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How to Create a Fully Vegan Makeup Kit

How to Create a Fully Vegan Makeup Kit


If you’re on a quest to create a makeup kit without any ingredients of animal origin (zero, niente!), you’re not alone. Along with the increasing interest in vegan skincare, vegan clothing, and even vegan food, there’s a growing demand for vegan makeup. That’s good news for animals worldwide, but also good news for vegans: each day, we have more options to choose from! Let’s hope this shift is here to stay, so that vegan makeup will be mainstream in a few years. In the meantime, we’re here to help you find a makeup kit free of animal-derived ingredients!

Vegan foundation

The true base of most makeup looks, you’ll find beautiful foundation formulas containing no ingredients of animal origin. You won’t need to compromise on makeup performance to meet your personal ingredient preferences. We have a vast range of vegan foundations, for all coverage and finish preferences. Yet we have a couple formulas that we’d like to highlight: NYX Pro Makeup Born To Glow Radiant Foundation offers a natural glowy finish and medium coverage, while NYX Pro Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation offers full coverage in a matte finish. We chose formulas with inclusive shade ranges so you’ll find a good shade match!

Vegan blush

Still in the complexion department, there’s a step we couldn’t possibly skip: the blush! With a unique talent to bring life back to the complexion, you just need to find a flattering color for you and go for it. Each of the following options is best applied with a brush—and you’ll need a vegan, synthetic bristle brush for that. We really like the Neve Cosmetics Azalea Angled Brush, featuring a shape that facilitates your blush application. Similarly, Shiseido Maru Fude Multi Face Brush would do a wonderful job, with soft bristles for optimal blending. To conclude, let us leave you with a pro tip: you may also use these blushes as eyeshadows! They’ll create the perfect color harmony for your look.

Vegan eyeliner

Let’s move forward on our makeup look and focus on vegan makeup for the eyes! Eyeliner is a staple in most makeup kits, even for a basic one. So we’ve put a lot of effort to find an incredible eyeliner, both pencil and liquid formulas. Apply it as you like, and use and abuse it in color and drama! Eyeliner is always a great option to define the eyes and works even better when combined with the next step we suggest, the mascara. Are you a pencil or liquid eyeliner person?

Vegan mascara

The ultimate eye-transforming makeup step: the mascara! It works in mysterious, magic ways to boost the volume, length or curve (or all three at the same time!) of the lashes, instantly revolutionizing your eye look. And yes, the ever-growing vegan makeup world has exceptional formulas that you’ll love. There are endless options of brush shapes to choose from, so take your time to navigate all vegan mascaras to find your favorite! We’re highlighting two different options, featuring a detailed brush along with a voluminous one. If you use no makeup at all and you’re willing to start using a few steps… start by trying mascara! We promise you’ll love it.

Vegan lipstick

Under the lipstick umbrella, that are countless types of lip products that are ready to elevate your makeup looks! We chose a couple classic formulas that charmingly improve the look of your lips, and you can pick in any color you fancy. This makeup step is particularly challenging to find in a vegan formulation, considering that a lot of beauty products for the lips contain waxes of animal origin. If you’re yet to try a good vegan lipstick formula, give these two a try. We’re staring a stick and a liquid lipstick so you can go for the presentation that you love the most! For more options and colors, you should go to our website and scroll through all the vegan lipsticks that are waiting for you. You’ll be impressed with the vast range we have available!

Vegan lipgloss

More of a lipgloss person? Worry not, there’s a lot of options for you out there. With a glossy finish and eye catching shimmery particles, these lipgloss options are ideal to bring all the attention to your lips. They’re comfortable and non-sticky, perfect for the most flattering makeup looks as well as suitable for all occasions!

Vegan brushes

How you’re applying your vegan makeup also matters! With a significant amount of options available using natural hair (from animal origin), we want to guide you to a world of vegan makeup brushes and sponges. A good brush is a tool that will last a good number of years, so it’s important to choose the shapes and types that suit your makeup needs. A sponge, on the other hand, is a makeup application tool that you should replace every few months, depending on the use.

We’re highlighting here a sponge that is perfect for foundation and concealer application, as well as a brush that is ideal for foundation application and blend. We hope these were the tools you were missing, so now they’re transforming your kit into the best vegan makeup kit in town.

Note: All the products featured are presented as vegan options by the brand, even though some of the brands sell non-vegan products.

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