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Cherry Makeup: Try a Sweet Fruity Look

Cherry Makeup: Try a Sweet Fruity Look

Do you want to hop on with the cherry makeup trend? We’re not surprised with the cherry winds in the makeup land—cherry makeup is universally flattering! On social media, you’ll find countless takes on what cherry makeup should look like. If you ask us, we’d say that the perfect cherry makeup look should feature strong cherry-inspired lips and eyes. To bring it all together, we’d suggest to coat the nails with a matching shade. In this post, we’re suggesting some eye, lip, complexion, and nail makeup to add some cherry tones to your looks. Pick one and combine it with makeup that you already own or use them all together for the real thing!

Cherry makeup for all!

What is cherry makeup after all? Well, we’re considering makeup that assumes any possible shade of cherry. This lovely fruit ranges from bright, true red to slightly bordeaux or purply red—so it does your cherry makeup! Let’s find in which makeup steps you can add this sweet fruitiness:

Cherry lipsticks

For an after-cherry-biting look

Even though the cherry color is not the most subtle, you’re not stuck with intense lip looks with cherry lipstick. If you apply a small amount and work it outwards with your finger, we’ll see what a lovely natural look you’re rocking! If you want to go from fresh to full lip coverage, you just need to adapt your application—and, of course, choose a full-coverage lip product. As usual, we have some suggestions for you to enjoy:

Neve Cosmetics Dessert à Lèvres Lipstick Cherry Pie is the desert your lips are craving! Granting intense color payoff, this lipstick glides effortlessly on the lips while delivering a lovely satin opaque finish. Inspired by the iconic cherry pie, this is the lipstick that your looks deserve!

For liquid lipstick lovers, the NYX Pro Makeup Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream 13 Cherry Crème is the way to go. Rich and creamy with a vibrant matte result, this thin cherry lip coat boosts your look in seconds. The formula is long-lasting and comfortable, providing your lips with care that lasts all day. For an impactful look, layer the lipstick until you are happy with the result.

Cherry lip liners

For a cherry contoured lip

You can get a lovely cherry lip look with the lipstick, but you’ll need a lip liner if you want to take it to the next level. With these lovely cherry lip liners, you’re creating the prettiest frame for your lipsticks. Lip liners are the best help to define lip contours! With a different application, lip liners are unparalleled in adding a punch of color as the base for your lipstick. It extends the longevity of your lip look, so it’s definitely an item you should consider if you love a professional-looking lip look!

NYX Pro Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner Cherry Skies is the liner that’s going to elevate your lip looks. When combined with lighter cherry shades, it adds depth to the lip look, creating definition on the lip contours. Velvety and richly pigmented, it slides on your lips like a cherry dream. Use it on the lip contour for a dimensional look or fill the lip in for true color impact.

Water-resistant, with a formula made to last, Flormar Waterproof Lipliner 241 Sour Cherry endures sweat and water without budging. With wear out and smudging out of the pictures, you’re left with colorful that’s applied to last.

Cherry blush

For fruity flushed cheeks

No look is complete without blush. What’s better to wrap up your cerise look than a reddish-toned cheek? Strong-colored blushes are not the go-to for makeup newbies, as they require a trained application to look good. Once you master the blush placement, there’s no stopping you—and you’ll be head over heels with strong blush shades. We’re presenting two options, from a cream to a powder formulation. You may pick one or the other or you can layer them for the ultimate cheek look.

With A’pieu Juicy-Pang Water Blusher RD01 Cherry, it’s always time for a juicy and creamy cheek color. Made to illuminate and define the cheeks, this liquid blush adds a lovely cherry-toned flush to your complexion. The creamy formula is easy to apply and blend, granting an even distribution of color that makes for a professional-looking application!

Once you try it, you’ll be as much in love with L.A. GIRL Just Blushing Just Fearless as we are. Pigmented as you deserve your blush to be, this long-wearing blush enriches your look with fresh color. For a quick express look, you may even dare to use this blush on your lids. Here’s a shade that’s universally flattering.

Cherry eyeshadow

For an eye look to remember

Are you ready to create a mesmerizing look? That shouldn’t be a problem once you get your hands on these lovely eyeshadow palettes. The palettes combine a range of shades that work beautifully together, with different finishes and shade depths. Ideal both for everyday mono-shade looks as well as for full glam colorful and shiny lids, these palettes always rise to the occasion (whatever that might be). Inspired by an obvious cherry theme, these palettes are a highway to the cherry-look lane!

The combination of eyeshadow shades your looks have been missing are all combined in the Eveline Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Ruby Glamour. This palette brings all possible cherry tones together to create an unforgettable eye look. Create your own cherry signature and elevate your makeup looks with this one!

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Allure Eyeshadow Palette is the meeting point of shimmery and matte eyeshadows. Here dark and light colors meet and work together to allow you to create the looks you’re envisioning. Don’t stop with one layer of eyeshadow; instead, layer shimmery shadows over matte ones and see the results for yourself!

Cherry nails

For an after-cherry-biting look

Last but not least, you have your nails to dress. There’s a world of options out there to embellish your nails with color; and today, we’re suggesting two. The glue on nails and an easy to apply nail polish. Two different approaches to achieve the same result: lovely, cherry-inspired nails. If you’re not an expert in coating your nails with polish, you may fancy the shortcut of gluing on perfect-looking nails. One thing is for sure: with the colors we’ve picked for you, your manicure should look cherry-pretty!

If you want a color that looks like a million dollars, then Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel 22 Red Velvet is the one to go! It doesn’t get fancier than a dark cherry-like shade on your nails. This formula adds a glossy finish to your nails and grants the lasting result you need it to have (no one likes chipped nails). The best brush allows an easy application and the result makes you feel like a pro!

If you dream about blinking your eyes and finding a perfect manicure, the ARDELL Nail Addict Colored Artificial Nails Cherry Red is the closest to a dream you’ll ever have! All you need is to glue the nails on, and your manicure is ready.

If you like mono-color makeup, then take a sneak peek at our orange-focused makeup!If you’re feeling inspired, you may even combine the two colors.

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