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Top 6 Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

Top 6 Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes


Revolution is an incredible brand that came to democratize beauty products. While making all the good and trending stuff available for everyone, Revolution has always people’s as well as planet’s interests on top of their mind. Right now, this PETA-certified brand is working to increase the number of vegan products while reducing plastic consumption. While striving for progress instead of perfection—#progressnotperfection—every step in the right direction is a reason to celebrate!

We’d like to start our Revolution celebration with some incredibly fun and interesting makeup! What’s more fun than eyeshadow and endless eye look possibilities? We may not be ready to tell which makeup Revolution palette is the right one for you, but we’ve gathered the best Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes for you to choose from. These are the best-sellers that are worth your attention and definitely some of the best Revolution Makeup!

Find out the best Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Allure Eyeshadow Palette

For smokey eyes in rusty & plum hues

This is the palette for sultry smokey eye looks in warm rust and berry hues. With an incredible variety of finishes and shades, you may trust your mood to command the direction of your look. If in a rush, a good look would be to choose one of the 18 beautiful shades and swipe it across the lid. If you have time to spare, then the best would be to combine all the different finishes available, from matte, shimmers and marbled pressed glitters to create dimensional looks. Good contrast between lighter and deeper shades helps to set your look to success.

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

A colorful party on your eyelids

Paradise may now feel closer with the vibrant tones of this palette. If you think about exotic birds and tropical vacations, we’re sure that all these colors pop into your mind. The good news is that with this palette you won’t need to wait until the next vacation to feel these invigorating shades close to you! Explore these spirited colors in all kinds of finishes to create the most vivid looks. We encourage you to go as bold as you like and create a unique kind of party each time you open the palette. With 18 shades and 3 different finishes (lovely mattes, shimmers and glitters), there are virtually no limits for your looks.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette Velvet Rose

Rosy and brownish hues for all occasions

It’s always a good thing to have a pigment palette on hand. This palette offers the power of rich pigments in 15 incredible earthy shades that fluctuate between soft beiges and dense, rich browns. As for the finish, once again you’ll find creamy mattes that beautifully contrast with shimmery and metallic eyeshadows. More than a great first impression, these eyeshadows are easily blendable, allowing for homemade professional results. If there’s no such thing as too much intensity for you then you’ll love this hack: dampen your brush beforehand and get the greatest color pay-off you could ask for.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette Newtrals 3

Warm and matte shades for memorable looks

If you fancy a good matte look, then take a quick look at this palette! You’ll also have the occasional shimmery eyeshadow to complement your looks, but there’s no doubt about which is the star finish here. As for the shades, they range from brown to berry, with the not-so-shy appearance of shimmery golds and reds. Featuring rich pigments, you’ll get what you expect from an eyeshadow palette: an easy application and effortless blend, with a rich pay-off that enhances your eye like no other! You may also put our special trick to work, by dampening the brush beforehand to get the intensity that your look deserves.

Makeup Revolution Maxi Reloaded Palette Big Big Love

Charming colors that you’ll love

Would you describe your style as romantic? If so, you’ll probably find here your true eyeshadow love. This palette compacts 45 amazing shades that leave no hues of pink, orange or red to be imagined! With all this color variety and both mattes and shimmery finishes, you’ll be one brush away from creating the most charming looks. You may apply your favorite shades directly to the lids or use an eyeshadow primer first to enhance the performance and longevity of the eyeshadows. Frame your eyes with all the lovely shades of pink that you like to fashionably complete your makeup looks.

Makeup Revolution Colour Book Eyeshadow Palette CB03

A perfect sunset to remember

Inspired by a coloring book, this eyeshadow palette features a compelling color story that ignites your imagination. If you live to follow the sun and summer makeup is your religion, then check this out! This palette is ideal for simple and dramatic looks alike, with 48 incredible shades that allow for every kind of sunset recreation on your lids. Worthy to point out is the organization of the palette: 24 beautiful matte shades match the radiant 24 shimmery shades! You’ll find all the colors you love with two different finishes, which allows for harmonious looks like no other palette out there!

Amazing eyeshadow palettes are only the tip of the iceberg on Makeup Revolution beauty! Explore our complete Revolution catalog to discover your complementary makeup favorites for face and lips.

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