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8 Best Moisturizing Body Washes for Dry Skin

8 Best Moisturizing Body Washes for Dry Skin

The shower is the self-care moment that is part of everyone’s routine, even for those who couldn’t care less about cosmetics. Since water is not enough to show the way out to dirt and impurities, you need a cleansing product that does the dirty work (the clean work, in this case!). However, if you have dry skin, shower time can be a synonym for extra dryness and discomfort for the skin. You need a nourishing, moisturizing body wash that cleanses the skin without stripping the skin out of its natural oils. Let’s see more about the role of a body wash in your routine and what formulas can help you get super cleansed and moisturized body skin.

What is the purpose of body wash?

The main purpose of body wash is to deeply cleanse the skin in the shower, removing impurities, dirt, and bad odors from your skin. Available in different textures, fragrant or not, the body wash works along with water to properly cleanse the skin. The body wash is a critical cosmetic in any hygiene routine, as it allows the removal of particles that water alone wouldn’t be able to, contributing to clean and healthy skin!

Are body washes good for the skin?

Yes, body washes have the potential to actually be beneficial for your skin. In order to bless the skin with benefits, you have to pick the formula that meets your skin needs—just as it goes for skincare in general. Today, we’re discussing the particular needs of dry skin, so let’s focus on which body washes are good for dry skin. If you pick a moisturizing formula, that nourishes the skin while cleansing, then there’s a good chance that this body wash is going to improve the condition of dry skin! On the other hand, if you go for a body wash that’s formulated to care for body acne, it most certainly will not be of any assistance for dry skin.

Should I use body wash every day?

Most moisturizing body washes are formulated to be used daily, so there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, when applied daily, they can contribute to keeping the skin clean and nourished! Just make sure to apply them with not-too-warm water. Hot water, or excessively warm water, can dry out and irritate your skin, which is far from ideal for dry skin. With hot water stripping the skin from its scarce natural oils, there’s no moisturizing body wash that does the trick.

Which is the best wash for dry skin?

Now it’s time to scroll down on a curated list of the best moisturizing body washes for dry skin! We may not be able to indicate a winner, but a list of very reliable formulas is just as helpful.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel

Fragrant and nourishing, this ultra-rich cleansing gel replenishes dry and sensitive skin with moisture and comfort. 92% of ingredients of natural origin, including honey and sunflower seed oil, are the secret to the repairing action of this body wash. Day after day, this shower gel cleanses the skin, improving the skin’s barrier function while leaving a fragrant honey signature behind.

Eucerin pH5 Shower Oil

Featuring castor and soybean oil, this shower oil provides a long-lasting nourishing effect that leaves your skin soft and comfortable. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this formula replenishes your skin, fiercely fighting dryness, roughness, scaling, and redness. At the same time, this formula cleanses and hydrates, all the while soothing and strengthening the skin.

SVR Topialyse Cleansing Gel

Take a look at this gentle daily cleanser that cares for the skin of the whole body, and of the whole family! Specially formulated to respect sensitive skin, the formula is suitable for the body, face, hair, and intimate area—it’s truly the only cleanser you need. Featuring gentle cleansing actives and glycerin, this everything-cleanser leaves the skin positively hydrated while reducing the feeling of tightness and irritation. Last but not least: it smells amazing!

Avène Body Gentle Shower Gel

Delicate and ideal for daily body cleansing, this moisturizing body wash is infused with Avène Thermal Spring Water to meet the needs the of most sensitive skin without troubling its natural balance and beauty. Equally important, the delicate floral fragrance is going to win your heart!

Babé Hydra-Calm Body Wash

Keep your skin happy and clean with a mild body wash that respects the natural skin balance. Formulated for the daily hygiene of sensitive and delicate skin, this moisturizing body wash provides immediate comfort all the while reinforcing the skin’s natural protection barrier. The secret? A combination of Babe Soothing Complex with soothing and nourishing actives.

Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel

Soothing and moisturizing at the same time, this gentle formula eliminates all impurities all the while respecting the hydrolipidic film. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this formula allows for daily body cleanses for the whole family. The key ingredient is the unique Uriage Thermal Water, that joins efforts with replenishing ingredients to boost dry skin with energy.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Wash

Hypoallergenic as well as soap and dye-free, this daily body cleanser moisturizes dry skin with each application. The duo of colloidal oatmeal and glycerin takes really good care of the skin, providing the skin with a soothing and moisturizing action that revives dry skin. In addition, the formula restores the skin’s natural barrier for healthier skin.

Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream

This shower cream feels richer than a gel body wash, providing the senses with a replenishing feeling right at first sight. Featuring the classic Nivea cream scent, its use can become addictive. Enriched with exclusive HYDRA IQ Aquaporin Skin Technology, the formula provides the skin with intensive and extensive care… and it shows!

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