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Get Fuller Lashes & Brows with a Lash Serum

Get Fuller Lashes & Brows with a Lash Serum


Are you looking for ways of strengthening your lashes? Then it’s time to consider using a lash serum! With consistent use, you can expect visible results that make the extra step on your beauty routine worth it. Today, we’re looking not only at what it is but also at what lash serums contain to make your lashes more beautiful. The secret, as it happens for skin and hair care, is in the ingredients. We bring useful information for you, as we’re indicating not only which ingredients help your lashes but also which are our favorite lash serums. Are you giving these a try?

What is a lash serum

Lash serums are concentrates formulated to strengthen and boost the eyelashes that, more often than not, are suitable for the eyebrows too. There are multiple purposes that may lead you to use one! After some health treatments that weaken the hair or after atypical hair loss, you may want a booster that visibly improves the growth and density of your lashes. Or maybe you’re just looking for stronger lashes for a dramatic look. All reasons are good to try a lash serum!

How does a lash serum work

Thanks to hair-strengthening ingredients, lash serums promise to boost growth and reinforce the hair fiber of lashes (and also brows, most of the time). There are some ingredients that do a remarkable job of reinforcing the lashes, and you should find them in lash serum formulas. You’ll see well-known names (that you may already know from skincare), such as peptides, panthenol and castor oil. Equally important are arginine and biotin, extraordinary ingredients when it comes to enhancing the strength and length of the lash and brow hairs. Each formula chooses its champions, so you shouldn’t expect to find all of the referred ingredients in the same product.

After choosing an effective formula with good ingredients that your lashes will love, it’s critical to apply the product regularly. You should follow the brand’s directions and apply as often as indicated by the brand (it may be up to two or three times a day). Usually, it’s as easy as applying the product along your lashline, on clean and dry skin (without any makeup on).

It’s important to keep in mind that when deciding to use a lash serum, you’re basically committing to a lasting relationship. You won’t see visible improvements if you don’t apply it consistently for about 60 to 90 days, at least. The good news is that’s incredibly quick and easy to put in on, so once it becomes a habit you won’t even have to think about it.

Try our favorite lash serums

Now that you know why and how to use a lash serum, it’s time to know what formula to try. We have some favorites of our own, and we think you may love them too!

L’Oréal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum

A booster for mascara lovers

Get longer and denser lashes with this brush-on concentrate. Thanks to castor oil, panthenol, filoxane and hyaluronic acid, this formula strengthens the lashes while restoring damage from mascara or false lashes’ regular use. You may even use it under your favorite mascara! All you have to do is allow it 60 seconds to dry. A self-assessment of 32 women shows that, with two applications a day, the lashes look stronger and denser in as short as four weeks. However, the best results come after eight weeks of use!

Shiseido Full Lash Serum

Denser and fuller lashes in 8 weeks

Your lashes and brows are about to be transformed with the unparalleled performance of Shiseido formulas. Arginine is the key ingredient of this brow enhancer, and it promises to do nothing less than restore the condition of lashes and brows. This powerful formula hydrates hair fibers and works to prevent sparse lashes and brows. Actually, a consumer study with 100 women showed that you’ll see significant improvement after only eight weeks. After 16 weeks, you can expect even more noticeable results—say hello to denser and fuller-looking brows and lashes!

Sensilis Origin Pro Lash Serum

Tested on sensitive eyes

A reference to sensitive skin, Sensilis brings the go-to lash serum for those with sensitive eyes and skin. This growth-activating serum for lashes and brows counts on the powerful combination of biotinoyl tripeptide and panthenol together with niacinamide to truly improve your lashes. With continued and dedicated use—the brand suggests one to two applications a day—you should expect to find stronger, denser and fuller lash and brow hair.

Catrice Super Boost Lash & Brow Serum

Overnight booster for lashes and brows

This vegan formula checks all the boxes, even of the most demanding consumers! The formula is light and transparent, allowing an easy application also thanks to the thin brush applicator. Featuring a Widelash™ by Sederma, together with hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5, you know that the promise of longer, thicker and fuller brows and lashes is conversing into visible results. Day after day, the product invigorates the hair of lashes of brows. The serum works extra hours overnight to make sure you get the results you’re expecting!

Ardell Brow & Lash Grow Accelerator

Repairs weak and brittle lashes & brows

With a spoolie applicator, this product is perfect not only to fortify the lashes but also to set them into place. Castor oil and panthenol are the ingredients that stand out in this formulation, responsible to strengthen lashes and brows throughout the day and night. You may use this concentrate before applying makeup—even before mascara—to set the lash and brow hairs while delivering its transforming action. At the end of the day, you only need warm water to remove it! You may also reinforce the evening routine with it, and apply it along with your skincare to make sure that you’ll get bushier lashes and brows.

SENSAI Lash Conditioner

Shield lashes from daily damage

Considering that daily damage can leave a mark on your beautiful lashes, you better be safe than sorry! With this formula, you have hydrolyzed silk protein working by your side to keep lash hairs nourished and strong, more resistant than ever to daily aggressions. Overnight, it fortifies lash hairs so they can grow stronger, healthier and shinier. To get gravity-defying lashes, all you have to do is to apply them diligently before your evening routine!

Mádara Grow & Fix Brow & Lash Booster

Styling and care in one step

After suggesting a multi-tasker… here’s another one! This booster is also a double agent, working both in the makeup and hair care departments. Containing peptides and biopolymers together with Northen chanterelle (rich in B group vitamins), this serum provides fortifying care to lashes and brows while styling. The spoolie applicator makes it all very easy and intuitive! You should know how to use it if you have ever used a lash or brow mascara before. Get healthier-looking lashes and brows all the while taming unruly hairs.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum

Support the natural lash cycle

Highlight your eyes with a revitalizing lash and brow treatment! Featuring Elizabeth Arden‘s exclusive triple peptide complex coupled with botanical extracts, the product supports the natural hair cycle for healthy and denser lashes and brows. A clinical study with 30 women over two weeks reveals that 100% of the participants show improvement in their lashes. With continued use, you should see your lashes lusher, with new density and fuller than before!

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