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How to Apply False Lashes: A Beginners’ Guide

How to Apply False Lashes: A Beginners’ Guide

False lashes are just as exciting as they can be frightening. The application is not actually intuitive, and that can drive you away (even makeup enthusiasts!) from trying on a pair of falsies. As for most things, knowing how it works can make the process simpler and feasible. We’re answering the most common questions about the use and application of fake lashes, including a guide on how to apply false lashes for beginners. Transform any party look with a strip of false lashes!

Your intro to false lashes

Which glue should I use to apply false eyelashes?

Most eyelash strips come with a small tube of lash glue. Yet, there are different types of glue available and you may opt to buy a tube separately, especially if you end up using fake lashes often. There are latex-based and latex-free glues, which you should consider if you have an allergy to this ingredient.

The other variable to consider is the shade, as you’ll find white, black or clear lash adhesive options. The white glue dries clear, so there’s nothing to fear! The dark glue options usually set the same shade or darker, so they’re a good fit for those using brown or black false lashes.

You may also look for other attributes of the glue, like quick-set and hypoallergenic options or waterproof formulas. The best is the one that meets your needs!

Should I apply fake eyelashes before or after my eye makeup?

You should apply your eyelashes after the makeup! The best moment is after doing your lid makeup and before the mascara. If you apply the lashes before your eyelid work, you’ll have an additional barrier to work around, and you’ll be tiptoeing around the lash band. So, the order of application that should make things easier for you is: first, lid makeup (eyeshadows, etc), then apply your fake lashes, apply eyeliner to conceal the band (optional), and then finish with the mascara.

How to remove fake eyelashes?

Removing false lashes is actually the simplest part! You may use an oil-based eye makeup remover, like the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Eye Make-Up Remover to help to dissolve the glue, and then pull the false lashes (they won’t fight back at this point!). After removing the lashes, you may still find some glue holding onto the lash roots. Treat it with a second round of eye makeup remover and it should be enough to remove any residue.

Can I sleep with false eyelashes on?

You shouldn’t sleep with your false eyelashes on. If you ask if the glue would hold, we’d say it probably does. Yet, our advice—and possibly the advice of any ophthalmologist—is that you shouldn’t. Leaving your false lashes on means that you didn’t remove the eye makeup properly, so you’d end up with build-up product over glue, promoting the beginning of a new ecosystem that can be a hazard to your eye’s health. In addition to that, it can strain, break or pull your natural eyelashes while you sleep.

Are false lashes reusable?

Yes, false lashes are reusable! You just need to care for them as you would with your natural lashes. You’ll need to remove makeup extra carefully though. It’s easy to pull too hard, and you want to make sure not to break “hairs” or change how the lashes are organized on the band (some lash bands allow the “hairs” to slide on the strip). Be patient and gentle just as you do with your natural lashes.

How to apply false lashes: the full guide, for beginners

To begin with, let’s define the items that you need: the lashes of your choice (we like the Ardell Naked Lashes 426 for a natural look, or the House of Lashes Premium Collection Iconic® False Lashes to add drama). In addition, you’ll need lash glue, scissors (preferably precision scissors like House of Lashes Flawless Precision Lash Scissors), a mirror and a tool to apply the lashes, like a tweezer or a lash applicator.

Mesure the false eyelashes and trim the excess

This step is essential to guarantee a good result! Usually, the lash strip is longer than your eyes can handle, so you’ll need to cut off a tiny bit of the outer part. To cut it perfectly, fitting your eye like a tailor-made suit, you need to place the lash strip over your lashline and see how much of the band you need to cut. On the inner side, the lash should start where your natural lashes begin, and on the outer corner, it should end a tiny bit before your last natural lashes. If you apply a lash band that goes as far as your natural lashes on the outer corner, they end up looking droopy. Use your precision scissors to cut your lashes to perfection!

Apply glue directly on the lashband

Now that your fake lash is cut to your needs, it’s time to place the glue (you should only use glue that is specially made to use with false eyelashes, like the Ardell DUO Quick-Set Striplash Adhesive Dark). You should apply the glue evenly along the lash strip, from the inner to the outer ends.

Allow the glue to set and bend the band

This is one of the most important tips on how to apply false lashes! Once the glue is on the lash band, you should allow 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before placing the lashes on. While you wait, bend the band in a U shape, with the strip defining the inside of the U. This movement makes the lashes get a shape that fits the eye better, and it should prevent the inner corners to pop as the day goes on.

Place it over your lashline, as close as possible to your natural lashes

Start by looking downwards at a mirror (like you’d look at your phone). This angle leaves the lid open and you’ll have the space you need to work your lashes. Then, start by aligning and placing the center of the strip with the center of your eyes. From here, you’ll use your fingers or the lash applicator of your choice to stick the inner part of the lash, and then the same in the outer part of the band. With the glue tacky, the lashes stick immediately in place, yet you’ll still have the chance to readjust them if needed!

Pinch the false and natural lashes together, and finish with mascara

To create a seamless result and an undetectable lash band, pinch the false lashes with the natural lashes, to lead the lash band as close as possible to your lash roots. Now that your natural and false lashes look like one, it’s time to tie them with a coat of mascara. As you can see, applying false lashes is now made simple, even for beginners!

In love with the world of possibilities that false lashes open? Then we challenge you to also try magnetic lashes! They’re just as exciting as they sound, and we also have a full guide!

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