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The Black Friday 2017 Bestsellers on Care to Beauty

The Black Friday 2017 Bestsellers on Care to Beauty




Everyone loves great skincare, especially if they come with equally great discounts. So, we are all excited with the Black Friday deals that we’re having right now! So, to help you get some great ideas on what you should buy this year at Care to Beauty, we are giving away which were the Black Friday bestsellers in 2017. Spoiler: our clients are searching for the perfect radiant skin and love to buy ampoules and sheet masks!

2017 Bestsellers

  1. Martiderm Flash Ampoules – these ampoules work instantly to give you a glowing boost that makes everyone ask what you are doing to your skin to make it look so flawless. Use it as a serum or mix it with your favorite foundation or BB cream.
  2. Martiderm Platinum Photo-Age Ampoules – vitamin C is always a good idea, so why not go to 15% Vitamin C ampoules? For a glowing skin that is also protected against free radicals, these ampoules are the best ally against urban environments.
  3. Sesderma Sesmedical Revitalizing Face Mask – for a radiant and glowing skin, this sheet mask with Vitamin C helps to instantly revitalize the skin and provides a spa-like moment in your busy daily life.
  4. Martiderm The Originals Proteos Lipossome – oily skin is always a problem, so finding the perfect product for controlling excess sebum is always difficult. These serum ampoules really control excess sebum throughout the day, to keep the skin shine-free for hours and hours.
  5. Sesderma Sesmedical Antiaging Facial Mask – if your skin looks tired, re-energize it with this antiaging sheet mask that boosts the cell’s energy levels for a younger-looking skin.
  6. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – the iconic product from Nuxe has a unique blend of natural oils that nourishes the skin and hair, with a unique and iconic fragrance that leaves no one indifferent.
  7. Martiderm Platinum Night Renew Ampoules – a skincare fan is never a skincare fan without a proper peeling, right? With a concentration of 10% AHA, this night serum helps to renew the skin and to improve the texture, boosting the efficacy of other skincare products.
  8. Sesderma C-Vit Serum – more Vitamin C? Well, for our customers good quality skincare with Vitamin C is never enough, and this bestselling serum won the charts last year. With the nanotechnology that lets the ingredients penetrate further into the skin, this serum deeply hydrates the skin and boosts radiance, for a glowing skin.

Black Friday 17 bestsellers

What about this year?

Excited about our 2017 bestsellers? We can’t wait to see what you pick for yourself and loved ones during this year’s Black Friday! Stay tuned for exciting discounts and don’t miss the opportunity to get the greatest skincare at the best prices!

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