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The 8 Best Eyeshadow Sticks To Make Your Eyes Pop

The 8 Best Eyeshadow Sticks To Make Your Eyes Pop

If you like using makeup to highlight your facial features then we’d guess that you’re a fan of eyeshadow. With endless colors and finishes, eyeshadows are incredibly versatile and perfect to define your eyes—but not always the easiest of makeup steps. We’re invested in ease your makeup life, and that’s why we’re introducing you to the best eyeshadow sticks! To begin with, they’re incredibly easy and intuitive to use—just pretend it to be a common writing pen. Equally important, they’re finger-blendable and you’ll get a total of zero fall-out when blending it. It’s time for you to grab yours!

Try the best stick eyeshadows for beautiful & long-lasting wear

We’re not finished with the pros yet: most eyeshadow sticks are very long-lasting, requiring no touch-ups throughout the day. They’re also incredibly versatile, as you may wear them not only as eyeshadows but also as soft, more error-proof lash liners. You may pack the color for a fully pigmented look, or apply just a wash of color for a soft effect. The same product allows for all kinds of looks—and you get to decide which one you feel like every day.

L.A. Girl Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick

A stick eyeshadow primer with a hint of color

We’re starting this list with a double agent that assumes two main missions: first, to prime the lids for your favorite eyeshadows, and second, to neutralize the natural pigments of the eyelids to create an even look. Whether you use this shadow stick alone or before your powder shadows, you can count on a long-lasting result. The formula cares for your makeup result as well as for the skin of the eyelids, providing lightweight hydration without feeling sticky.

EyeCare Waterproof Eyeshadow

Makeup for sensitive eyes

Featuring a high-tolerance formulation that’s perfect for those with sensitive or allergy-prone eyes (including contact lens wearers!), this waterproof eyeshadow stick comes in multiple shades to include everyone in the makeup game. The formula grants a smooth result with a blendable formulation that lasts all day without ever irritating your sensitive eyes.

Australian Gold RAYsistant Adorably Eyeshadow

Summer inspired eye-looks

Enrich your warm summer looks with a hazelnut-brown shade that frames the eyes with color and a healthy amount of shine. The large pencil allows a quick and effortless application that elevates any sun-tanned makeup look. Quick-drying and waterproof, this eyeshadow doesn’t transfer and stays on for hours—ideal both for beach and evening looks.

Flormar Color Shadow Stick

Eyeshadow stick in nude shades for all

Try this classic stick eyeshadow for a reliable eyeshadow look. Available in nude shades for all, this range is essential for your everyday makeup looks. Easy to apply and even easier to blend—with fingers or a brush, it’s your call—it glides smoothly on the eyelid and feels comfortable during the day. Use it alone or as a primer for your powder eyeshadows to extend their intensity and longevity.

Shiseido Kajal InkArtist Shadow Liner Brow

An all-in-one eyeliner, kajal & eyeshadow crayon

Glide your way to perfect eyeshadow with this incredibly versatile formula! You may use it not only as a stick eyeshadow but also as a liner and as a kajal (on the waterline), to define and highlight the eyes with your favorite colors. It applies on the lid like a dream, with a soft texture that lasts up to 12 hours, with crease-proof, tears and waterproof resistance. After applying it on the eyes, you have only a few moments to smudge it with the built-in sponge blender, before the formula sets with smudge-proof resistance.

Sensilis Jumbo Eyes 3-In-1 Waterproof Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

A shimmery eyeshadow pencil

Kiss your lids with pearly sparkle or pretty matte finishes! This product is what we may call the ultimate multitasker, as it works as an eye pencil or an eyeshadow. You may use this eyeshadow as a base for your eye work, or use it as the star of the show. Versatile and available in a range of colors, it’s suitable both for day and evening looks, adding an extra dimension to all of your makeup creations. Use it to bring all the attention to your eyes with minimum effort!

Flormar Brow Up Highlighter Pencil

Illuminating the eye & eyebrow area

This magical illuminating wand allows for the most stylish eye-lighting. Firstly designed to use as a pencil shadow to clean and illuminate the brow bone area, this pencil makes the best eyeshadow stick there is. This shimmering champagne shade glides effortlessly on the skin to elevate all of your makeup looks. Ideal to illuminate the brows as well as the lids and inner corners, this highlighting pencil is ready to improve the radiance of your makeup in no time.

Dermacol Long-Lasting Intense Colour Eyeshadow & Eyeliner

An ultra-smooth & matte eyeshadow stick

You’ll find both shimmery and matte shades in this eyeshadow range from Dermacol—yet, this time we’ll bring you a matte for a change. If you’re not much of a fan of shimmers, we’re sure you’ll love this one! Ultra-smooth, long-lasting as well as easy to apply, this is your way to beautifully defined eyes with a natural finish. You may use it alone or pair it with one of the shimmery versions that we’ve mentioned previously for a more dimensional look. Be as creative or as conventional as you feel with this beautiful eyeshadow stick!

Even using the best eyeshadow sticks, no eyeshadow look is finished without applying mascara as well as an under-eye concealer! With the mascara, you’ll add depth to the eye look, while with the concealer you’ll eliminate all signs of fatigue. Find the best one for you to perfectly finish your eye look.

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