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5 Skincare Trends for 2019

5 Skincare Trends for 2019


Trends on skincare for 2019 – Get to know what’s new and buzzing!

Skincare is in constant evolution and this year is no exception. Here are the five top trends that will be rising throughout 2019 regarding skincare formulas and approaches. Are you ready to establish new beauty resolutions?

1. Sustainability

Brands are finally committing to sustainability as customers are demanding that they keep alert and support the environment and here are some great examples from some of the brands we sell.

trends on skincare for 2019

2. The skin microbiome – probiotics and prebiotics

The gut microbiome has long been a much-discussed topic, but now we have leaped and are talking about the skin microbiome. We’re assisting to brands changing their formulas, in order to include pre and probiotics and launching new products with this in consideration! So what are these things everyone talks about? Prebiotics are ingredients that help the good bacteria that live on your skin to grow and keep the skin healthy, which is their function. Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial for your skin and are included in the formula itself—they are especially important when your skin has been depleted of the good bacteria, which leaves space for the bad ones to come into action and cause damage.

3. Retinol alternatives – Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol has been all the rage in the last quarter of 2018, so expect new products with this retinol alternative ingredient to be popping on the shelves during 2019. This vegan ingredient comes from an Ayurvedic plant and has been suggested as the perfect alternative to retinol. And why? It combines none of the problems that retinol usually has with the antiaging benefits of retinol. It can even be safely used by pregnant people and people who are usually extremely sensitive to sun exposure.

4. Natural ingredients

One of the growing trends in the last few years has been natural skincare, and we have a lot of inspired-by-nature skincare right now on our website. These products combine the best of high-tech skincare with the best ingredients that nature provides. You can check our selection on our dedicated page to natural beauty.

Natural ingredients are a 2019 trend on skincare.

5. Witch hazel

Another skincare ingredient that is on all the trends charts right now is witch hazel. This natural ingredient is making its comeback after being around for many years in skincare and is up more than 300% in searches according to Pinterest. This ingredient is a soothing wizard that also tones the skin—this makes it perfect for sensitive skin or scalp.

We can’t wait for this year to develop and to see what new and exciting things will happen, but these trends are definitely a great way to start the year!

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