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How To Use Face Oils, 4 Ways

How To Use Face Oils, 4 Ways


Face oils offer lasting comfort while indulging your skin in the most pampering of textures. Even though it’s a straightforward product, there are lots of questions on how to use face oils and when to use them in a skincare routine. As for most things skincare, there’s no correct answer. There may be as many ways of using face oil as there are face oil users—and we promise that each of them has the potential of improving the skin. Are you ready to give them a try?

What are face oils?

Used to replenish the skin with comfort as well as with caring properties, face oils often feature simple formulas. You’ll find formulations both of natural and synthetic origin, most of the time featuring plant extracts, non-comedogenic botanical oils or essential oils. Ingredients such as argan, sweet almond and jojoba oils may sound familiar to you, and they’re only examples of the vast selection of elements that you’ll find on face oil formulations. Their combination depends on the targeted action of the face oil you use, considering that you’ll find formulas for all skin concerns! Yes, even oily skin gets to use face oils—just make sure you find a suitable formula.

How to use face oil?

The beauty of face oils is how versatile they are. You can use them in any way you see fit for you! Today, we bring four ideas of how you can incorporate face oil into your routine, but we’re sure that there are more. Of course, there are oils that feature certain ingredients that limit your application options (hi retinol, hi vitamin C!). In those cases, you should stick to the application recommendations of the product, considering that the featured active brings with it a few rules that you should follow to maximize the results and keep its use safe. But that won’t be the case with most oils! We recommend that you sit back and indulge in this unparalleled texture, for a truly pleasant skincare experience!

As the last step of your skincare routine in the evening

You start your routine by cleansing the skin, then apply your full skincare routine that usually finishes with the moisturizer. What if you could extend it one step further? That’s our number one tip on how to use face oils. Finishing your skincare routine with a few drops of a nourishing concoction is a great way of improving your skincare results. And how is that so? Well, face oils create a “seal” over the products that you’ve just applied, preventing transepidermal water loss and contributing to a healthy skincare barrier. As you can see, it’s not only about pampering the skin! All you have to do is to massage a few drops of oil on the skin, starting from the center of the face and sliding it outwards. Don’t miss the chance of giving yourself a face massage.

In combination with your moisturizer to transform the texture

If you’d rather take a shortcut on your skincare routine, then you can go and mix a couple drops of face oil on your facial moisturizer. It’ll immediately transform its texture into a nourishing dream! It’s also a great option if you find yourself owning a face cream with a not-so-comfortable texture. Regardless of the reason, you’ll find that even one drop is enough to transform a moisturizer that you don’t like into your next favorite. Just make sure to mix both products in your hand, right before each use. We’re definitely not suggesting that you add the oil to your cream jar! We wouldn’t dare to mess with the formula stability.

Instead of the moisturizer

For fans of quick and effective skincare regimens, this is an excellent way of including face oil. Face oils are nourishing and provide immediate comfort, so you’ll feel your skin replenished even if you go from the serum (or event from the cleanser) straight to the face oil. It leaves the skin feeling comfortable, moisturized and nourished. The best moment for that would be probably in the evening, considering that texture is rich and might not be the most comfortable for the morning.

In combination with your foundation to boost comfort and radiance

Do you feel like your foundation leaves your skin dull and lifeless? Then, adding a single drop of face oil can totally transform the finish of your foundation. It’s really easy to create your own concoction. All you have to do is dispense the regular foundation dose and then add a drop of face oil. After mixing it well, apply it to the skin and then blend it as usual (you can even count on us to master the best techniques to apply foundation). Note that by diluting your foundation with oil it may lose some coverage power—but it will compensate by the extra radiance you’ll get!

Wether you’re looking for oils to replenish the skin with comfort and glow, or you’re after a great rejuvenating oil, we have great suggestions! Find your favorite application technique and make sure to include oil in your skincare routine.

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