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Here’s How to Prevent & Reverse Gray Hair With Phyto RE30

Here’s How to Prevent & Reverse Gray Hair With Phyto RE30

Prevent & Reverse Gray Hair With Phyto RE30

Let’s about gray hair. In theory, the majority of people notice their first gray hairs popping up in their thirties. This is truly just theory, though! Anecdotal evidence shows that more and more people are starting to notice these silvery highlights on their hair earlier and earlier. If this sounds like you, you may be wondering what do to: will you embrace your grays, color them, or set off on an ambitious quest to reverse them? If it’s the latter, don’t leave just yet: you may want to hear about Phyto RE30, the innovative solution from Phyto that applies the latest hair repigmenting technology to your first gray hairs.

Curious? Then let’s dive right in.

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What is Phyto RE30?

Launched by Phyto in 2018, Phyto RE30 is an innovative hair care product that restores color to gray hairs without using any color pigments. Using pioneering technology, Phyto RE30 helps you not only prevent but also reverse gray hair by bringing back (that’s right!) the original color of your locks.

The botanical formula of Phyto RE30 contains 98% ingredients of natural origin. The key ingredient in the formula, which embodies the repigmenting technology that makes this product so special, is a revolutionary new peptide (more on that later) that promotes the natural repigmentation of the hair at the root.

Presented in a handy spray bottle that allows for localized application where you need it the most, Phyto RE30 is incredibly easy to use, so you’ll never skip an application. Just spray it directly on your scalp, then follow with a gentle massage. The non-greasy and non-sticky mist texture has a fresh natural fragrance, so it’s actually a pleasure to use!

The formula is also paraben, silicone, sulfate, and talc-free.

Is Phyto RE30 a hair dye?

Phyto RE30 is not a hair dye, because it doesn’t actually contain any color pigments. Instead of “dyeing” the outside of the hair, this product works by stimulating the hair’s natural pigmentation at the root, from the inside out. This has some implications: you won’t see instant results, nor will you see them all over your hair, from root to tip. Instead, you’ll need to wait for your hair to grow to spot the first results.

Clinical tests have shown that 3 months are usually enough for results to begin to show.

How does Phyto RE30 work? What are the ingredients?

Phyto RE30 contains two key ingredients: the new RE30 peptide, which helps revive the hair’s natural pigmentation and protects it from depigmentation, and purple tulip extract, which strengthens the hair by acting on the keratin of the hair fiber.

The RE30 peptide

The RE30 peptide is the result of 6 years of research. It’s a revolutionary technology that boosts melanin production at the hair bulb, all the while protecting against future depigmentation. If you’re not familiar with the anatomy and growth processes of your hair, let’s take a small detour.

Your hair grows from a hair follicle, which is the structure that anchors each hair into the skin. At the base of the hair follicle is the hair bulb, where living cells actually ” build” each strand that grows from your scalp. It is here, in the hair bulb, that melanin-producing cells called “melanocytes” produce pigments for your hair, then transfer them to the “keratinocytes” present in each hair strand. Your hair turns white as you age because, to put it simply, your melanocytes are not producing as much melanin as before–nor transferring as much melanin to the keratinocytes. As the hair grows out of your scalp, it doesn’t contain as much melanin as before, and so it no longer exhibits its “natural” hair color. The result is hair that looks gray, white, or both.

Now that we know this, it’s surprisingly simple to explain how the RE30 peptide works: it gently invites your dwindling melanocytes to produce more melanin for your hair while, at the same time, increasing the melanin transfer from them to the keratinocytes. This ensures that new hair growth is actually pigmented, not gray or white.

The purple tulip extract

It would be unfair to say that RE30 is only a repigmenting hair treatment. In fact, it offers another important benefit: it helps you strengthen your hair, from root to tip. This is especially important in a product that targets gray hair, because gray hair can be texturally different from hair that maintains its natural color. In comparison to other hairs on your head, gray hairs may feel brittle and more unruly, less manageable, and much more prone to breakage and frizz.

