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The Beginner’s Guide to Hair Care: 6 Tips

The Beginner’s Guide to Hair Care: 6 Tips

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Hair is affected not only by diet and health but also by proper care. How to care for them every day to make them beautiful and healthy? Learn the basic, universal principles of hair care.

1. Wash your hair with care

There are women who have to wash their hair every day and those who can do it every few days. In both cases, the procedure is correct, because the hair should be washed when they require it – when they look not fresh, or when the scalp is oily. For washing, we use a shampoo matched to the scalp (it is a mistake to match it to the type of hair). After all, the shampoo has to cleanse the skin, wash away the hair styling products and, in case of any problems (for example dandruff), help to get rid of it.

The right hair-washing technique is important. We should try to only clean the scalp with shampoo. It is enough to just use your fingertips with the shampoo applied to them, in light massage motion. The mistake that harms the hair is shampooing the whole hair, especially harmful is rubbing. Wet hair has a tilted scale, which can be damaged by strong friction. Then the tangles, which are hard to comb out appear. The foam that forms when you are washing the scalp is enough to remove impurities from the hair. Try to grab the foam in your hands and then move it along the whole length of the hair from the roots to the tips. Hair should be washed twice: pre-washing will loosen dirt particles; basic washing thoroughly cleanses the skin. Water should be moderately warm – both cold and too warm can irritate the scalp and destroy the hair shaft, as well as stimulate the sebaceous glands.

2. Choose a hair conditioner, and make sure to use it

We adjust the conditioner to the type and condition of the hair. It will improve their condition, moisturize, regenerate, but above all, it will close their scales parted during washing, thanks to which the hair will reflect the light beautifully. We use it during each wash – apply it to moist, but not fully wet hair from the ends to the base, rubbing gently. With long hair, it is enough to massage the conditioner on 2/3 of the length, because the hair is stronger. After a few minutes, we rinse it thoroughly. It is very important, because the remains of cosmetics that stay on the hair, get bad and can burden the hair, irritate the scalp, which will cause itchiness and flakiness.

3. Avoid heat styling whenever possible

For most women, a hair dryer and straightener are indispensable elements of daily care. However, it is worth following certain rules and do not overheat hair – otherwise will degrade, will be dull and overdried. We keep the dryer at least 20 cm from the head, and we start drying at the lowest temperature. To dry hair safely and effectively, the hair dryer must not be kept in one place for a long time. Hair is best dried in bands, one by one, starting from the ones that are on the bottom and drying in the direction of growth, starting from the root.

If the hair is long, its condition leaves a lot to be desired or the styling procedure will take a long time due to the planned effect, it is advisable to apply a thermo-protective cosmetic before blow drying to moist and combed hair, which will protect it from thermal damages. Usually, they have slightly stabilizing properties, so after applying them, you usually do not have to apply foam or hair spray anymore. If the dryer has the option of temperature control, it is worth setting the coldest airflow at the end of the drying so that the cold air flow closes the hair scales. If you use a curler or straightener, hair must be dry before using it (so that it will not burn in contact with hot metal). In that case hair bands should also be sprayed with a thermo-protecting cosmetic.

4. Adjust your hair care to the seasons

The cold months of the year are not conducive to hair – frost, tight hats and heated air in the rooms over dry hair, which can become static, weaker, without gloss and the scalp might be greasier. To avoid these problems, the hat should be made of knitted fabric and it should be loose enough to not stick to your head. It is worth to bond long hair with an elastic band – then they will not be electrifying and will not lose their shape.

In summer, the hair is exposed to the adverse effects of chlorinated/salt water and solar radiation. As a result, they become dry, dull and rough to the touch. It is important to rinse your hair immediately after bathing in these types of water. Hair the same as the skin, needs regular sun protection during the summer. On the cosmetics market you can find wide range of cosmetic with filters – use them several times a day. Thanks to this your hair will be shiny and well-moisturized throughout the summer. During the day, the intensity of solar radiation is the highest in the hours after noon, i.e. between 12-15. During this time, minimize exposure to the sun, and preferably try to stay in the shade. The wide-brimmed hat will protect your body against sunstroke, while protecting your hair from the adverse effects of solar radiation.

5. Take special care with dyed hair

In the case of dyeing product themselves, you can talk about evolution – their compositions become friendlier to the hair, providing excellent effects of dyeing while protecting. However, the process of coloring is invariably chemical influence on the hair, which is not indifferent to their future condition. Hair dyeing weakens not only their bulbs but also the entire hair structure. Hair is often brittle, dry, devoid of vitality and radiance. It is difficult to style and shape them. To prevent this, it is worth using special cosmetics for dyed hair. It is best to use products from one cosmetics line, because their ingredients usually complement each other.

Masks – food for hair

Conditioner is for the hair what make-up is for the skin – it beautifies and temporarily improves their condition. The hair mask is something more: it penetrates deep into the hair, and sometimes even into the hair follicles, supplying the ingredients necessary for proper functioning. That is why it is worth using them when you are worried about your hair. But not every day (they are recommended twice a week) and always according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some hair masks are applied after washing for half an hour, others – before washing, even for several hours.

6. Get a haircut to avoid split ends

Nothing can defeat hairstyles like split ends, especially in the case of long hair. The only way to improve their appearance is to undercut ends. Split hair will get destroyed more and more, with time, resembling hay. It is a myth that cutting the tips accelerates hair growth, it is true that it improves their appearance – hair does not in the ends.

If beautiful and healthy hair is important to you, you must pay attention to even the smallest details of everyday care. All necessary products needed for hair care can be found in our store.

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