account, Evolve is a great brand to explore. This Eye Complex addresses dark circles, hydration and, lastly, eye puffiness. It’s a super hydrating formula that will ensure the eye contour is taken care of.

Catrice Hydro Depuffing Eye Serum

The one with the roll-on

Some people just can’t have enough of a good roll-on in the morning to reduce eye bags. In fact, it’s not just great formulas that make the best eye creams for bags. Cold has an instant depuffing effect, so metallic applicators tend to deeply help regarding this issue. Besides, you don’t even have you apply it with your fingers, just roll it on the affected area and you’re done for the day.

La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex

Luxurious eye creams for bags

For some, the skincare routine is all about the experience itself. If you deeply enjoy amazing textures and great results, then go for this one. It’s ideal if you constantly face an urban environment that can quickly deteriorate the eye contour. Exclusive ingredients such as the Cellular Complex patent and the Caviar extract make it one of a kind. Delight yourself in luxurious textures and heighten your skincare experience with La Prairie.

These are some of the highlights of the solutions we have regarding eye creams for bags and puffiness. If you want to discover more, please check out our selection of eye creams for puffy eyes.

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