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How to Use Hair Oils: A Full Guide

How to Use Hair Oils: A Full Guide

The oil’s ability to beautify the skin and the hair has millennia of history and tradition, so today we have a good idea of how oils can enrich your beauty routine. If you take a closer look at the benefits of using oils for the hair, you’ll quickly be convinced to start using hair oil. Each use visibly improves shine, while deeply nourishing the hair for a soft texture and look. But how to use hair oil correctly? How to include a hair oil into your hair care routine? It’s quicker and simpler than you think. Let us tell you why and how you should use hair oil!

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What is hair oil

Hair oil is an oil-based beauty product that improves the overall appearance of your hair thanks to its conditioning properties. With a unique texture that makes it stand out in the vast world of hair cosmetics, hair oils are indulging and a pleasure to apply! Usually fragrant and nourishing, hair oils leave your hair looking good, feeling soft and smelling lovely!

Why should I use a hair oil?

Using hair oil is a highway to pretty-looking hair! That is our favorite benefit of using hair oil. From the first use, hair oils hydrate and prevent frizz, playing an important role in keeping unruly hair looking tamed. All of that is possible thanks to the barrier that the oil creates, keeping hair moisture locked in while humidity from the outside world stays out.

Another great benefit of using hair oils is that they contribute to strengthening the hair, increasing its elasticity and reducing breakage. Flexible hair is strong hair, as it resists aggressions without breaking as easily. An additional potential benefit is sun protection; even though not all hair oils protect from UV radiation, you’ll have some hair sunscreens in oil! The application experience should be the same, with the bonus of extra protection for hair exposed to the sun.

Last but not least, hair oils improve hair shine instantly. If used the right way (we’ll see about that in a minute!), hair oils add just the perfect amount of shine to make the hair look radiant but not greasy. There’s a thin line!

Are all hair oils the same?

Not all hair oils are the same! There are different and targeted formulas for all possible hair and scalp issues, but we’ve found a way to put it simply. There are hair oils that target the hair as well as specific scalp concerns and needs, such as a dry or itchy scalp, while other formulas focus mainly on hair lengths, with the primary goal of improving the appearance of your hair. In this post, we’re focusing on the last: the products that do everything to make your hair pretty.

When it comes to the types of oils used as main ingredients, you’ll find some formulas featuring one oil while others blend multiple oils for multiple benefits. We have favorites in both categories (a little spoiler on what you’ll find later in the post)! A usual presence is the one and only hair superstar argan oil. Names like camellia or moringa oils are also regulars. These oils may have different attributes, yet what they have in common is what really matters: they visibly improve the shine and softness of your hair!

Does hair oil promote hair growth?

No, unless it’s a specific treatment to boost hair growth. Using a hair oil with argan oil or any other oil extract greatly contributes to conditioning the hair, but does not promote hair growth. To boost hair growth you’ll need a product that works from the inside out, like a supplement, or a stimulating hair growth treatment to apply directly on the scalp. There may be a few things within your reach to grow and maintain healthy and long hair. Yet today, we’re focusing on beautifying hair oils that work on hair lengths!

How to use hair oil

There are different ways of applying hair oil, and we’re exploring all of them so you get a clear picture of how to use hair oil. Of course, some products have specific application directions and you should always look for the brand’s recommendation. However, there are a number of universal directions that works for most hair oils. That’s what we’re going for! You may combine or alternate application methods to suit your preferences as well as your hair needs. We’re detailing not only how to go for each approach but also how they work for different types of hair. Find your favorite application method and let your hair shine!

On damp or towel dryed hair

This is the method we recommend for those giving their first steps in the hair oil application road. Applying hair oil to damp hair works great for all hair types, and it seems to be the preferred method for people with thin hair. If you have thin hair, you’re afraid that even reading a blog post about hair oils is going to weigh your hair down, right? By applying hair oil with your hair damp, you’re counting on the water to act as an extra layer that prevents your hair from absorbing too much oil. This method is error-proof, that’s why we love it! It also helps to detangle the hair, which may come as an extra point! Let’s go for a step-by-step.

  • Step 1: Remove excess water with a cloth, or wet your hair if it’s dry;
  • Step 2: Apply a small amount of product on your hands and rub it between palms to spread the product evenly;
  • Step 3: Use your fingers to apply and comb the product down the lengths and ends of your hair;
  • Step 4 (Optional): Comb your hair with a hair brush. Note that the hair is more susceptible to breakage when it’s wet, so you should use tools specifically designed to comb wet hair, like the Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler. This step may not work for all hair textures, so you should only brush the hair if that’s a regular step in your hair care routine.

