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Meet Sesderma Nanocare – the answer to ending intimate discomfort

Meet Sesderma Nanocare – the answer to ending intimate discomfort

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There’s no denying that Sesderma is clearly one of our customer’s favorite brands. However, given that the brand has *so* many products, it’s normal that some ranges go a bit under the radar and we believe that Nanocare shouldn’t be one of them, especially if we’re talking about women’s month. Intimate dryness and discomfort affects about 30% of women, especially after menopause, and is more noticeable during sexual intercourse. Usually, women feel uncomfortable talking about these issues or consider them normal, leading to accepting this discomfort as a part of life. However, pain shouldn’t be what women experience instead of pleasure, so we’re here to tell you all about how you can reduce pain and boost comfort and pleasure, in order to lead a happier life.


Intimate problems – practical solutions

All intimate problems aren’t created equal, so Nanocare offers a range of six different solutions for each problem, in order to curate the best solution for you:

  • Intimate hygiene – the genital area is very different from the rest of the body, as it has a different pH and is very sensitive. Therefore, it is always recommended that your hygiene product for that area will be different from the rest of the body. Sesderma Nanocare Intimate Hygiene Gel has a moisturizing action and is specifically formulated for that area.
  • Dryness – genital dryness is very common in post-menopausal women and Sesderma has two answers for that issue – Sesderma Nanocare Intimate for a moisturizing action and Sesderma Nanocare Perfect Care for a moisturizing action allied with a toning care.
  • Lubrication – sexual intercourse should not be a moment of pain, so the best is to use a gentle lubricant in order to boost pleasure. Sesderma has two different options here. You can opt for a normal lubricant and choose Sesderma Nanocare Intimate Lubricant, which facilitates penetration and moisturizes the genital area, or you can decide you need a little help achieving climax and go for Sesderma Nanocare Stimulating Gel.
  • Rejuvenation – with the passing years the genital area can show some alterations, and so the brand has created Sesderma Nanocare Genital Rejuvenation Gel, which helps to improve the general looks of the genital area.

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