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What is Lip Oil? All You Need to Know

What is Lip Oil? All You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter how diligent you are with your lip care, the lips receive all nourishing care with a warm welcome: and that’s why lip oils are a great idea! Providing the lips with restoring care and lovely shine, lip oils are about to revamp your lip makeup collection. We’re about to see exactly what a lip oil is and how it should improve your makeup and lip care routine. Make room to a new fave!

Find the answer to all your lip oil questions!

What is a lip oil and how does it compare with other lip makeup you already know? The differences may not be obvious, but we’re about to make it as clear as a translucent lip oil!

What is lip oil

Lip oil is a nourishing, oil-based lip product that delivers color and shine at the same time. A hybrid between skincare and makeup, lip oils delivers the best of both worlds. In short, it’s the perfect product for those with dry and chapped lips that want to use colorful and shiny lip makeup. Even though lip oil looks like lip gloss on the lips, the formulas are never sticky! In fact, they’re runny and feel incredibly lightweight on the lips. It creates a protective layer of moisture and comfort that looks flattering for all!

Lip oil vs lip balm

Lip balms are wax-based lip formulas that are primarily made to moisturize and provide comfort to chapped and dry lips. Available both in clear and tinted formulations, lip balms are usually presented in a stick (similar to a classic lipstick), in a small jar or in a squeezing tube.
What lip balms have in common with lip oils: both provide dry lips with comfort; lip balms may or may not add color too.
Differences between lip balms and oils: lip oils are liquid while lip balms are presented in a more solid texture; lip oils look like lip glosses on the lips, while lip balms usually look like creamy or very sheer lipstick.

Your preferences are going to decide wether a lip oil or lip balm are best for you. Both formulas provide the lips with a replenishing, yet with a distinct texture that may create polarized opinions.

Lip oil vs lip gloss

It’s safe to say that lip glosses are the closest relatives to lip oils in the makeup family. They kind of look the same on the lips and, depending on the formula, you may not notice the differences in texture. When it comes to lasting results though, there’s no question about the differences! Lip oils offer a nourishing action that are unmatched with lip glosses.
What lip glosses have in common with lip oils: how it looks on the lips;
Differences between lip balms and oils: lip oils provide lasting nourishing results while lip glosses focus exclusively on the makeup result.

What to look for on a lip oil?

Considering that you’re counting on lip oils to embelish and replenish your lips, there’s two main things to consider. Make sure that the formula you’re choosing is enriched with plant-derived oils that will nourish your lips. In addition, the shade! Since lip oils are a makeup product, it’s key to find a shade that you trully like and that looks flattering on your natural lip color.

How to use lip oil?

Lip oils are products recommended both for experienced makeup users and begginers alike. You can use it alone or over matte lip makeup, to get all the color and shine that you deserve on your lips! When it comes to application, it’s simple: use the applicator to apply the product directly on your lips. You won’t need to be super precise, as the formulas are mostly sheer and blend easily if you press your lips. You may use lip oil when you feel like a shiny pick me up makeup, or use it everyday!

Best lip oils

If lip oil features left you intrigued and curious, then you should start by trying the best from the best! We love a good lip oil, and we want to share with you the formulas that are worth trying. Give a go to any of the following options for a makeup that looks as good as it feels on the lips!

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense

Color, comfort & shine

Get hydration, color and shine, all in a lovely texture and deluxe packaging. A rich blend of hazelnut, jojoba, and cranberry oils is a guarantee of soft and smooth lips, that feel and look fantastic. Generously enriched with pigment, this formula delivers intense color results! We’re not afraid to say that this is the most pigmented lip oil that you’ll find.

Labello Lip Oil Dress Nude

Lip care in light nude shades

Being a reference in lip care, Labello expanded the list of illustrious textures with the new lip oil. Staring jojoba, sunflower and castor oil, this natural-based formulation nourishes and softens the lips while coating them in a subtle light pink shade. Use up to three layers and costumize the result in each application!

J.Cat Lipspect Lip Switch Color Changing Lip Oil

Color changing formula

For those that won’t resist trying a unconventional cosmetic formula, take a look at this one! Infused with argan oil, this non-sticky oil embelishes your lips with a high shine result while replenishing the lips. The interesting part comes to the color: the shades shift on your lips depending on your pH level and temperature. With one coat, you’l get comfort, hydration and a custom-made hue!

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Big doe fot applicator & colors for all

Featuring 93% of ingredients of natural origin, from which 30% are ultra-nourishing vegetable oils, this formula transforms your lips with the power of nature. Jojoba, hazelnut and rosehip oil combine efforts to nourish and soften the lips, protecting, restoring and embelishing your pout at the same time. You’ll find a vast color palette to choose from, with flattering shades for all!

Missha Superfood Berry Lip Oil

Goodbye chapped & fragile lips

Ready to plump your lips with a glossy berry shade, this formula beautifies and nourishies the lips with style. The doe fot applicator boosts the application experience to the next level, allowing an easy use everytime you’re in the mood to dress up the lips. Thanks to jojoba and argain oil, you’re caring for your lips while elevating your makeup look!

If the endless variety of lip makeup available feels like to much, all you need is to check our lip makeup guide! Find all the features about each lip product and lay hands on your favorite.

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