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Our Top 7 Nourishing Face Oils For Comfort & Glow

Our Top 7 Nourishing Face Oils For Comfort & Glow


If your skin lacks comfort as well as energy, it’s time to revive it with a nourishing face oil — there is no other texture that feels as indulging as this! At the same time, you provide your skin with immediate and lasting comfort, while repairing and reviving it with a flattering glow. As if this wasn’t enough, it creates a shielding layer that protects the skin from external aggressions. But there’s more: nourishing face oils may be applied in many different ways and combined with other skincare and makeup, depending on your preferences regarding use and result. Grab yours and transform your skincare and makeup routine!

Your favorite nourishing face oil is here!

A versatile product as a nourishing oil is a must for all normal and dry skin types. If you don’t know how to use it, the good news is that there’s no wrong way of doing so! You may mix a face oil with your skincare to add extra nourishing properties, or even skip your face moisturizer and use oil instead. If your foundation looks more than dry at the end of the day, then why not mix a drop of oil on your foundation the next time? Once you find the way that works for you, there’s no turning back.

PAYOT Herbier Face Beauty Oil

A beautifying face oil for all

This sensorial beauty oil needs only five ingredients to revolutionize your skincare routine. Thanks to organic everlasting flower essential oil, sunflower and olive oil, this face oil shields the skin while providing lasting comfort. Ideal for those who live in urban and sunny areas, it offers antioxidant protection, minimizing the impact of free radicals. You may not know what the day will bring to your skin, but it’ll surely be well protected with this oil!

Mádara Superseed Soothing Hydration Facial Oil

A soothing & natural oil for sensitive skin

Your skin needs comfort just as much as it needs a soothing action? Then check this all-natural oil! Ideal for sensitive skin that lacks comfort, this facial oil provides the skin with all the pampering it needs to regain its natural balance. Featuring avocado and evening primrose—to name a couple—this luscious oil helps your skin to overcome irritation, redness as well as sensitivity. Nurture and protect your skin at the same time with this incredibly comforting formula!

Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion

Oil & emulsion for lasting comfort

What about a revitalizing oil that comes hand in hand with a creamy emulsion, all for the sake of comfort? We’re definitely saying yes to this. Suitable for all skin types as well as ages, this duo is ready to provide you with an incredible sensorial experience. Combining the complementary action of blue orchid, hazelnut and macadamia oil, this oil-emulsion perfectly moisturizes the skin all the while replenishing its balance. Revive your skin with the power of aromatic essential oils!

Gallinée Prebiotic Face Oil

A vegan nourishing oil with prebiotics

Care for your skin’s microbiome while replenishing its natural glow with this vegan, all-natural and minimalist formulation. Featuring an innovative prebiotic lipidic complex, this nourishing face oil strengthens the skin from the first use. In addition, equally precious ingredients such as squalane, biomimetic sebum and jojoba oil, to name a few, contribute to repair and keep the skin barrier healthy. Use it in three ways, as it works best for you: alone, mixed with your favorite skincare or foundation!

Erborian Skin Therapy Multi-Perfecting Night Oil

A multi-purpose nourishing oil with a dry touch

Multi-benefit products are ideal for those who don’t have time to lose! With a formula like this, one product is all it takes to care for fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, dehydration, and uneven skin tone and even texture. Starring a biphasic oil texture, this product melts right into the skin, feeling incredibly soft and light. Thanks to natural extracts like yuzu, green tea, chamomile, and ginseng, the skin of your face is about to be deeply nourished!

APIVITA Beessential Oils Strengthening & Hydrating Day Oil

100% natural & hydrating day oil

Stimulates all your senses with this indulging texture and scent. Containing 100% of ingredients of natural origin, this oil boosts not only the health but also the beauty of your skin. Thanks to plant oils and squalane together with propolis, it deeply hydrates and fortifies the skin barrier all the while shielding the skin cells with antioxidant protection. Each application contributes to rejuvenating and energizing the skin with unparalleled radiance and glow! Isn’t this a great way of starting your day?

NUXE BIO Organic Rice Oil Extract Ultimate Night Recovery Oil

An organic formulation for overnight repair

Recharge your skin overnight with a replenishing oil specially developed for dry skin types. Enriched with botanical oils of avocado, jojoba, macadamia and sesame coupled with rice oil extracts, this nourishing formula repairs the skin while you sleep all the while strengthening it and granting antioxidant protection. Featuring a green and aromatic scent, this oil leaves no room for dull skin. Use it over or instead of your night cream to revive your skin and infuse it with a healthy glow that comes from within.

You’re set with the best nourishing face oil… but what about an anti-aging oil? If you’re a fan of these kinds of textures, then take a look at our rejuvenating selection.

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