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Try The Best Liquid Highlighters To Get The Glowy Look

Try The Best Liquid Highlighters To Get The Glowy Look


If you like to illuminate your skin with all kinds of glow, then you’re probably acquainted with highlighters. You may find them in all kinds of textures and formulas, but there’s one that stands out: liquid highlighters! Combining shimmery particles with the natural dewiness of the base formula, these products are incredibly versatile—there are countless ways of using them, and you come up with different application techniques every day. As for the result, it never disappoints! After using your favorite liquid illuminator, the skin looks fresh as well as beautifully shimmery. Somehow, your entire makeup ends up looking better while all signs of fatigue seem to go away. Pick the best liquid highlighter in order to get healthy-looking, radiant skin!

Get yourself some glow with the best liquid highlighter!

One of the many advantages of liquid highlighters over powder formulations is their versatility. You can use them to your liking and adjust them to your looks, creating new styles every day! You may start your makeup with a liquid highlighter as a base—your foundation will look much dewy! Alternatively, you may apply the glowing drops over the foundation, on the highest points of the face for some intense glow. If you’re a fan of some body shimmer, why not mix a couple drops on your body moisturizer? Choose your favorite formulation and shade, and start adding some glow to your makeup!

Flormar Glow Drops Highlighter

Cream-gel glow highlighter

Elevate your makeup looks to the next level with this flattering highlighter. Easy to apply, this liquid illuminator comes in an ultra-blendable cream-gel texture that melts effortlessly over, under or mixed with your foundation. Incredibly versatile, you may adjust the results to your preferences: mix it with the foundation for an all-over glow or apply it over for a more intense result on the higher points of the face. You’re in control of your own light!

NYX Pro Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

A highlighter that doubles up as a luminous primer

Adding liquid highlighter to your makeup look is always a good idea! This formula coats your skin with the most beautiful shine, with a weightless cream texture that works as well as a highlighter as it does as a shimmery primer. A favorite of makeup artists, this glowy formula transforms any lifeless look into a radiant beauty in no time. Find the shade that best suit your skin to upgrade your makeup looks with minimum effort. Let the luminous season start now!

Dermacol Sheer Face Illuminator Fluid

Liquid highlighter makeup for face & body

Ready to illuminate the skin of the face and body, this formula delivers not only beautiful shine but also caring ingredients. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this illuminator from Dermacol also contributes to hydrating the skin while providing antioxidant protection with tocopherol. Lit up the skin by mixing a couple drops of highlighter on your foundation, or just apply it afterward. Adjust the application to your style, your look, or your mood!

L.A. Colors Illuminating Skin Enhancer Light Reflecting Drops

Liquid highlighter drops

Get some highlighting drama with this one! We think the name says it all, yet it’s worth describing such a beautiful product. Made to illuminate, this highlighter is ready for all kinds of uses. Add a drop to your face or body cream, or use it over foundation on the highest points of the face. If you come up with more ways of using it, go ahead! This formula is waiting to be challenged with new ways of adding radiance to your looks.

L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator

Naturally radiant highlighter

Catch everyone’s attention with shamelessly glowy makeup! This illuminating formula adapts to all skin types, adding the shimmer you were just missing. Also indicated to apply under or over makeup, this highlighter never feels nor looks greasy or sticky. Infused with glycerin and panthenol, this makeup formula helps to keep the skin hydrated as well as comfortable throughout the day. Get the radiant glow that you deserve!

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Highlighter

Twist and glow

Revive dull skin with a highlighter that erases all signs of fatigue. Infused with quartz, this formula is as glowy as it gets! As you twist the base of the product, it releases the formula to the sponge which allows you an easy application. With three different shades, you can choose the one that suits your skin tone, for a natural and flattering result. Creating a radiant look that lasts, this formula is what you need to enhance both your day and evening makeup looks.

If you can’t get enough of dewy skin, then you may like to learn a few tips on how to get naturally glowy skin without makeup. It only gets better when you combine it with complementary glowy makeup products that also pick all light to make you shine the right way. You may combine techniques to achieve your own optimal level of glow!

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