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5 tips for a better Sun Protection

5 tips for a better Sun Protection

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Sun Protection Tips

Spending some time in the sun has several beneficial effects. It is the main source of vitamin D production, it decreases the risk of depression, improves sleep quality, etc. However, excessive sun exposure and without proper sun protection causes premature aging of the skin and may be responsible for the appearance of sunburn or even, in more severe cases, cancerous lesions.

Prevention is the best remedy! We will show you below 5 tips to better protect your skin from the sun.

Best ways to avoid a Sunburn this summer


Avoid exposure between the hours of more intensity.

Between 10 a.m. and 4. p.m. is the time the sun is usually at its peak, the temperature is hotter and the rays are more intense, even on cloudy days! If you find yourself without a watch, an easy way to see if you should find shelter is to look if your own shadow is smaller than you.




Apply a good amount of sunscreen

To ensure that the sunscreen provides the protection described on the package, it must be applied in an appropriate quantity.

The right amount of sunscreen to cover the body of a regular adult should be of 6 teaspoons.




Apply and reapply!! Don’t be shy!!

Apply your sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before exposure. This will allow the key ingredients to bind properly to the skin.

As important as this first application is the frequent reapplication of sunscreen.

Reapply the same amount every two hours. Also don’t forget to reapply immediately after a bath, an exercise or drying the skin with a towel.





Hat and sunglasses – Beyond Fashion

Both will help in protecting your eyes from harmful radiation, and the skin around them, which is thinner and more sensitive being more prone to sunburn and premature aging.


By blocking much of the solar radiation, clothing is our first line of defense against sun damage. The larger the area of ​​skin you cover the better.

Stay safe. 🌞

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