Purple tulip extract, the second key ingredient in this formula, targets this issue by acting on the keratin of the hair fiber in order to strengthen the strand and create a difference that may not be seen, but will definitely be felt.

How to apply Phyto RE30

Apply Phyto RE30 daily by spraying it 8 times onto your scalp. Follow with a gentle massage in order to stimulate absorption and boost microcirculation, and do not rinse. Apply the product to a damp or dry scalp, depending on your preference. Both will work!

How long does it take for PHYTO RE30 to work?

Three months is the magic number when it comes to the results of Phyto RE30. Clinical tests have shown the first results appear from around the 3-month mark, so that should be the absolute minimum duration of the treatment.

We hear you with an immediate follow-up question: “and how long should I use Phyto RE30?” Due to the product’s mechanism of action, which involves stimulating melanocytes in the hair follicle, Phyto RE30 produces results for as long as you keep using it. Without the stimulation brought on by the product, it is possible that the melanocytes will return to their normal production of melanin. The hair will, therefore, return to being gray or white. For this reason, Phyto recommends using the product yearlong, so you will always maintain a stable level of stimulation.

Does Phyto RE30 really work? What are the results?

A clinical test with volunteers who applied Phyto RE30 every day for 3 months found that Phyto RE30 can increase the natural repigmentation of gray hair by 38% in 3 months. That’s encouraging news, considering that gray and white hair used to be considered irreversible!

Phyto RE30: Clinical Results

After a month and a half of use, 50% of volunteers reported they were satisfied with the product; after three months, that group had increased to 77%. What this means is clear: if you’re serious about taking on gray hairs, you need to persevere with the treatment even if you don’t see immediate results. Results are exponential and will generally become more noticeable over a number of uses. Don’t quit halfway through!

What if all my hair has turned white?

Although the way in which Phyto RE30 works is simple, as we explained above, the underlying mechanisms are complex (as, indeed, is the whole science of why our hair turns gray as we age). For Phyto RE30 to work and to make the melanocytes present in the hair follicle produce melanin, it is necessary that these melanocytes are receptive to this intervention. According to the experience and research of the Phyto brand, the sooner you intervene in the follicle, the greater this receptivity will be.

In short, the sooner you manage to intervene on a strand of hair that has just turned white, the better the results. As an indication, Phyto states that the best results can be expected in those:

a) Looking to prevent the appearance of gray hairs
b) Who are just starting to have gray hair
c) With less than 30% gray hair on the entire head

In situations where gray hair has been gray for several years, or has already covered the entire head, Phyto RE30 can bring improvements in some strands; however, it may not create the overall effect you want, because it may not actually find enough receptive melanocytes in which to intervene.

Can men use RE30?

Yes, men can use Phyto RE30! In fact, Phyto RE30 is equally recommended to men and women, whether they’re looking to prevent or reverse the appearance of the first gray hairs. As we said earlier, the fewer gray hairs you have (meaning, the sooner you act), the better the results will be. Phyto finds that those with less than 30% of gray hair usually achieve the best results.

Can RE30 be used on the beard?

Although Phyto RE30 may be able to correct the appearance of white facial hair (in the beard, etc), no tests have been conducted on this type of use. Therefore, we cannot recommend using RE30 for beard or other facial hair. Always follow the instructions of use given by the brand, and take care to interrupt the treatment should any side effects occur.

Is Phyto RE30 right for me?

Backed by more than 6 years of Phyto research and development, Phyto RE30 is truly one of the most innovative products in the hair care market today. The potential to prevent and reverse gray hair with this product is enormous, so if you’re at war with gray hairs, you could certainly consider a 3-month trial with Phyto RE30. Apply it every day for at least 3 months, and you will be able to evaluate how your hair responds to this innovative anti-gray hair treatment.

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