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What We’re Loving From Sesderma

What We’re Loving From Sesderma

Here at Care to Beauty we’ve been working with Sesderma for almost five years now. This means that it was not only one of the first brands to collaborate with us, but also that we’ve had a lot of time to get to know the products. If you need help navigating and understanding the brand, you can always check our post regarding the Sesderma Superstar Products. That being said, we’ve decided to show you the favorite products of a few of our team members. Stay with us and discover our team’s favorite Sesderma products!

Joana – All About Silky Smooth Skin

It will come as no surprise that this list contains a few serums. After all, Sesderma is widely known for manufacturing amazing ones. Additionally, they can also be used when you do micro-needling (they even have a micro-needling kit). But we digress. Let’s get back to Joana’s favorite serum: Sesderma AcGlicolic Liposomal Serum. As you may guess from the name, it contains Glycolic Acid. The percentage is 6%, which is a great way to introduce glycolic acid into your routine. Moreover, the glycolic acid is nano encapsulated in liposomes, which makes it gentler for the skin while at the same time more effective. If you’re in the market for a way to try this ingredient, do check it out!

Sofia – Kiss Cellulite Goodbye

We’re not here saying that cellulite will be instantly and permanently gone, but Sofia actually saw results with the Sesderma Celulex Anti Cellulite Gel. And trust us, she wasn’t a believer either. But provided you do it as instructed – twice daily, with a good massage (the ones that even hurt) and great exfoliation, you can see results. Please, always remember that cellulite is structural and that you don’t need to get rid of it to have a bikini body – just wear the bikini and go to the beach. However, if you do want to manage it a bit, this is a good way to start!

Sílvia – Give Me The Glow

If you know Sesderma, you’ve probably heard about this serum. This is one of the favorite Sesderma products of our clients, ever. As it’s also Sílvia’s favorite one because she just can’t have enough of that amazing glow. Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum is, as the name indicates, the Vitamin C serum from the brand. The nano-encapsulated formula allows this to be compatible even with rosacea sufferers, who usually need to avoid Vitamin C like the plague. The formula is deeply hydrating, thanks to hyaluronic acid, which makes this one of the best products for those trying to avoid first wrinkles.

Ana – Hand Me Your Best Damage Repairing Product

If you’re as pale as me, you have been running away from the sunlight for as long as you’ve existed. However, we can never totally escape it, so the next best thing is to always wear sun protection and repair as much as we can. Yes, you’ve heard it, repair. Sesderma Repaskin Mender Gel is the best thing to wear under your sunscreen, as it contains repairing enzymes that are activated by sun radiation. Not many companies offer this kind of formulas, and certainly not at this price range. So do yourself a favor and get one today.

Rafaela – Eye Contour Care For A Hydration Boost

Rafela has been fighting her tiredness from spending the days in front of a screen with Sesderma Glicare. Her skin tends to get dry and tired-looking after hours and hours working in front of the screen, so a quick gesture like applying an eye contour is exactly what she’s been craving. The gel-textured moisturizer quickly refreshes the eye area and brightens the skin, while at the same time reduces puffiness. Just what you need to recover from working remotely.

Madalena – Full-On Protection For The Entire Day

You know we’re not just about beauty – well-being is what we crave. That being said, Madalena swears by her antiperspirant Sesderma Dryses Women. And you know what? It has to be a great product if it tops all the other Sesderma product she has ever tried. This deodorant and antiperspirant has long been a team favorite, just check out the team’s favorite products from 2017 and 2018 (Rui is a true fan of the Sesderma Dryses Men).

Filipa – Quick Cleanse By The End Of The Day

Filipa gets to the end of the day willing to quickly take the day off of her. This means grabbing her Sesderma Sensyses Sebum and the Sesderma Sensyses Eye Make-Up Remover and gently swiping all the impurities away. Nothing would be easier and it just helps to ensure her evening is better just because she knows her skin is free from the hazards of the day. Whether you’re in the market for something for oily skin like Filipa or any other skin type, Sesderma Sensyses offers a wide range of cleansing products.

As you can see, Sesderma brings a lot of products for a wide range of issues, so if you’re looking for the perfect solution for your skin, Sesderma has it! Explore the brand on the dedicated Sesderma page.

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