On dry hair

Applying hair oil on dry hair is the application method that delivers more shine to your hair! Ideal for thick, unruly, curly or coarse hair, applying hair oil on dry hair leaves it softer, shinier and less frizzy. This application technique is incredibly easy! You just can’t go wrong with it:

  • Step 1: Start by pouring a (very) small amount of product on your hands and rub it between palms to spread the product evenly;
  • Step 2: Use your fingers to apply and comb the product down the lengths and ends of your hair;
  • Step 3: Access the result and repeat steps 1 and 2 if needed.

Hair oiling

Hair oiling is another exciting way of using oils. This structured method is recommended for those to whom hair oils are no stranger. Hair oiling promises to replenish your hair and scalp with moisture and shine, so you’d need to make sure to choose a hair oil that is suitable to be used on the scalp, like the Phytospecific Baobab Oil Hair & Body. In short, hair oiling means coating your hair with an oil, from root to tip, and massaging the scalp to nourish it too. This application method not only improves the overall appearance of your hair but also nourishes the scalp! Maybe you’ll get a complementary how-to guide on hair oiling soon!

Common mistakes to avoid when using hair oil

The number one mistake is applying too much product, especially when applying to dry hair. Thin or short hair needs are very different from thick and long hair, so it’s your hair that determines how much product you need. The solution is starting small, with a modest amount of product. Then, if needed, you can always go back and apply more.

Another honest mistake is applying the hair oil too close to the roots. When such happens, chances are that your hair ends up looking oily instead of healthy and nourished. If you’re not in the mood for an oily scalp look, then keep the product application on the lengths and ends.

Hair oils you should try

These are the top performers that won’t let you (or your hair) down! You’ll find versatile oils suitable for the scalp, hair and body, as well as natural and vegan formulations. The key point is that all of them are perfect to follow our suggestions on how to use hair oil. Will you give them a try?

APIVITA Hair Care Rescue Hair Oil

Argan & olive oil

Let’s kick off with a blend of 99% of natural oils ready to restore your natural’s hair shine. Featuring argan and olive oils, it not only improves the softness and shine of the hair fiber but also protects the hair from external damage. This hair oil is suitable to use both on dry and damp hair, so you may see what fits best your desired results and your hair needs. Add it to your hair routine for beautiful hair!

Sisley Paris Hair Rituel Precious Hair Care Oil

Shea, cottonseed, passion fruit & moringa oils

Deliciously fragrant, this hair product presents an indulging texture and an addictive scent. Thanks to a rich blend of oils, it nourishes your hair all the while adding beautiful shine. Ideal to revitalize dull hair or to enhance the shine of any hair type, this precious oil feels lightweight and doesn’t weigh the hair down. Experience a unique moment of well-being every time you use it!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan and Camellia Glow Oil

Argan & camellia oil

Intensely moisturizing without ever weighing down the hair, this vegan formula is infused with argan and camellia oil to visibly transform your hair. Ideal for hair oil beginners, the texture magically blends with your hair, absorbing immediately to reveal a healthy shine. Say goodbye to dull hair, as each application guarantees that your hair feels and looks soft.

Moroccanoil Treatment

Argan oil

The number one hair oil for many, this product is known to deliver incredible shine and smoothness! It visibly hydrates and nourishes the hair thanks to a powerful blend of argan oil and linseed extract. This duo boosts the hair from the inside out and greatly helps to detangle it while helping to speed up the drying time. Find the smooth hair that you’ve always wanted in each drop!

Lazartigue Huile de Rêves

Argan, camellia, Egyptian geranium & apricot oils

Lazartigue finds the sweet spot between natural and luxurious hair care in every formula, and this dry hair oil is no exception. Nourishing and softening thanks to argan, camellia, Egyptian geranium and apricot oils, this formula is vegan and doesn’t contain alcohol, mineral oil or silicones. Infused with the pleasant scent of fresh flowers, this hair oil is a treat to your senses!

Phytospecific Baobab Oil Hair & Body

Baobab, castor, corn, shea & sunflower oil

Ideal to textured hair, this formula with 99% of ingredients of botanical and natural origin features five iconic oils. Together, baobab, castor, corn, shea and sunflower oil work their way to hydrate curly, frizzy, coiled or relaxed hair. If your hair fits the description and you’re looking for a versatile formula that works on hair lengths and ends as well as on the scalp (and even on the skin of the body!), this is your guy!

Learning how to use hair oil is an important step to keep your hair looking good and healthy. But what about the scalp? The scalp is key for beautiful hair too! We’d like to interest you in scalp masks, as well as other scalp treatments to target some especific issues such as itchiness and dryness. We’re here to lead you to healthy skin and hair!

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