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Excess Shine? Try a Matte Primer for Oily Skin

Excess Shine? Try a Matte Primer for Oily Skin

Freshly applied foundation is the best! The complexion is evened out and enhanced, looking like your skin but better. The problem for those with oily skin is that after a couple of hours (or a few minutes!), the skin starts looking more shiny than you’d like it to. We’re not talking about a flattering glow, we’re referring to that excess oiliness that picks through the forehead and nose… or on the entire face. More than picking a matte foundation, you’ll need extra help. Take your chance with a matte primer for oily skin!

Matte primer for oily skin: all you need to know

Matte primers are a go to for all of those who want a makeup that looks matte all day. Here’s all that you need to know about them!

What is a mattifying primer?

A mattifying primer is a makeup primer that not only helps extend the longevity of your foundation but also works to keep the skin matte throughout the day. Essential for all makeup wearers with oily skin, a matte primer ensures that excess shine stays at bay. Usually oil-free and velvety to the touch, these formulas create a perfect base for your foundation. Featuring oil-absorbing ingredients, mattifying primers keep the skin looking matte for longer.

What is the difference between hydrating and mattifying primer?

It’s quite a difference! Generally speaking, a hydrating primer suits perfectly dehydrated and dry skin with a boost of hydration, so the foundation won’t look flat and lifeless. On the other hand, mattifying primers are ideal for those that find their skin producing excess oil, usually people with combination or oily skin. They couldn’t possibly be more different.

Does matte primer help with oily skin?

Matte primers may not be a treatment for oily skin, but they sure help to keep makeup looking good. In short, they help oily skin to coexist in harmony with foundation, by absorbing excess oil, preventing it to show through foundation! Even though your skin type is not something you can change, there’s skincare tailored for oily skin that help you get to the root of the issue. Matte primers are of great assistance every time you wear makeup, but they’re not the only help oily skin can get!

How do you use mattifying face primer?

As for any other primer, matte primers should be applied after all your skincare—including after your sunscreen. The trick is to apply it only on the areas where your skin tends to be oily. For most people, that should be around the nose, chin and forehead; while some will need to apply it to the entire face. You may use a makeup tool of your choice, like a brush or a sponge, or go straight with your hands.

Try our favorite matte primers for oily skin

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of matte primers for oily skin, it’s time to see which products you can choose from. We have a few favorites of our own and we’re ready to share them with you!

Makeup Revolution Mattify Primer

Sets & mattifies

Offer your favorite foundation the base it deserves! With this lightweight, gel mattifying primer, the skin will look matte and flawless for the day. The texture never feels greasy or sticky, leaving the skin matte without looking dull. More than mattifying the skin, this primer also makes sure that your makeup stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about your complexion makeup all day!

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

Minimizes pores & mattifies

Oily skin with enlarged pores? Then it’s time to give a chance to this one! In this formula, egg white works together with an herbal complex to reduce the appearance of pores all the while mattifying the skin. Light and soft, the primer feels like nothing on the skin. Smooth your skin with ease and prepare it for a matte makeup look at the same time!

NYX Pro Makeup Shine Killer Primer

Translucent matte veil

Control excess oil effortlessly with a distinguished formula in the matte primers’ world. This primer is easy to apply and blend, holding onto your skin lightly yet efficiently. Featuring a velvet matte finish that sets translucent and suits all skin tones, this formula controls shine and promotes long-lasting makeup looks. The primer is compatible with other primers, so you may set it with correcting primers for the best complexion results.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Super Grip Matte Primer

“Double-sided tape” for foundation

This water-based primer feels light on the skin, all the while working as a double-sided tape to grip to the skin and makeup. It not only keeps everything in place, but it also minimizes imperfections, the appearance of pores and eliminates shine for a perfect finish. A dream for all combination and oily skin types, this primer is about to turn your foundation into its best!

Erborian Matte Crème Mattifying Face Cream Blur Effect

All-in-one skincare + makeup

Time for a multi-benefit, hybrid beauty product that mattifies and evens out the complexion. This ice-blue cream provides the skin with unique benefits that you’ll love: it supports the skin’s barrier function while refining the skin texture, and it also evens out the skin tone and blurs the appearance of imperfections. Most importantly, it prepares the skin for makeup. What’s not to love?

Catrice The Mattifier Oil-Control Primer

Mattify with a silicone-free formula

Oil and silicone-free, this mattifying primer minimizes shine, optically reduces pores, and prolongs the longevity of makeup, all at the same time. Thanks to the exclusive Evermat™ by Sederma, the skin keeps mattified for a long time, leaving you with makeup that looks freshly applied all day. Improve the appearance of your skin and makeup with a smoothing primer that gives your makeup a professional-like result.

In some cases, it takes a village to keep oily skin looking matte all day. You should start by applying your moisturizer for oily skin, then you move on to a sunscreen that’s suitable for your skin type. Next, time for the mattifying primer, and long-lasting matte foundation. Last but not least, you may finish with a setting powder and a setting spray.

Keep in mind that not everyone will need that, especially those with combination skin. However, if you’re on the oily side of the spectrum, you may need all the help available!

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