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Lierac: The Brand in Interview

Lierac: The Brand in Interview

Lierac: The Brand in Interview

May is the LIERAC month here at Care to Beauty. Our brand of the month is this glamorous French brand born in 1975 whose innovative, effective and lovely products are being shipped all over the world with an exciting discount of 25%.

The Brand of the Month campaign is positive in so many ways that it makes us think – why haven’t we done this before!?. Not only the products are available with a special price, as, by communicating the brand and its products, we have the chance to investigate, discover new things and learn immensely about the brand and who works at it. Sharing this, then, with our visitors is the icing on the cake.

Finding, for instance, that LIERAC has recently revamped its body care range, is a good example of that.

Entering the LIERAC world

Our “expedition” through LIERAC’s universe guided us to Joana Nobre, the International Training Manager Group & Technical and Training Director in Portugal. With a lot in her hands, Joana Nobre was kind enough to attend our interview request with her sympathy and open smile.

Lierac Technical and Training Director in Portugal - Joana Nobre

Let’s find a little bit more about LIERAC? Come with us…

C2B – For those who do not know the brand, how would you describe it in a few words?

JN – Lierac is a leading dermo-cosmetics brand that combines the best of science and nature. Its mission is to help all women feel good on their skin regardless of age. Lierac was created in Paris in 1975 by the Physician who created the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine and this proximity to top-of-the-range medicines is part of the brand’s identity, reflected in all its products.

“Lierac’s mission is to help all women feel good on their skin regardless of age.”

C2B – What has LIERAC that no other brand has?

Lierac has a unique DNA that combines innovation and beauty. No other pharmaceutical brand combines the efficacy of sensoriality so well and those who experience it feel just that. The textures are functional and we see really spectacular results very quickly. All this in an ethical formulation.

C2B – Great examples of successful women are the face of the brand throughout their communication. To what extent does the enterprising woman inspire the brand in antiaging care?

Our ambassadors are determined women, who have achieved success in the most diverse areas by taking control of their lives. They have normal beauties, they are not models, and we choose them precisely because they have inspiring characteristics. Thus, we want to pass on the idea that is in the signature of the brand and convey an important message to all consumers: it is possible to have beautiful skin if we take control of our beauty. This involves choosing good cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

C2B – We know that applying a LIERAC product is having a moment of pleasure. Is this sensorial experience one of the most important aspects of skin care formulation?

No doubt. We are proud to be able to make our Laboratories true cosmetic prowess. It is very important that the product is pleasant to use, smell good, spread easily on the face or body. We want Lierac to be associated with times of well-being and comfort: to help the skin wake up well in the morning and also to deliver it at the end of the day.

“We want Lierac to be associated with times of well-being and comfort.”

C2B – Innovation is one of LIERAC’s trademarks. Of the more recent brand launches, what do you consider to be the most innovative?

Premium La Cure, an innovation based on cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine, the branch of science that uses stem cells in tissue reconstruction. The product has a texture that we developed in partnership with Harvard University and which results in a formula that holds 7 patents. It is a product that has been distinguished since its launch with several awards worldwide and has already gained a place in the history of the cosmetics industry.

C2B – And now, what great news can we expect from LIERAC?

In 2019, still, we will introduce a truly innovative new range. A new approach to fighting wrinkles, one of the problems stemming from skin aging that is of most concern to women regardless of age. In our research and development laboratories there are 33 researchers working hard so the future will bring many new features and will be very promising for the brand and for our consumers!

C2B – What is your favorite Lierac product?

Lierac Phytolastil, the brand's 1st product.If I had to choose only one, I would choose the first one: Phytolastil. Because it was the first products of the brand and, despite being a formula with over 40 years, remains the best anti-stretch marks product that anyone can use, a true “beauty medicine.” In it, we gathered together the mackerel, the ivy-creeper, and the dandelion in an unparalleled concentration. We have over 11 international clinical studies with more than 500 volunteers worldwide for this product. He would not have imagined the brand without it.

Then, from a marketing point of view, it was truly disruptive. It was the first product to be communicated with a totally naked pregnant woman. A true feminist attitude that, in 1975, affirmed LIERAC as an unavoidable brand in the world of feminine beauty.

C2B – Which product you do not spare in your daily beauty routine?

Premium Soyeuse, my night cream for a few years now. It’s my “insurance” of skin beauty. I only use it at night because I use the day to try out all the other products we are launching, but Premium is always there. It’s a masterpiece!

Lierac Premium range


LIERAC’s world of innovation and cutting-edge formulas

“Lierac’s mission is to help all women feel good on their skin regardless of age.” A perfect sentence to epitomize this interview: the woman, and her needs, is in the center of LIERAC’s world that provides her with effective products. Products formulated to make her feel happy, comfortable and beautiful.

A brand that created iconic products and that maintains the ambition to keep breaking down barriers and to surprise with new and effective formulas and textures.


This interview was translated and edited for clarity.

This post is part of a series of interviews conducted by Care to Beauty in 2019. We spoke to representatives of some of our favorite brands in order to bring you a closer look at some of the world’s most popular skincare products. The full series includes interviews with brand reps from Eucerin, Filorga, Heliocare, La Roche-Posay, Lierac, Phyto, Sesderma, and Vichy.

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