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How Lierac Body Care Targets Cellulite & More

How Lierac Body Care Targets Cellulite & More


Lierac was founded in 1975 with the primary goal of creating treatments that would target specific skin needs, such as signs of aging and stretch marks. Inspired by aesthetic medicine, the brand has been revolutionizing the dermo-cosmetics world with innovative research and technology. More than focusing on creating effective formulas, Lierac is also an expert in developing luxurious textures with delightful scents that linger on your skin. Master in creating a unique experience, Lierac body care offers iconic products that stood the test of time and continue, today, to visibly transform the skin. Come with us in finding what’s unique about each product, and create your own full body routine!

Daily body care

Even if you have no specific skin issues you’d like to address with targeted cosmetics, you’ll always need a moisturizer and an exfoliant to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. To help you have both a replenishing and pleasant body routine, Lierac‘s developed formulas that feel luxurious in texture and fragrance. They’re all you need for soft skin that looks and feels amazing!

Lierac Body-Hydra Micropeeling Scrub

Nothing makes your skin happier than actively helping it in shedding dead skin cells with a soft exfoliant. And this body scrub is exactly what you need! The plant-origin micro grains work to exfoliate the skin gently, leaving the skin radiant and renewed. Hyaluronic acid also helps to hydrate and provide the skin with lasting hydration. This product should be a staple in your body routine! It’s essential to eliminate excess dead cells and boost every targeted cream you apply on the skin’s surface.

Lierac Body-Nutri+ Relipidant Milk

A true wonder for dry and sensitive skin, this formula replenishes the skin with botanical extracts and oils, 7% of urea, shea butter and natural moisturizing factors. These ingredients work to repair the skin, all the while providing lasting comfort and up to 48 hours of hydration. After each application, the skin feels moisturized and elastic, as well as lightly fragrant.

Stretch marks

Let’s start by establishing that stretch marks are a common skin issue. It usually appears during periods of weight variations, such as pregnancy, puberty and rapid weight gain or loss. These benign skin lesions translate into an irregular texture, and you’ll need the best targetted care if you’re thinking about minimizing its appearance. Areas such as the breasts, abdomen, hips and buttocks are especially vulnerable, so make sure to consider that when applying your Lierac body care.

Lierac Phytolastil Stretch Mark Prevention Gel

This refreshing formula effectively prevents the appearance of stretch marks by strengthening the skin’s connective tissues. If you’re anticipating a vulnerable period like pregnancy or weight fluctuations, then the time to use a stretch mark prevention gel is now. Thanks to an exclusive restructuring plant complex with 35% of mantle, ivy and horsetail, the product improve skin structure and elasticity. For the best results, use a body scrub beforehand and apply it regularly, with a good massage!

Lierac Phytolastil Soluté Stretch Mark Correction Concentrate

With 84% of the formula being high-performance re-texturizing botanical extracts, this iconic Lierac body serum has been a reference in treating stretch marks for over 45 years. These actives significantly reinforce the connective tissues, and visibly correct the appearance of existing stretch marks. Now available in a packaging with a pump applicator, this colorless serum performs true wonders with a formula that contains 98% of ingredients of natural origin.


Even though very common and harmless for human health (especially for women!), cellulite is a concern for some people. Being the result of fat cell accumulation that reveals on the skin surface as uneven texture, cellulite is not that easy to treat. You may try some lifestyle changes to reduce the appearance of the cellulite, and combine it with targeted care to further improve the results. If you continue reading, you may find just the partner you’ve been missing.

Lierac Body-Slim Cryoactive Concentrate Embedded Cellulite

A true threat to localized fat deposits, this formula reproduces the effect of cryolipolysis to improve the appearance of the skin. Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical process that breaks down fat cells using cold temperatures and drains accumulated fat. And that’s incredibly effective in treating this stubborn issue! Using this formula, you’ll feel a refreshing sensation, and you should see visible results in 28 days, providing that you apply it as recommended.

Lierac Body-Slim Global Slimming Concentrate

Considering the etiology of cellulite, it’s not surprising to know that a slimming product is a great assistance in reducing cellulite. With active caffeine and WTB Patented System, this formula helps to slim the silhouette, while improving firmness and toning the skin. It also contributes to reducing the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth to the touch. Apply it as recommended on the packaging for the best results!

If you’re already a fan of Lierac body care, we also invite you to explore Lierac’s ranges for your face as well! We have the complete Lierac catalog available on our website, easy to navigate and explore. If you’d rather have a guided tour of the brand, then take a look at our post about the best Lierac products for your face and body care routine. We love the brand as much as you do, and we’re excited to share everything that we know!

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